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(   Guatemala soccer team made up of prostitutes banned from playing because of their profession. With their ball-handling skills, they were a shoe in for the finals   ( ) divider line
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11309 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Sep 2004 at 5:32 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-23 09:38:43 PM  
I predict they'll go down in the third quarter. After that, they're screwed.
2004-09-23 09:39:16 PM  
Well done submitter - very nice headline ;)
2004-09-23 09:42:45 PM  
They better be careful. If they're on a wet field, they could lose their footing and someone drive one right in the goal.
2004-09-23 09:46:14 PM  

Team of hookers playing an exclusive all-girls school. Biggest difference is probably rent vs. own.
2004-09-23 09:54:24 PM  
Way to nail a headline! I knew I should have played soccer in school instead of tennis....bigger balls.
2004-09-23 09:58:23 PM  
They kick balls in soccer, don't they?
2004-09-23 09:58:42 PM  
I feel like Alexis has been waiting for this.
2004-09-23 10:22:26 PM  
Actually, mutilato, that was my second thought. My first was regarding how much humour could do for a Guatemalan soccer team's publicity.
2004-09-23 10:52:06 PM  
If they did play it would be the only soccer match without any free kicks ... "No, no, no honey, that's going to be $50. Same as mid-field"
2004-09-24 02:51:51 AM  
What's the difference between the Guatemala prozzie soccer team and a group of little people at Harvard?

The little people at Harvard are cunning runts.
2004-09-24 02:54:41 AM  
Farking Awesome headline! Too funny!
2004-09-24 04:01:55 AM  
Did that shoe in have a stiletto heel?

Shoo in. Shoe in. Schwinn. Whatever.
2004-09-24 04:10:17 AM  
From the article
where has all the swearing gone?
Check with the rappers. They might know.
2004-09-24 05:38:30 AM  
That article was fairly uninteresting...the kind of article where all you have to do is read the headline and BAM! you know everything you need to know. On the other hand, there was a link up top that just said "girl looked 19: Madam" that was kinda funny. Turns out this girl signed up for an escort service claiming to be 19, and was only 13. Boy is the Madam's face red!
2004-09-24 05:46:15 AM  
Ball Zitch
2004-09-24 05:46:18 AM  
Well, at least their opposition are guaranteed to score, one way or another.
2004-09-24 05:59:54 AM  
Funny farkin Headline.
2004-09-24 06:00:31 AM  
why not "they were a sure thing to go all the way"?
2004-09-24 06:07:25 AM  
'You're not in Guatemala now, Dr. Ropata!'

I just found out that football teams are punished for the performance of their fans in the stands. I guess it works both ways then.

/not big on sports
2004-09-24 06:09:49 AM  
"She was going for the ball and got tripped. She went down like"
2004-09-24 06:15:37 AM  
They'd be strong in the box.
2004-09-24 06:16:41 AM  
Shouldn't "shoe in" be "shoe-in"?

Just trying the learn the lingo.
2004-09-24 06:19:37 AM  
Unfortunately, since it's soccer, all that 'ball-handling' skills will go to waste except for the goalie.
2004-09-24 06:26:36 AM  
Soccer mom/soccer MILF ?
2004-09-24 06:53:21 AM  
2004-09-24 07:01:14 AM  
When they found out we were prostitutes, they tossed our salads
2004-09-24 07:02:29 AM  
Oh man! I was so looking forward to the Brazil-Guatemala game...
2004-09-24 07:08:36 AM  
One, two, three, whore," went the grandstand cheer,
2004-09-24 07:16:43 AM  
Shoo-in. They were a shoo-in. Because it's like you're shooing flies (Go 'way, pesky fly!) and the flies go right into the house, right? If it was a shoe-in, you would be trying to put shoes in them, which could be difficulat and probably illegal.
2004-09-24 07:29:20 AM  
One, two, three, whore," went the grandstand cheer

So they got kicked out because of what the FANS said?! It's not like the team can directly control their larynxes.
2004-09-24 07:33:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hate to ruin everyones fantasy but thats them!

(src:,,91059-13228600,00.html )
2004-09-24 07:34:02 AM  
"One, two, three, four! Show us what you've got, you whores!"

I also enjoyed the article thas was linked: Vaccine found for flatulent sheep.

Whores and sheep: Ah! Australia!
2004-09-24 07:47:01 AM  
Submittor gets Headline Of The Day Award! ;)
2004-09-24 08:00:35 AM  
Prostitutes are people, too. No way should they be ejaculated from the competition.
2004-09-24 08:32:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-09-24 08:35:13 AM  
The Stars began training daily with the backing of a group of Spanish journalists who were in Guatemala to make a documentary about prostitution.

Oh. So they were paying them for "research"?
2004-09-24 08:41:08 AM  
I guess they blew their chances. It must be tough for them to swallow.

The whole thing sucks.
2004-09-24 08:57:05 AM  
LOL, GIS for Guatemala Stars of the Line ...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-24 09:05:47 AM  
Bravo submitter.

/golf clap
2004-09-24 09:31:46 AM  
Requesting images of the Brazillian soccer team for comparison.
2004-09-24 09:34:49 AM  
They're great at headers, too.
2004-09-24 09:46:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-24 09:51:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-24 10:02:02 AM  
I've been robbed!!!
2004-09-24 10:13:17 AM  
"One, two, three, whore," went the grandstand cheer, according to the judges' decision.

"Uno, dos, tres, puta?" They would be cheering in Spanish. Doesn't rhyme. Doesn't make sense. I call BS.
2004-09-24 10:15:45 AM  
I didn't sumbit this with at better headline - good job

One change tho - it would have been a much better story if they were rugby players...
2004-09-24 10:16:29 AM  
Maybe "Uno, dos, tres, pato" ?

/Puerto Rican for "fhahg"
2004-09-24 10:18:04 AM  
Delay -

"1, 2, 3, whore", rhymes?
2004-09-24 10:19:58 AM  
/blank stare
2004-09-24 10:29:52 AM  
Anyone have any "team mustache" photos from Shaolin Soccer?
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