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(Chron)   Reports show nearly two-thirds of graduating seniors need remedial courses before starting college; still won't be able to find a job when they graduate   ( divider line
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6782 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Sep 2004 at 12:03 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-26 09:15:33 PM  
Now, if they could tie high school courses into video games this problem would be solved.

Actually, I noticed while watching G4, the video game channel, that the Army recruits heavily on that network. It was almost enough to make me wonder if there wasn't a master plan to keep kids dumb enough and desperate enough to maintain a steady supply of fodder for the infantry.

"Just out of high school and can't handle college? No job? Join the Army, the most realistic first person shooter on earth!"
2004-09-26 11:02:03 PM  
I hear the Army of One is just some guy who hacked himself into Godmode and pwned those Iraqi fagzors.
2004-09-26 11:59:21 PM  
Wow! That's like almost half!
2004-09-27 12:05:15 AM  
That's unpossible!
2004-09-27 12:07:04 AM  
What qualifies as remedial? Hell, trig doesn't even count as units towards graduation at a University of California school.
2004-09-27 12:07:32 AM  
You fail english.

/gramaticcaly correct.
2004-09-27 12:08:42 AM  
yeah, no shiat to this. I figured this out when my trig classes in high school apparently werent good enough for the algebra 2 courses in college. I dont really understand that.
2004-09-27 12:10:39 AM  
It means you weren't learning Trig - you were learning Algebra.
2004-09-27 12:11:33 AM  
I'm a senior and I have a job......don't hurt me please! I'll do your math homework!
2004-09-27 12:11:44 AM  
thats a very interesting theory Cuchulane, it ties in with my theory that the military deliberately recruit the stupid, they have recruitment stations at malls and at walmart, but not at yale or MIT because they know those guys realize it would be a bad a idea to join the army.
2004-09-27 12:12:12 AM  
probably more indicitive of a higher percentage of the population entering college than an indictment of school preparation.
2004-09-27 12:12:43 AM  
also loving the obvious tag. We simply need for math to not be dorky. But as long as it is, hey I like the job security. Right now, I only have to compete with foreigners :-)

/high school nerd winning many years later
2004-09-27 12:13:54 AM  

"Reports show nearly 2/3 of graduating seniors need remedial courses before starting college; still won't be able to find a job when they graduate"

"What, me worry ?"

[image from too old to be available]

2004-09-27 12:13:55 AM  
Pop quiz.

!) What is the fundamental theorem of algebra?

2) Which came first, the french or american revolution?

3) Has laissez-fair (sp?) economics EVER worked?

/testing my theory on fark i.q.s
2004-09-27 12:14:19 AM  
"I am so smart, S-M-R-T...wait."

/classes?...We don't need no stinking classes! Vamanos!!
2004-09-27 12:14:26 AM  
its interesting. my freind is doing a degree in a photography after he finishes community college and im gonna ask him if what he was taught in community actually applied to anything he will be doing soon.
2004-09-27 12:15:21 AM  
a conspiracy to keep to the schools open for the post high school crowd by teaching people things they dont need?
2004-09-27 12:15:26 AM  
Actually, they DO have recruitment drives at ivy-league schools... mostly on friday nights and near popular bars.

/better to get the bottom 1% of the top 10% than not to have a % at all.
2004-09-27 12:16:32 AM  
The military is crazt here at Virginia Tech. F'ing nuts, of course with this huge of a ROTC...still nuts.
2004-09-27 12:16:56 AM  
Public education is designed to promote students with good behavior and decent effort. It doesn't seem to matter if they are complete retards. Nobody ever gets failed and held back. I took honors classes through HS, but when I was a senior I switched to regular english because I was lazy. I went from reading novels to cut and pasting from people magazine, and still some people in the class had difficulty with that. They still graduated just the same. wtf?
2004-09-27 12:17:15 AM  
yeah but nothing on the scale you see in the lower schools or at malls, which are there all the time, not just fridays.
2004-09-27 12:17:19 AM  
blah blah blah....

just another way for colleges/universities to make more money off of you. I took precalc in highschool (AP was teh nerd) and my university said "NEIN" and made me take it anyways. I skated through it but it was a horrible waste of time and money. As bad as that was it was worse on the transfer students that had at least a third of their credit hours squashed, when they thought they could just bounce up in there and squirt out a degree in a year or two.
2004-09-27 12:19:05 AM  
No Child Left Behind

High School Sports Version

1. All teams must make the state playoffs, and all will win the championship. If a team does not win the championship, they will be on probation until they are champions, and coaches will be held accountable.

2. All kids will be expected to have the same athletic skills, regardless of the sport, at the same time and in the same conditions. No exceptions will be made for interest in the game, competitive desire, genetic abilities, or disabilities.

3. Talented players will be asked to work out on their own without instruction, because the coaches will be using all their instructional time with the athletes who are not interested, have no competitive desire, have limited athletic abilities, and whose parents don't like sports.

4. Games will be played year round, but scores and statistics will only be kept in grades 4, 8, 10, and l1.

5. All coaches will become "highly qualified" by taking standardized curricula and standardized tests in their sport. A National Certification Test for Athletic Coaches will be developed by Educational Testing Service, with a minimum score at the 90th percentile.

6. Every school in every state will be required to hire these "highly-qualified coaches" with no appropriation of state funds. All coaches will be expected to demonstrate exemplary ethical behavior and decision-making while conducting their programs, working with parents, serving the school board, and raising funds. These coaches will be required to be perfect role models in their school and community.

7. This Act will create a New Ages of Sports where every school is expected to have the same level of talent and all teams will reach the minimal goals. If no child gets ahead, then no child is left behind.
2004-09-27 12:21:06 AM  
Community college isn't real school anyway. It's more like a jail that you can graduate from.
2004-09-27 12:21:52 AM  
Cuchulane: "Just out of high school and can't handle college? No job? Join the Army, the most realistic first person shooter on earth!"- GOLD!
2004-09-27 12:24:21 AM  
Apprenticeships can't be that bad, as that's pretty much what you did after hedge school here in the U.S. for however long, and we were scientifically more advanced in the 19th century in fields like agriculture and even medecine than many countries today. Stop this stupid-ass "have to get a 4 year degree to be an automechanic", "need an accounting degree to deal with tax codes to open your own business" crap. Four year degrees don't mean shiat a lot of times, especially for people who want to go to grad schools like law and medecine. It basically shows you can keep your life together long enough to learn some stuff and spit it back out on a test, before you get a $20,000 loan for a semester of law school.
2004-09-27 12:24:25 AM  
The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) is a complete bullshiat test. Last year I missed a total of 3 questions on the whole thing. The high school I go to, which is just outside Houston, was rated "exemplary", which means 50% or more of the students past the test (getting 50% of the questions is considered passing). I cannot imagine how some districts can't achieve this. The education in this entire state is crap. (Comparing this school to the former Orange County High School For The Performing Arts, where I used to go)
2004-09-27 12:28:12 AM  
Does this mean that even though I passed the AP US History test, I'll have to take it again? That would suck, a lot.
2004-09-27 12:29:26 AM  
1. Every polynomial equation of degree n with complex coefficients has n roots in the complex numbers.
2. American.
3. Tricky question, so: Short Answer: No. Long answer: Yes, riiiight before the industrial revolution in the states, and 19th century europe.

Do I get a cookie?
2004-09-27 12:31:04 AM  
Gee, I wonder if George Bush qualified in the same manner? I wonder if this is indicative of American intellect?

Then I realized that I said George Bush and American intellect in the same paragraph ... and realized how incongruous that was ... or ... was it?
2004-09-27 12:33:38 AM  
I thought we elected Bush in 2000 because he did such a bang-up job with education while Governor.
2004-09-27 12:36:45 AM  
I graduated highschool 2 years ago, and can attest to this.

I made some decent money writing papers for these idiots, though.
2004-09-27 12:37:22 AM  
not one net job....
2004-09-27 12:37:55 AM  
Fark(ed) Headline:
"Reports show nearly 2/3 of graduating seniors need remedial courses before starting college"

Real story:
"Nearly two-thirds of 2004's graduating high school seniors now enrolled in Houston-area community colleges are taking remedial classes"

No offense to anyone, but the students entering community colleges and the students entering colleges in general are two very different populations.
2004-09-27 12:38:03 AM  
1) Every nth degree polynomial has exactly n complex roots.

2) American Revolution came first.

3) Yes, namely the US and Britain.

Do I win?

/Will have taken at least 12 math classes in 4 years of high school and doesn't see how people can fail this stuff...
2004-09-27 12:38:41 AM  
apparently not for taking so long...
2004-09-27 12:39:22 AM  

Same here. I slept through college Pre-Calc and still got an A.

How I did the daily quizzes while asleep still confounds me.
2004-09-27 12:44:04 AM  
/Will have taken at least 12 math classes in 4 years of high school and doesn't see how people can fail this stuff...

Real simple, shiatty teachers and ignorant parents. I struggled with math for years and in College and I finally became proficient at it(math minor). The people I've tutored think I'm some kind of genius for being able to teach it to them. I think the problem is people like you who learned it so easily don't know how to break it down simply enough for people who are having great difficulty with it, especially if they have trouble conceptualizing 3-space and even 2-space. You have to speak to us like we're dogs and slowly build us up, and that means lots and lots of patience.
2004-09-27 12:47:10 AM  
did'nt stop Dexter Manley he found a job out of college osu grad could'nt read/oh he played football for the redskins
2004-09-27 12:47:11 AM  
From my own experience; the math courses I took during high school were "the last of the old system". Students at least a year behind me were all learning from a new cirriculum and new textbooks. When I reached college, I found out that "the old system math" was not an acceptable prerequsite and had to write an additional qualifying test to be accepted into the program I wanted. I barely passed (my math scores have never been great even at the best of times).
2004-09-27 12:48:38 AM  
No shiat! Great use of the obvious tag. Public schools suck now of days. Thanks to the "GREAT" teaching from the "GREAT" schools I went to, it costed at least $800 in college (about 3 or so classes at a community college) to make it where I could take college courses.

/wonders if maybe it wasn't just the teaching it was the 367 days that she skipped of high school too...
2004-09-27 12:49:10 AM  
Yeah the people taking classes at community colleges arent exactly the cream of the crop....but how are people behind THREE semesters of math??

I took English Lit. at HCC 2 summers ago, and it was a complete joke compared to my classes at UT. It was like high school, maybe even easier.
2004-09-27 12:49:37 AM  
2004-09-27 12:51:32 AM  
When my daughter was having trouble in math her teacher told me not to worry, "Next year she'll be allowed to use a calculator." I almost went ballistic on the teacher. "And in what year then do you think she will begin to learn how to think," I replied.

Just pat 'em on the back and tell them it's OK if you don't learn. Long as you tried is what counts.

The teacher has to make the kids work. The kids may hate it (and them) at the time but later on they will appreciate it. If they don't appreciate it I'd gander that their lives have not amounted to much anyway.
2004-09-27 12:52:09 AM  
1) Its been a while, and this is probably wrong, but is it- If a+b=c, then c-b=a ?

2) The American Revolution came first

3) Laissez-faire economics ALWAYS works.... punk-ass socialist
2004-09-27 12:55:54 AM  
I'm not really surprised about this. Take my experience with PSU, for example.

I got my FTCAP (PSU's test which gives a basic look into math, reading and chem abilities and functions as a method of telling freshmen which classes to schedule) scores back at a group orientation. My results told me to schedule Math 140, Chem 12 and English 15/30. Basically, I was told to start in either normal courses, as in Chem or Math, and perhaps take the honors comp. course, if I felt like it. Hey, great, I felt fine. Looking around, however, I saw a lot of people who had to schedule one or two levels of remedial courses to even qualify for the normal Freshman stuff.

I didn't take Math 140, since, well, I'm a slacker History major, and took 21 and 22 instead (Algebra 1 and 2, respectively). You wouldn't believe the amount of students who had problems with the FOIL method, for christssake. A whole lot of these kids either had horrible instruction in junior high and high school, or just didn't belong in college.

If you don't believe me, try hitting up PSU's master course schedule and count how many remedial courses/sections exist. Look for anything below 15 in English, below 140 in Math, and below 12 in Chem. (all pop in new windows)
2004-09-27 12:56:20 AM  
If things keep up the way they recently have, those seniors should learn to speak hindi...
2004-09-27 12:58:53 AM  
For the record, not everyone at community colleges is an idiot. I went to one and I'm not stupid. Want proof? Fine. ACT = 33 IQ = 122-144, depending on the test. Why the community collage? $$$$$$$$!!!
2004-09-27 01:01:42 AM  
Why the community collage?

Why the community collage indeed :-)

/just kidding...
2004-09-27 01:03:58 AM  
Yeah.... I'm smart, but I can't spell. Hooray for proofreading (which I think I just spelled wrong)

/end idiocy
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