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2004-09-24 10:05:51 PM  
voted for Heidi...

/regretting not voting for Naomi....
2004-09-24 10:25:31 PM  
What the hell is a "Hardies"? Is it what happens to my meat when I see one of these hotties?

Anyways... after these chicks vote for themselves, there's one thing they can do afterwards. Uhh... me.
2004-09-24 10:53:37 PM  
Martina is the only good lookin one...

Hardees is Carls Jr. East of the rockies...
2004-09-25 12:13:49 AM  
yes, I vote for bush!
/lower-case bush
2004-09-25 12:33:55 AM  

AND below the Mason-Dixon line... Or at least below New Jersey.
2004-09-25 12:36:21 AM  
What a rip-off! Our small town desert hottie was disqualified just because she had a deviated septum and acne scars from homemade crank.
2004-09-25 12:36:43 AM  
Naomi all the way, that backpack pic is too hot to give my vote to anyone else.
2004-09-25 12:38:17 AM  
Crystal, doi.
2004-09-25 12:40:04 AM  

Eriana takes the cake. Hands down (and in my pants...)
2004-09-25 12:41:41 AM  
They all win and are invited to my pad for a celebration.
2004-09-25 12:41:54 AM  
Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Sport/Team: Seattle Seahawks!
Favorite Movie/Actor: Labyrinth. Has anyone else besides me seen this movie?
Favorite Music/Artist: Jessica Simpson
Favorite Song: "Pour Some Sugar on Me"

hmmm... wonder why she's single ?
2004-09-25 12:45:18 AM  
All their knees are too pointy.
2004-09-25 12:46:09 AM  
Hugh G. Rection-

-Those are the fakest boobs I would ever...uh... suckle upon furiously...
2004-09-25 12:47:11 AM  
Urban Cowboy? Skynnard?
This girl is have-sex-to-Zepellin-able.
2004-09-25 12:48:42 AM  
*looking down*

I have pointy knees.
They're a good thing, right?
2004-09-25 12:52:06 AM  
They're all hot, so I gotta look at thing they call "personality"...

So that narrows it down to:
Naomi - hot and likes "Big Lebowski"
Ursula - hot and likes hockey
2004-09-25 12:53:22 AM  
that thing they call personality

/doped up on pain killers right now...
2004-09-25 12:55:02 AM  
Ursula gets my vote... the rest have pointed knees.

2004-09-25 12:58:47 AM  
Mmmmmmm, Brittany. No tattoos or piercings except for her ears. Plus, she looks a lot like a like a girl I had the hots for who used to work in a local sandwich shop. Except her boobs are much, much, much bigger.
2004-09-25 12:59:02 AM  
Heidi...gotta go with my home town girl.

/i'd hit it
//got nuthin'
2004-09-25 12:59:02 AM  
"How many piercings do you have? 6 Where? Ears Belly button Nose and labret"

My first thought was," well, it starts with lab but.."

Did a GIS and found out it was a different set of lips!

2004-09-25 01:02:06 AM  
Where is the one from Michigan? How could she not be in the top 10. She is smoking hot!
2004-09-25 01:02:51 AM  
What is WITH farkers using the same recent "I'd hit it" pictures? It used to be that people would have a large inventory of pictures and every thread had 2 or 3 new ones. I'm going to have to start saving these images and recycling them much later, when it's supposed to happen.
2004-09-25 01:08:35 AM  
Just read through the posts...

Hugh G Rection -
your name made me laugh so hard I fell out of my chair. I've never heard that one before.

My ass hurts now...
2004-09-25 01:09:19 AM  
What happened to...

2004-09-25 01:09:32 AM  
Ella's the one, I tell ya. Wouldn't push the other chicks out of bed either...
2004-09-25 01:10:02 AM  
Martina and Heidi.

That was easy.
2004-09-25 01:10:53 AM  
Hugh G. Rection,
That girl you posted is fugly.
2004-09-25 01:11:34 AM  
Look, if we're going to bring Carl's into this, this chick makes them all totally irrelevant.

click here for broadband version

I think I'm in love.
2004-09-25 01:14:47 AM  
Amber is the cutest. But Ursula is from Fairfax (where i live) hmm
Amber it is. My hometown is boring.
2004-09-25 01:21:28 AM  
Anybody watch the video? They all look different (read: more realistic & non-airbrushed), which knocked Ursula out of the running.

Eriana has the best body, but her face keeps her from being the best overall.

The rest were easy for me to discount.

Martina looked great in all of her photos, each of which had a different look to them. Plus she still looked great in the video. VOTE RECORDED

Will hit any of it for fun and/or profit!!

PS - I'm a big time 'blondes' guy. Still went with Martina.
2004-09-25 01:29:08 AM  
just about to mention that bionicjoe
sure gave me a jolt
2004-09-25 01:29:29 AM  
Amber from Bellevue. Absolutely ridiculuous.
2004-09-25 01:32:56 AM  
Ella for beingmost hittable,
Heidi for being a Denise Richards lookalike.
2004-09-25 01:37:11 AM  

© call me
2004-09-25 01:38:02 AM  
Hmmm? Heidi.....Heidi.....Heidi! - I am from Kansas, and she is pretty cute

Wait....Amber....Amber....Amber! - I live near Bellevue and she is pretty cute too.

Decisions, decisions

Who am I kidding, I am an old, married man.

My Wife!.....My wife!....My wife!

/yeah, that's the ticket
2004-09-25 01:38:42 AM  
/knows Amber
2004-09-25 01:42:25 AM  
Maxim, the magazine for men who are too much of a pussy to subscribe to Playboy.
2004-09-25 01:54:24 AM  
/also really knows Amber
2004-09-25 02:00:18 AM  
I approve this message

2004-09-25 02:00:18 AM  
Don't like Heidi....

How many cocktails does it take to get you sloshed? 8

Would cost too much
2004-09-25 02:06:25 AM  
Brittany lives down the street from me, but she drives 40 minutes to go to a bar. Not into that fiasco. Had to vote for Crystal on being best looking of the bunch even though that is obviously her stipper name.
2004-09-25 02:09:31 AM  
Oh, and stipper is the new slang for 'stripper'.

/runs away
2004-09-25 02:13:43 AM  
Brittany is the one in Acworth? I'm in Woodstock...which is ironic given the contest.

Obviously, I haven't seen near enough of Acworth...
2004-09-25 02:19:01 AM  
moltov, you have some nerve. You better be Brad F*cking Pitt to say something like that.

by the way, Putita_caliente, you get a tip of the hat for the best name.

Arcaynn... I only wish my name was a joke. Its a curse, I tell ya.
2004-09-25 02:26:00 AM  
Crystal it is...
2004-09-25 02:40:46 AM  
Naomi looks better than all of them!
2004-09-25 02:58:18 AM  
Hugh G. Rection: you must be into really fake, unnaturally shaped boobs.

Me: votes for Crystal.

/sick of the silicone
2004-09-25 03:26:19 AM  

I woud bang that shiat like a screen door in a hurricane...
2004-09-25 03:34:15 AM  
Amber...she has my vote
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