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(ESPN) NewsFlash Red Wings beaten at home by.... COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS.?.   ( divider line
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2631 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Feb 2002 at 1:54 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-09 01:55:25 AM  

Sweater_Girl, IN YOUR FACE! ;)

2002-02-09 01:56:11 AM  

Karma is a beeyotch, isnt' it?

*Rangers Fan!*
2002-02-09 02:00:00 AM  



*ahem* Go Canucks.
2002-02-09 02:00:05 AM  
"Detroit is the league's best team with a record of 38-11-6-2 while Columbus is the NHL's worst at 15-33-7-1."

Damn. I bet I could have made a lot of money betting on that game. I could have paid my rent and electricity and rent and stuff. Oh, well. Go Oilers!!!
2002-02-09 02:00:30 AM  
Sorry I didn't realize that this was worthy of being posted or even being a farking news flash. Bad teams beat good teams all the time and we don't post that farking shiat on here every time.
2002-02-09 02:00:34 AM  
This is a sign of the apocalypse. It's in the bible, I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, Wings are going all the wayyyyy anyway. Since they're paying to and everything.
2002-02-09 02:02:27 AM  
Sweater_Girl, IN YOUR FACE!

Um...I can't stand>Sweater Girl can get in my face anytime :)
2002-02-09 02:04:18 AM  
The fact that Columbus even has a team makes me laugh. That and the fact that they sell out almost all of their games. Same with the Wild, who do a terrible job of living up to their name.

Move Carolina back to Hartford, move Florida to Portland, move Anaheim to Seattle, and get rid of Dallas.
2002-02-09 02:04:42 AM  
The fact that this is a "news flash" makes it all the more funny.

2002-02-09 02:05:43 AM  
2002-02-09 02:06:37 AM  
Damn Winter Games....screws everything up. Oh well we're still going to bring home Stanley.
2002-02-09 02:12:35 AM  
Today the Wings, tomorrow...France?
2002-02-09 02:13:39 AM  
Well , if anything , this sort-of makes up for the fact that there will be no Late Nite w/ Conan O'Brien for two weeks , stupid olympics !
2002-02-09 02:15:44 AM>Sweater Girl can get in my face anytime :)

Well, me too, but that's beside the point. Her team lost. I've got to rub it in.
2002-02-09 02:17:06 AM  
Too many soft Europeans and Russians on Detrit. Those l'il cupcakes wilt when the going gets tough. Detroit needs more Chelios, Stevie Y and McCartneys.
2002-02-09 02:17:14 AM  
good for columbus. they have a pleasant thought to carry them through the next 2 weeks, seeing as none of them were good enough to go to the olympics.
2002-02-09 02:17:30 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-09 02:18:49 AM  


...and get rid of Dallas

Yeah, right einstein. The Stars are only the '99 Stanley Cup Champions and were in the the finals in 2000.

They also have a brand farking new arena and hockey rinks have sprouted out all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area.
2002-02-09 02:25:48 AM  
... and this is important?
2002-02-09 02:29:00 AM  
God damn, Red Wings. They have the best players in the league, the best coach but I will almost guarantee they will lose if the first round of the playoffs. To either the Phoenix coyotes or the mighty ducks. Every year they lose in the playoffs I swear I will not watch another game but the new season starts and I get excited. I need help.
2002-02-09 02:29:08 AM  
You tell him, Kolacky. Kick his ass.

What I'd really like to talk about is Jim McKay and his senility. Did anyone else listen to him during the Opening Ceremony? Listen to me now and believe me later: McKay is mad; he's lost it. I'm surprised Katie Kouric and Bob Costas weren't having to wipe the drool off him in the booth.
2002-02-09 02:31:01 AM  
Was that a Hans and Franz reference?
2002-02-09 02:31:19 AM  
Trolling is fun!
2002-02-09 02:34:45 AM  

I live in Ohio and I am DRUNK!

This gives me another reasomn to drink!


Someone make me do drunk things!

2002-02-09 02:35:17 AM  
LOL, Red Wings won't lose to the Ducks in the 1st round, the Ducks won't even make it in.
2002-02-09 02:36:49 AM  
Hockey sux Basket Balls!!!!!!

KNow what I am SAYIN!

2002-02-09 02:37:26 AM  
Jim McKay
Born: Sept. 24, 1921
host and commentator of ABC's Olympic coverage and "Wide World of Sports" show since 1961; 12-time Emmy winner; also given Peabody Award in 1988 and Life Achievement Emmy in 1990; became part owner of Baltimore Orioles in 1993.

When people give you a lifetime achievement award , what they are really saying is RETIRE GRANDPA !
2002-02-09 02:41:29 AM  
I went to one BlueJackets Game and sat in the owners box!

We beat St. Louis, it was last year like the month of March it was late after Basketball.
2002-02-09 02:49:07 AM  
Misterpotatohead, nope, it's the other teams that have too many clutching, grabbing, talentless North American goons that need to get more Federovs and Larionovs in order for hockey to become a beautiful sport once again. That and getting rid of Bettman and his army of blind referees.
2002-02-09 03:02:35 AM  
I live in California. As a state, we would like to ask why the fark we care. Thank you.

Thank you, and go Fiji in the Olympics (With only 1 person, they're the official Olympic Underdogs(TM))!
2002-02-09 03:24:36 AM  
This is SO wrong.

No no no no no no no no!!!

Dammit. However, I am more than confident that Sergei played a very fine game.
2002-02-09 03:33:17 AM  
However, I am more than confident that Sergei played a very fine game.

Hey, if I had Anna distracting me, I'd fark up once in a while, too.
2002-02-09 03:43:01 AM  
You're asking for it in this thread,aren't ya Quick;)

He's one of the best players on that team. It's not his fault he's one of the prettiest boys in the NHL. Have I mentioned lately that he will be playing for Russia this Friday in the *cough* Olympics?

They will do well this year, but I'm afraid of their chances in the Cup finals. Just because more than a handful are over the hill.

But this? Travesty. All I can say is mercy win.
2002-02-09 03:55:54 AM  
Go Leafs

2002-02-09 04:05:14 AM  
Sweater Girl I feel your pain. I'm more scared of the first round than the finals.
2002-02-09 04:07:33 AM  
...Who wants to start placing bets on who's going to eliminate Detroit in the first round of the playoffs this year? =)
2002-02-09 04:13:53 AM  
*slaps Quick1 and steals his popcorn,for good measure*

Good luck with those Leafs Ian
Also,Wintermute wtf is up with your guys picking fights with the Wings Wednesday night? Don't get me wrong, I first started watching hockey for the fights, but didn't your Rangers know who they were dealing with 'fight history' wise?
2002-02-09 04:21:59 AM  
oh, and TalAlpha, Thanks for making me blush. That usually never happens when I discuss hockey.:)
2002-02-09 04:38:49 AM  
No they won't be elimated in the first round this year. I just decided it. They will win this year they have too.
2002-02-09 04:44:11 AM  
They took it 2 years in a row Porn,they can do it again. I still say Red Wings = only good thing out of Detroit.
If only they had Roy as the goalie..

That guy is huge
2002-02-09 04:50:09 AM  
I remember the good times, but what about all those years where they were the best team in the regular season, then lose early in the playoffs. I don't get my hopes up anymore.
2002-02-09 04:53:10 AM  
Damnit...the Wings just have one of those brain farts every once and a while. And like Porn said, I'm more worried about the first round than I am with the finals...I can just see it coming.

Anyway, I'm still in my college basketball mindset, go ECU! Beat DePaul tomorrow!
2002-02-09 04:55:45 AM  
Screw Roy, Screw the Avalance. Hopefully the "dominator"(sp?) will step it up in the playoffs. Although, he comes out of the goal to far in bad situations nearly as often as Osgood.
2002-02-09 04:59:57 AM  
I would like to be in a college basketball mindset, unfortunately The University of Michigan has sucked the past 6 years. What the hell is going on down there, how can you go from the Fab 5 to the shiat I see now. When I was down there the basketball players drove Chevy Suburbans with TV's in them. Are we not comping are team properly or what.
2002-02-09 05:01:48 AM  
Dom has a cool technique, watch how he guards. It's almost an art form Porn. I can't stand the Ave, due to the damage they did to Draper. However Roy is hands down the best goalie in the league,as far as pucks averted.
I'm just glad Claude is gone from that team. He was an ass.

Going on record, Sergei is the best Red Wing. That is why they agreed to pay him 2 million even after he badmouthed Detroit
2002-02-09 05:07:03 AM  
I've always been a Shannahan fan myself, Dino before that. I met Stevie Y once and he was a Jackass.
Yeah everyone hates Claude. Too bad he's now on the Coyotes. It's hard to watch them because of that. Tonight's Coyotes game was a classic though.
2002-02-09 05:17:04 AM  
In case anyone would like the history behind the hatred of the Wings/Avalanche
2002-02-09 05:23:02 AM  
Sweater Girl, you live in Michigan? Anyways the best Red Wings game I've seen was the rematch between them and the Av's. It was the first one after the incident, that Claude played in. He was hurt for the first one. Darren beat Claude's ass, and Sergei scored the OT game winner 4-3. Best Hockey game ever.
2002-02-09 05:27:19 AM  
This is a rivalry based on hate...

Everyone knows about the Isles-Rangers rivalry. No matter how many times Colorado and Detroit have their goalies duke it out at center ice, they will not match the complete and utter fury that comes with two teams so different in style and in philosophy sharing a media market, sharing a metropolitan area, and sharing a significant on-ice history, even if the goalie fights are a bit more one-sided. The hatred is so complete it can go unstated and implied -- we know the hits will come hard and fast and every little nuance will be magnified -- we don't need the media outlets to jog our memories.

Full article:
2002-02-09 05:37:58 AM  
Heh Porn I lived in MI during that time. I remember Darren taking him out. Headline in the Free Press the next day was "Blood on the Ice" with a pic of Darren dragging him. To me it was justified,he blindsided Draper, at least this time he had warning.
Thank God I am out of that state.
No offense. I still love the Wings.
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