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(Daily Sparks Tribune)   The proud producers of "Fear Factor": "If I can make one person puke, I've done my job"   ( divider line
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5825 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Sep 2004 at 1:58 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-23 12:43:01 PM  
Seen it once, won't watch it again. I don't need that carp in my life.
2004-09-23 12:43:36 PM  
And, when I go fishing, all I catch is crap.
2004-09-23 12:54:13 PM  
"If I can make one person puke, I've done my job."

If I tell you I puked watching your show, Mr. Producer, will you promise to go away and never, ever return?
2004-09-23 12:55:02 PM  
I do believe a midget punch to the nuts is in order.
2004-09-23 01:02:55 PM  
I do believe a midget punch to the nuts is in order.

Accompanied with an unsolicited finger in the anus.
2004-09-23 01:03:43 PM  
I love that show. It's the only 'reality tv' I'll watch. Hell, my favourite part is watching them eat disgusting things. It satisfies the kid in me who dared friends to eat bugs and things.
2004-09-23 01:06:44 PM  
I hate that show, and it lies. It should be called Gross Factor.
2004-09-23 01:08:24 PM  
I don't even know why they call it Fear Factor. There's not that much scary about it. Everyone is covered in saftey harnesses there's very little actual danger involved. The stunts are probably all safer than your average amusement park ride. It's generally a contest of physical skill, one gross-out competition, and another contest of physical skill. There's nothing actually scary about the show. Not really. Being grossed-out isn't the same as being afraid.

Now give me a show where there's none of this silly highschool gross-out stuff and the stunts are actually scary and that would be interesting to watch. I don't really see why the show is called "Fear Factor".

It's like "Survivor". Why the hell is that show called "Survivor"? There's absolutely nothing in the way of survival skills at work on that show. It should be called "Highschool Clique" because that's all that show is about. Little cliques deciding who to kick out of the club and stupid little carnival games to determine who can't be kicked out. Dumb, dumb, dumb show.

Now what would make that show something I would watch would be if they made it a real survival challenge.

Take 12 people and put them each on their own isolated island. The only rule is to survive on the island. You have a million dollar prize to whoever is the last one to survive on their island. None of them have any idea what is happening with the other contestants. None of them have any interaction with the crew. The only person they see is a doctor who checks them every couple of days to determine if they're medically fit to continue. The show is a competition to see who can really survive the longest. Nobody ever knows when or if anyone has been eliminated so the contestants are not only battling against the elements for physical survival but they're also battling against the lonliness and isolation for mental and emotional survival.

That would be a really interesting show. I would watch that.
2004-09-23 01:14:50 PM  
Dave Barry had the right idea about 10 years ago. "Eat Bugs for Money". Host brings out a big bug, and three contestants bid on how much money they would take to eat the bug. Low man has to do it. Could do the same for just about any stunt.
2004-09-23 01:31:54 PM  
That's funny, because 'Friends' always made me puke. I wounder if that was their intent too?
2004-09-23 01:41:13 PM  
I can stand the eating gross stuff part of the show. It's Joe Rogan that makes me want to puke. What an asshat.
2004-09-23 01:56:36 PM  
Gotta agree with Ghastly. It's not about fear, it's about stamina and physical strength and the ability to take on one gross stunt. If ever you visit the website, the bugs have are all safe as well - lab bugs - fed a clean diet in sterile conditions so there is no chance of "real" disease being passed to the contestants.
2004-09-23 02:05:46 PM  
OK, did anyone see the couples episode a couple of weeks ago? Nothing but hot, fit chicks, most with ginormous jublees.

anyway, one stunt (good for a 21 day trip around the world) required one of the couple to slurp up a goop made of rotten fish, crickets and roaches and spit them into a plastic tube. The other person had to catch said goop and spit it into a glass container. couple with the most goop fastest wins.

well, as this one couple is doing this, the guy says something like "you want some" and the chick goes "oh hell yeah, give it to me baby"

funniest crap i've heard. as if she woulda been just fine swallowing this stuff. i have a feeling shes a dirty freak. could be wrong...
2004-09-23 02:06:50 PM  
Fear Factor...

Anyone can eat bugs, how about giving Bea Arthur a pedicure? Watching Jeopardy! with Regis Philbin? Feeding Ann Coulter a sandwich attached to a 10 foot pole?

Listening to an entire Rod Stewart album in one sitting without clawing your face off?
2004-09-23 02:08:25 PM  
i just want to take this time to say how much i loathe fear factor. it is a humungous waste of everyone's life who is involved with the production of this sub-par excuse for entertainment.

by the way, the show is called fear factor, but i dont know anyone who has nightmares about people forcing them to eat maggots...
2004-09-23 02:08:32 PM  
Ghastley: I agree about Fear/Gross Factor, but

It's like "Survivor". Why the hell is that show called "Survivor"?
To be fair, it's because one person "survives" elimination until the end.

None of them have any interaction with the crew. The only person they see is a doctor who checks them every couple of days to determine if they're medically fit to continue....That would be a really interesting show. I would watch that.

Concept is interesting, but the execution would be dull as hell. How could you watch a show with no one interacting, or competing in any way other than sitting around and waiting to see if they've won...
2004-09-23 02:08:39 PM  
They just started playing the syndication/reruns around here....

When I caught a rerun the other day...I changed the channel, because I already knew how it turned out...'s not like a sitcom where you can watch the same one over and over....
2004-09-23 02:08:50 PM  
Rye: Now you're just being koi.
2004-09-23 02:09:52 PM  
i might actually watch that show without the gross eating part. of course, some other network has already cornered that market - does anyone know the name of the show where it's just stunts?
2004-09-23 02:10:27 PM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth

Listening to an entire Rod Stewart album in one sitting without clawing your face off?

Come on now, that's just cruel.
2004-09-23 02:10:48 PM  
Ghastly actually, there is a survival trick that one of the guys on Survivor didn't know about.

Don't stand directly over a fire and breathe the smoke until you pass out. Yes, I know it's obvious enough that even the whiny waitress/actress types on the show should already know it, but at least I got to see one guy seriously injure himself.
2004-09-23 02:11:18 PM  
I saw a gay porn called "Rear Factor" that was a spoof of Fear Factor. Luckily there were no worms, cockroaches, or animals/animal parts at all involved.
2004-09-23 02:11:24 PM  
Three words to make fear factor way closer to what its name implies

Fear Factor IRAQ!

Ok, see if you can walk down the street, draped in the american flag and not get blown up by a car bomb!
2004-09-23 02:12:40 PM  
Yeah, just kindly keep that b.s. out of The Amazing Race. This season they had to eat 2kg of caviar at a sitting and another time an ostrich egg. The egg didn't seem all that bad, but the caviar was f'd up, people were getting the cold sweats, the shimmies and the shudders.
2004-09-23 02:14:29 PM  
Funny, the headline is exactly what I think about my job, and I'm an engineer.
2004-09-23 02:17:09 PM  
The grossout parts are stupid. They shouldn't be on a show called "Fear Factor". WTF does eating disgusting crap have to do with fear?

Anyone ever watch "Fear" on MTV? That show was pretty good
2004-09-23 02:19:01 PM  
I don't watch that show, but I did stop channel surfing when I saw Penn & Teller were on.

The Best. Moment. Evah. on Fear Factor had to be when one of the girls was offered the chance to stay in the game by eating a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and declined. So Teller grabbed one and grossed her out by happily munching on it. Penn said about her, "I thought she'd never leave."
2004-09-23 02:19:04 PM  
As Ive said before regarding Survivor, its incredibly unrealistic because they eliminate people who could be critical to survival and leave the most useless people around. Everyone knows that the first thing you do in a survival situation is to eat the cameera man.

I dont watch any of these shows. I have no interest in watching any reality shows when in reality they are the furthest thing from it.
2004-09-23 02:19:20 PM  
You see, I smoke crack. This isn't the first time I've eaten a horse penis.
2004-09-23 02:19:54 PM  
I went to high school with the gross food producer of this show, she denies the relation, but there was a science teacher who used to do a benefit where he'd eat worms and maggots and some other shiat...Dr Digesto.
2004-09-23 02:23:44 PM  

I would like to see a "Fear Factor" make up of just male Farkers. One challenge would be to go up to an either average looking, or very beautiful woman, and ask her for a date.

Another challenge would be to try and write a headline for Fark, without resorting to any cliches.

2004-09-23 02:24:37 PM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth: Listening to an entire Rod Stewart album in one sitting without clawing your face off?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-23 02:27:53 PM  
Actually there is a show like it. Stunt something. All the nifty stunts and no eating some stupid thing.

/will still watch The Amazing Race. Wants to be on the Race...
2004-09-23 02:27:56 PM  
I watched it for a while and enjoyed the stunt portion of it. After a while, though, I couldn't watch anymore because of the gross stuff they have to eat.
2004-09-23 02:29:37 PM  
b1t r0t

I fall asleep to that album. Turned real low it makes good white noise.
2004-09-23 02:30:04 PM  
I work at an NBC affiliate. One night we had to pre-empt Fear Factor for the Governor's state of the state address. Got the most irate phone call ever from a viewer.

"Where's my Fear Factor? My family's been waiting all week for this show and you go and have the governor on instead! Can't you show that some other time? You people need to check your priorities! We've waited all week!"

And Joe Rogan should throw up more often. He's getting puffy. I don't care if he is a world karate champ or whatever, he's looks like he's headed for sumo. The bloat coincided with his Man Show gig. Too much beer?
2004-09-23 02:32:23 PM  
I'll watch it when I'm bored because Joe is kinda cool and sometimes they have hot chicks in tight tops and short shorts.

But as soon as the bug-eating starts I'm on another channel. Farking gross.
2004-09-23 02:34:04 PM  
The puke factor is why I can't watch that show. Even with the compulsory big-boobed girl in a t-shirt they feature each week. I wouldn't eat any of that shiat for 50k if it was guaranteed let alone a 1-in-4 chance. I wish they made shows that are about something besides public humiliation like they did in the olden days.
2004-09-23 02:34:59 PM  
While I can't say I really enjoy it as a musical work, I have to agree with Disposable Rob; turned low, Metal Machine Music makes decent background noise. Turned too loud, it just gives me a headache.

Besides, I'd rather listen to Metal Machine Music than a Rod Stewart album.
2004-09-23 02:42:08 PM  
I really can't stand that show, especially the 'Eat the totally gross thing' part as that isn't just gross, it could be really dangerous.

I'd rather see something like a MXC gameshow, where the challenges are both difficult and amusing and that didn't take itself so seriously.
2004-09-23 02:45:06 PM  
Fear Factor is a good show. I'm not nuts about the gross eating part, but the challenges are well conceived, and Rogan is funny
2004-09-23 02:49:40 PM  
An upcoming season of Fear Factor is going to be called "Fear Factor: Into The Bathroom". That will probably make me puke.
2004-09-23 02:56:01 PM  
I don't like Fear Factor because of animal cruelty issues. I'm no PETA freak, but it seems to me that a lot of Fear Factor stunts are basically killing animals for entertainment value. Woo hoo, let's watch someone bite bugs to death!
2004-09-23 03:02:09 PM  
How many Fear Factor contestants would take a Hot Wheels car like Ryan Dunn?
2004-09-23 03:03:49 PM  
Fear Factor is my guilty pleasure, but I change the channel during the eating-gross-stuff stunts. I have to say that half the appeal is listening to Joe Rogan.

I once heard him describe the taste of some bug as "18 different kinds of ass," and it endeared me to him forever.

/wonders how many kinds of ass exist
2004-09-23 03:05:27 PM  
Qballe. Joe was funny. now its the same thing over and over. He was on Tough Crowd and blasted away at the show, saying that it the people were stupid for doing the show.

/Still Miss MST3K
2004-09-23 03:11:30 PM  
Joe Rogaine is really losing his hair now.
2004-09-23 03:15:45 PM  
You people watch TV? Do you have 2 digit IQs or something? If the lottery is punishment for people who can't do math, TV is punishment for being just plain stupid.
2004-09-23 03:17:16 PM  
I had an idea for a reality show once.

Take a serial killer on death row. Pardon him of all crimes and make him immune to any future ones. Each week people could log online, call up or send in snail mail recommending someone he could kill. The first 30 minutes of the show would be an expose on this person and why they need to die, followed by the serial killer describing how he's going to do it (and he would do it differently every time). The last 30 minutes consists of him stalking the person and killing them off. And there would be no one safe from this guy except for someone like the president.

I considered calling the show Geeked, but I don't think enough people would get the Shadowrun reference.
2004-09-23 03:17:38 PM  
xebeche_tzu...that hurt. Without TV I wouldent know what the weather is...
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