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(Omaha World Herald)   When locking your two-year-old in the next room so you can smoke meth with your friends, make sure you cover up all the electrical outlets or you may have to ground him   ( divider line
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2004-09-23 06:43:11 PM  
p.s. Can someone explain to me again why forced sterilzation is a bad thing? I was out smoking crack during my Bioethics lecture.
2004-09-23 06:43:17 PM  
I hope the misdemeanor charges relate to having a kid in the house while doing illegal drugs, and not just for doing meth.

Even one-time methamphetamine use causes very permanent brain damage, specifically permanent psychosis, for which anti-psychotic medication is required, for life, and that person has to go through life with very much reduced brain power.

In short, it's what makes more trailer park people.

If anyone here has done meth, be afraid, be very afraid.. but then you probably already are super paranoid and unstable by now.

/meth and acid, and even cocaine, fark you for life
2004-09-23 06:43:24 PM  
Electrical outlet ... grounding ...
Holy crap that's brilliant.

Heck, even Jesus thinks it's funny!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-23 06:43:25 PM  
Don't use this as an opportunity to get down on meth users.
This could have happened to anybody who locks a two-year-old in a room for two days.
And really, who hasn't wanted to?
2004-09-23 06:43:45 PM  

Fair enough. I always suspect the worst when I see meth referenced.
2004-09-23 06:43:50 PM  
p.s.s. I also was snorting coke during my spelling class.
2004-09-23 06:44:59 PM  
Care to come up with a funny headline for that one, people?

Sure. How about, "12-year-old bully doesn't know about Galvan's severed frogs' legs. Darwin surrenders."
2004-09-23 06:45:57 PM  
Sick, sad story. Sick, hilarious headline. Seriously though, anybody know anybody named Jason Blair (any spelling) who isn't evil?
2004-09-23 06:45:57 PM  

I second that.
2004-09-23 06:46:12 PM  

Um, I think that should be p.p.s.
2004-09-23 06:47:52 PM  
Crappity crap, I had to close like 27 pop-ups after reading the article.
Oh, and yeah, that is a shame that the kid died like that. Guess the speed was too pricey for mommy to afford child-proofing that room. Stupid biatch.
2004-09-23 06:50:38 PM  

Thanks man for standing up for us I mean those meth users.
2004-09-23 06:52:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-23 06:53:01 PM  
when i was a kid i stuck a car key into a socket under the kitchen table--i was shot across the room--my fingernails were black--which is what gave me up at dinner--dad saw the black fingernails and looked under the table--welded to the metal face plate was part of the metal ball keychain

that siad--the uncle should get the same punishmen the child did--but at a lower voltage for a longer period of time
2004-09-23 06:53:02 PM  
attention...BIRTH CONTROL on isles 1, 2, 3...

the war on drugs is hella cool.
2004-09-23 06:55:22 PM  
And people question why drugs are illegal...

Although, the toddler has been spared a life of misery growing up with a drug addicted mother.

Crappity crap, I had to close like 27 pop-ups after reading the article.

Just get the Google tool bar - it blocks pop-ups and it's free.
2004-09-23 06:56:03 PM  
2004-09-23 06:57:04 PM  
i've been juiced many a time and never recieved a burn or the like, not being grounded and all.. it wakes one up in the morning quite good.
2004-09-23 06:57:47 PM  
Beerden, you're exaggerating, right?

/Getting really paranoid.
2004-09-23 06:58:35 PM  
Beerden, I would take the time to tell you how WRONG you are, but they're watching me.
2004-09-23 06:59:20 PM  
It is sad the child died, maybe it was for the better. You KNOW the quality of life was far from good having tweakers for parents/relatives. May the child now rest in peace. Tweakers = t3h suXX0r5
2004-09-23 06:59:42 PM  

[PSA] When you are a dumb bully never take a dare from the smart kid you beat up.
2004-09-23 06:59:46 PM  
Fancy that, a girl named "Brandi" was a meth user. Sure didn't see that coming now did ya.
2004-09-23 07:00:05 PM  

I'll be right back...
2004-09-23 07:02:54 PM  

Fancy that, a girl named "Brandi" was a meth user. Sure didn't see that coming now did ya.

Hey now, I'm sure there's many girls named Brandi out there who don't do Meth. Granted, they're probably freebasing cocaine or smoking crack, but still.
2004-09-23 07:05:26 PM  
Ernie the Fork: When I was two or three I stuck a paperclip in the wall socket in my room.

When my boss was about 4 (and living in Europe) he stuck a fork in an outlet. It set the wall on fire and killed power to the entire block. He had black scorch marks on his hands and his fingers turned kinda blue for awhile. That's it. No other noticeable injuries!

It was really farked up. Everyone was blown away by the fact he was somehow unharmed. Though admittedly he really is quite high strung NOW.
2004-09-23 07:05:29 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-23 07:06:30 PM  
It's the i at the end of it that does it. It's like that spelling of any female name that should properly end in a y is the first step in a horrible chain of events that culminate in a person being trailer trash, having a baby as a teenager, smoking crack, doing meth, getting beat by your boyfriend/husband, you name it. It's like a cruel joke played by the people naming the child. Tack that i on the end and you're pretty much farked for life.
2004-09-23 07:06:39 PM  
2004-09-23 06:55:22 PM Holden.McGroyne

And people question why drugs are illegal...

Although, the toddler has been spared a life of misery growing up with a drug addicted mother.

This was more of a stupid mother issue than a drug issue. And you may not want to categorize "drugs" as one and the same.
2004-09-23 07:06:53 PM  
anyone can have kids, but you need a licence to catch a fish.
2004-09-23 07:07:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-23 07:09:06 PM  
The child dies, and it's a MISDEMEANOR? Someone please explain.
2004-09-23 07:09:38 PM  
Damnit, chechal, it would appear that one of them somehow escaped what fate had in store for them. Oh well it'll all balance out ultimately, as things will just be that much worse for the rest of the Brandi's in the world to compensate for that outrage.
2004-09-23 07:10:58 PM  
Wait a minute--isn't this a REPEAT? I seem to recall reading about this MONTHS ago!

Old news.
2004-09-23 07:11:38 PM  
Didn't RTA but the headling made me laugh my ass off.
2004-09-23 07:12:37 PM  
While the act was reprehensible, man, I'm glad I never had kids!

Human's spawn the dumbest little shiats in the animal kingdom who stay stupid for at least 4 years. I've watched little kids do the dumbest shiat from shoving whatever happens to be available into their mouths to grabbing for flames. I mean, our primitive ancestors MUST have birthed kids that got smarter more quickly or else we'd never have survived in an environment where everything was trying to eat everything else.

Being a parent means you have to have eyes all over your head because infants can turn the most innocuous of things into a deadly weapon. Plus, that getting up every couple of hours to feed a newborn in the night kinda bugs me, not to mention that the little farts, for some unknown reason, tend to barf up what they ate unexpectedly at any time. Baby screams go right through my head and trigger an instant hostile response. Nature gave them that sound for survival reasons, but it certainly would alert any predators to their presence in the wilds and piss off any neighbors.

I HATE parents who just have to bring a screaming infant into a movie, restaurant or grocery store. Homicide often comes to mind.

Americas Funniest Home Videos showed enough baby clips to convince me that it not only is a miracle that humans survived but that many parents should not have kids.

Growing up, with siblings and frequent trips to the Dr., the ER and the pile of bandages my parents kept on hand along with assorted bottles of Iodine, peroxide, Metholiate, and, later, tubes of antibacterial cream, ice packs, eye wash cups and numbers for poison control, the ambulance and the cops pretty well made me decide not to have kids.

I know I stupidly tried to exterminate or maim myself growing up by running and falling with a stick in my mouth, poking those kid pliers from a kid tool kit into an electrical socket, trying real hard to drive the claws of my Dads claw hammer through my skull while hammering at a nail and playing with a 'cute' little brown snake that obligingly hissed and flattened out like a cobra. (That turned out to be a Puffed Adder, one of the many poisonous snakes in Florida.) Not to mention the astounding assortment of cuts and bruises accumulated from just playing in the woods or with Dads tools. (I once took a drill of his apart to see what made it go and he wasn't all that happy about that.)

I had these toy gas stations made of metal that you put together -- insert tab A into slot B and all that -- and the edges tended to make ribbons of raw meat out of your finger tips if you grabbed it wrong and so did some early erector sets. I had a toy lead melting set and discovered that molten lead is really, really hot. Plus, back then, on the back of comic books, they told you a magic trick of how to turn a penny silver -- by coating it with Mercury. I played with Mercury gathered from broken thermometers as a kid.

To those of you who are parents, my hats off to you. You get to face a continuous war of survival from the day your kid is born to when he or she graduates from high school.

You're better folks than I.

I'd rather work in the contagious disease wards of the hospital than try to rear a kid. It's safer and more relaxing.
2004-09-23 07:12:45 PM  
Maybe that's why she's so happy. Scoring that goal symbolized her final triumph over the letter i.
2004-09-23 07:13:01 PM  
The uncle is getting charged with a misdemeanor. So are the other residents of the home. They did not lock the kid in the room. The mother has got the felony abuse charges that can get her life in prison. She is the one who locked the kid in the room and bears the greater responsibility.
2004-09-23 07:14:39 PM  

It says in the story that it happened June 9 and the new news is that charges were filed. Nice detective work.

/trying to find out if there is such a thing as a sarcastic golf clap
2004-09-23 07:15:26 PM  

Even one-time methamphetamine use causes very permanent brain damage, specifically permanent psychosis, for which anti-psychotic medication is required, for life, and that person has to go through life with very much reduced brain power.

Absolute and utter bullshiat.

If anyone here has done meth, be afraid, be very afraid.. but then you probably already are super paranoid and unstable by now.

If you do it on a regular basis for any length of time, you will begin to experience psychosis, but it usually goes away when you stop doing the shiat. Problem is, it causes a strong physical and psychological addiction, and it's damned hard to quit.

meth and acid, and even cocaine, fark you for life

More bullshiat. Any strong drug can trigger latent psychotic or schizophrenic tendencies, but only in the people who have those tendenciies to begin with.

There is no drug that will "fark you for life" in common street doseage amounts. On the other hand, they will all fark you for life if you do them continuously for a long enough period of time.

Drugs are bad shiat, but they don't cause permanent damage right away unless you overdose so much you wind up in a coma, and even then you'll probably be fine. It takes time for drugs to cause noticable permanant brain damage.

To anyone thinking they can do drugs a little and not worry about long-term soncequences, though, know this. Drugs are insidious and seductive, they're always calling you back for "just one more time." It's easy to get addicted without even realizing it. Eventually, when the damage starts becoming obvious, you might not even care any more.

Drugs are dangerous, but exaggerating their dangers doesn't help people stay away from them, Beerden, because eventually they find out about the lies, and they then assume all negative information about drugs is a lie.
2004-09-23 07:17:42 PM  
mkreamer: /trying to find out if there is such a thing as a sarcastic golf clap

Aren't ALL golf claps sarcastic?

/I mean clapping... for golf.
2004-09-23 07:18:28 PM  
There was a local news story last week about a two year old who fell through a window while the mom slept off a meth high. The kid had pushed through cardboard that was over the air conditioner.
The mother is being charged with child abuse.

My husband and I wonder if she would have been charged with abuse if she had just been napping while the toddler fell. Or was it the meth? Because I assume alot of parents nap with the kids. Maybe the 2 year old woke first.

Had to be the meth.
2004-09-23 07:18:30 PM  
Actually, when you think about it, our ancient ancestors lived in a world that was safer, in alot of ways. There weren't electrical outlets, broken glass, sharp knives, poisons like mercury, chlorine, ammonia, etc. concentrated and available. No speeding cars or guns. Disease was a problem, though I can't really say it was worse back then, except for the occassional epidemic that would wipe everyone out.

And man got past the whole "getting eaten" thing pretty early. Animals fear fire, once we got that down, it was pretty cake to keep from being eaten.
2004-09-23 07:19:44 PM  
Thanks for the misdemeanor clarification....

What a crappy headline! If that headline was in my paper, I would have passed right over it. Give me a felony in the headline, and I read the article.
2004-09-23 07:19:46 PM  

Good point. I'm just trying for that extra bit of zest.
2004-09-23 07:20:51 PM  
Yeah, chechcal, but they probably also smelled very bad.
2004-09-23 07:21:04 PM  
Bravo, Webgrunt. Saved me a post and did it better than I ever could have.
2004-09-23 07:21:41 PM  
It hurts to contemplate the pain and neglect this little boy endured before he died.
2004-09-23 07:22:10 PM  
Damn. And I was sniffing glue during my Proper Correspondence Class.

I hate all of you people.
2004-09-23 07:23:43 PM  
Thanks, swahnhennessy.
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