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5399 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Feb 2002 at 9:30 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-10 01:02:01 PM  
I just saw a commercial for a gun show in Charlotte. In February. The highlight? It's AIR CONDITIONED!!!!

Jesus Christ. I don't want to go outside. I might see one of the rednecks.
Oh, and btw...1854 clicks. Way to go, guys.
Anyone here want to ADMIT to clicking on it? That would entertain me =)
2002-02-10 01:04:09 PM  
Just saw Brotherhood of the Wolf yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Seemed to drag a bit in the middle, but overall a well done movie I think and a nice combo of action/horror/political(sort of) and with a nice visual style.

After watching a while I didn't really even notice the subtitles anymore, just read them automatically.
2002-02-10 01:06:02 PM  
OK, I'm outside, I got my laptop... now what?

Inside the actor's studio with your host james lipton brings you inside the mind of Bruce Willis.

"When you jumped off that skyscraper with explosions all around and just a damn firehose around your ass... what was going on inside your mind?"
2002-02-10 01:06:18 PM  
It's beautiful outside... I'll go downstairs and fix me lunch and look outside the window :)
2002-02-10 01:06:46 PM  
Today, I think I shall ponder one of life's greatest mysteries...

How do they fit 330% of my daily allowance of fat into such an innocent looking hussy of a sandwich?

Surely, anything so astoundingly beautiful could not be THAT bad for you, and yet... I so am drawn to her. She is calling me... I can hear her song... OHHHHHH! GOTTA' GO!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-10 01:09:08 PM  
jesus there's enough meat on that thing to feed 8 people. Jack in the Box?
2002-02-10 01:09:42 PM  
Of the Four, people who liked the Brotherhood seem to like it a lot, I think I'm gonna check that out.
2002-02-10 01:10:26 PM  
The Royal Tenenbaums is really damn good, but it is strange...not for everyone.
2002-02-10 01:12:06 PM  
Don't go see Rollerball, whatever you do. I saw the original 1975 movie last night, and it was 10 times the new movie.
2002-02-10 01:12:09 PM  
I tried to eat one of those things once, I was feeling particularly adventuresome. I failed.

So if you eat one of those every three days, and absolutely nothing else, you're still over the limit? That's not too good. And they're using a clown to sell this stuff to children, like so many cartoon cigarette characters -- they're evil. Jack is an evil clown.
2002-02-10 01:12:50 PM  
45o in Cincinnati with a little rain.

This is just sad! I left my wife of 7 years about 2 weeks ago so I would no longer be her maid. Now I have all this time to myself and I dont know what in the heck to do with it all! Took me so long to be FREE and now that I am, I have no clue as to what to do!! This weather sucks!! Never thought I would see the day when I am sitting around the clock WAITING for the Simpsons to come on!! Sad thing is, I would rather me at work!! DANG!!

I need a life!
2002-02-10 01:14:13 PM  
See, I like strange, damn.

Damn, that's a lot of beef.
2002-02-10 01:15:04 PM  

When it's nice out, go gawk at the younger women. Because you can. =D
2002-02-10 01:15:05 PM  
Ham Is Yummy
2002-02-10 01:16:47 PM  
NightmareDNS: Darn skippy!!!
2002-02-10 01:17:56 PM  
I need another photoshop thread... just recently started to join in the fun and now I'm completely addicted and can't move away from my computer without experiencing severe head pain and nausea. More photoshop, pleasssseeee.......

*falls over nearly unconcious*
2002-02-10 01:19:08 PM  
Interesting proggy on the history channel...about alcatraz...something to do...
2002-02-10 01:22:42 PM  
I dont know about you all... but I'm going out to breakfast. Outside = Chicken Fried Steak.

Thanks Drew
2002-02-10 01:23:08 PM  
Good lord.. i'm gonna watch Charlie's Angels on HBO.

this movie better be campy or it will suck.

Oh yeah, Ms. Barrymore, Red is not your color.
2002-02-10 01:23:28 PM  
okay, this is starting to suck worse than going out into the Big Room. Gonna go play GTA3 on my ps2.
2002-02-10 01:23:32 PM  
Bwware -
Why not just download Simpson's episodes on your computer to watch them? I have almost all of the first 10 seasons so far...great way to pass time.
2002-02-10 01:23:57 PM  
Damnit, they better kill off Tom Green quick.
2002-02-10 01:26:54 PM  
Time to take the puppy to the park.
2002-02-10 01:28:21 PM  
"Well, the nudity in 'Swordfish' was totally gratuitous," she said. "It didn't have to be there. I knew that when I read the script. I said, you know guys, this doesn't have to be here. You would have the same movie without it. And [producer] Joel Silver said, yeah, I know, but I want it, anyway.

Joel Silver =
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2002-02-10 01:33:16 PM  
moniters are indoor sunlight
2002-02-10 01:33:41 PM  
As for downloading the Simpsons....Sounds like a great idea, but when I left my wife, I also left my digital cable and my Road Runner!! DOH!! Wont get any of that back until I move into my OWN apartment this coming Saturday! So for now, I chill on my dial-up, eating a dougnut and watching "Rat Race"!
2002-02-10 01:34:11 PM  
fark it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
2002-02-10 01:36:12 PM  
I'm watching TV with the door open.
2002-02-10 01:38:48 PM  
Actually, all those clicks are only from Fb- and Hytes Xian.
2002-02-10 01:39:14 PM  
everyday's a good time for Boobies!

and for you poor suckers who are working today.....enjoy!
2002-02-10 01:42:18 PM  
HeHe..Jan's still crashed from last night,so I'm vacuuming with Elvis Costello playing REAL LOUD!
2002-02-10 01:42:19 PM  
Blackom: Go to California (or maybe Phoenix), where you can get a real burger. Jack-in-the-Box isn't just a clever name... it's what they do.

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2002-02-10 01:43:03 PM  
Fort Dix,N.J. 48 Degrees chance of rain.
2002-02-10 01:46:26 PM  
Its freezing in austin, and if you want a real burger,come to Texas
2002-02-10 01:48:44 PM  
Hey, i'll join in :D

Ft. Myers, Florida 78F, slight breeze, and a nice rain.
2002-02-10 01:49:01 PM  
it's the 'Miracle Mile' where you can get cars and stuff.

On our Miracle Mile, you can get whores. Tucson, I-10 exit 255. Bring peniscillin.

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2002-02-10 01:50:27 PM

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2002-02-10 01:51:17 PM  

It's 48 w/clear blue skies.Perfect weather for a run or a football game.
2002-02-10 01:51:26 PM  
Damnit, they better kill off Tom Green quick.

Agreed Robbiefal
2002-02-10 01:52:21 PM  
Santa Clara, CA: 'bout 60-65, clear skies.

I just saw "Storytelling" last night. Weird-ass movie (not typical at all), but Selma Blair's naked in the very opening, and then again later on... she's got great little boobitties. Have fun finding it though, it was only playing at one theatre in my area.

Time to go play basketball.
2002-02-10 01:54:06 PM  
Vegas in 4 days. Can't wait to get out of freezing pollution.
~flees to watch crappy NBA All Star game~
2002-02-10 01:54:10 PM  
ummm Greyson...
It isn't appropriate to post not safe for work pictures on a thread that doesn't have a warning on it.
People farking at work can get into trouble just clicking on this thread,not expecting it.

Fark protocol.
2002-02-10 01:56:07 PM  
Hmm, nothing goin on and my link still doesn't get posted! ARghhhhhh!
2002-02-10 01:56:45 PM  
I am at work, one block from the soon to Fark hotel on Lee Circle. Everything is blocked off. It took ten minutes around the barricades to grab a coke. But for the uninitiated, outside the hotel are at least 20 hot 17 year olds, lots of kids, and TRASH EVERYWHERE. It smells of urine. Its the best place you wanna be.
2002-02-10 01:57:53 PM  
yeah my bad, but anyone on work at sunday is actually doing work cause they have to be in the office on sunday cause its important, and they dont have time to fark on sunday cause why would you be at work on sunday farking? not to argue or anything, its just weird if that was the case
2002-02-10 01:59:42 PM  
Also, it's fark protocal not to post pictures of ugly boobies.
2002-02-10 02:00:37 PM  
Queue's empty ?? well I'll be a son of a... I sent in 3 things that weren't posted !!! WTF !!!
2002-02-10 02:01:02 PM  
Stompn_Tom: That is NSFAnyone on so many levels.
2002-02-10 02:01:28 PM  
Suse, it sounds like a blast, and that's not sarcasm.
2002-02-10 02:06:39 PM  
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