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3438 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Feb 2002 at 1:45 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-11 01:46:20 AM  
2002-02-11 01:48:36 AM  
If I had one of these things,I'd probably do what my brother did to his Palm m100 and accidentally leave it in my pants while they went through the wash cycle and dryer.
2002-02-11 01:48:59 AM  
Speaking of which,I call first worthwhile post.
2002-02-11 02:05:20 AM  
I hardly call that post worthwhile
2002-02-11 02:12:30 AM  
More worthwhile than "First!" at least.
2002-02-11 02:50:09 AM  
but without the "first" we wouldn't know who's 11 around here
2002-02-11 03:09:54 AM  
7th post.
2002-02-11 03:19:54 AM  
This thread has been about 12.5% on topic.
2002-02-11 03:21:29 AM  
Every time I hear the word "PDA" I think "public display of affection" and wonder why anyone would keep that in their pocket. Then I come back into the oughts and laugh at them for buying such a silly thing.
2002-02-11 03:36:51 AM  
Anyone else notice how these things are climbing up us? Watch out for the headtop.
2002-02-11 04:56:09 AM  
Hmmm... needs to be colour before I'd consider one. Anyway, it must be obsolete by now if it's actually made it to production.

I want a holographic porn show. Wait! I can get one any time I'd like by just walking out the door and asking the most attractive two women I meet to come back with me.

2002-02-11 05:41:16 AM  
I think it's cool as pda's go. The problem is that you'd end up not using alot of the features. It could be a pain in the ass to get your cell phone service switched to it, i can just see compatibility problems with that. And the wireless internet is sure to be hokey and expensive. Although I must say, i really like the ability to connect to a wireless network and (apparently) share its internet connection.
2002-02-11 07:48:16 AM  
dja notice that it's from DANGER, INC?

Doesn't inspire confidence.
2002-02-11 08:15:26 AM  
VAPORWARE!!! Try and buy one. Try and find out WHEN you can buy one. Good Luck!!!
2002-02-11 09:08:51 AM  
2002-02-11 09:09:41 AM  
Does it change the TV channel?
2002-02-11 09:10:57 AM  
Who needs it when you've got zombies?
2002-02-11 09:11:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-11 09:56:11 AM  
patience Goatman, just a few more years.

If this thing doesn't remove stains or get rid of dandruff then I'm just not interested. Wait, I know! How about a combination frying pan/radio?!
2002-02-11 09:56:32 AM  
Finally... after all this time... one of my submissions that gest posted!!!!whoo hooo
2002-02-11 10:17:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

My Kyocera Smartphone does all this. I can use ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, IRC, etc on my phone. Plus it's Palm so I've got a ton of software for it and it sync's with my PC's address book. And yes, I can even change the channels on my TV, it controls my car stereo and using x10 interfaces it controls all the lights in my house. I don't know why these people are saying that theirs is something great and new. There's even a color model out by Samsung with better models of the Palm/phone coming out every year.
2002-02-11 10:38:15 AM  
I don't want to be that connected.
2002-02-11 10:44:03 AM  

"I'm going to the laundries. Their I'll get my clothe's washed."

2002-02-11 10:49:18 AM  
Throw in GPS, and I'll be on that shiat like crabs on a pussy.
2002-02-11 10:50:06 AM  
like, when a cat is being attacked by crustations... What!? It can happen!
2002-02-11 11:43:44 AM  
This looks like something the dad from Gremlins would invent.
2002-02-11 11:52:26 AM  
It's called "Danger" because it's fatally cancerous.
2002-02-11 11:58:53 AM  
If you want GPS, most Handspring Palm organizers support GPS modules. And Handspring offers a plug-in cell phone module too.
2002-02-11 02:28:10 PM  
When is someone going to produce a PDA with a screen that's a usable size? All these devices are Palm size or worse.
2002-02-11 05:39:02 PM  
Meta:When is someone going to produce a PDA with a screen that's a usable size? All these devices are Palm size or worse.

That's the idea. Want a bigger screen - buy a laptop.
2002-04-21 05:23:14 AM
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