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(nVidia)   Get ready to empty your bank accounts kids, the GeForce4 is out and ready to go   ( divider line
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4540 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Feb 2002 at 1:11 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-09 01:11:38 AM  
Awww yeah! Someone loan me the $500 to buy this baby.
2002-02-09 01:12:34 AM  
I empty my bank account for nobody. Mostly because it's already empty.
2002-02-09 01:14:02 AM  
Poop!Right after I get upraded to a Geforce 2!
2002-02-09 01:14:26 AM  
f00k that
2002-02-09 01:15:38 AM  
OH MY GAWD! 136 Million Triangles! I can now draw a boat load of triangles in MS Paint!
2002-02-09 01:15:42 AM  

technology sucks.. it steals my money.
2002-02-09 01:15:52 AM  
the last thing Osama saw looked a little like this....

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-09 01:15:54 AM  

Jesus, this is so next-gen i am amazed. My GeForce 2 does everything i need and more, yet this is twice as powerful, and software isn't even up to the GeForce 3 yet! Wow man, can't wait till DOOM 3
2002-02-09 01:17:28 AM  
My x-box will do just fine until the geforce5 comes out. whenever that may be.

Although its very tempting, i got my tax return back today. wOOOOhOOOO!
2002-02-09 01:18:15 AM  
umm... in the trillion operations per second mark? I kinda find that hard to believe.... are processors themselves even capable of that? *scratches his head and reads the documentation for his Athlon*
2002-02-09 01:19:12 AM  
No doubt the GeForce 5 will be out in three months, my Geforce 3 will do JUST fine, thanks
2002-02-09 01:21:30 AM  
Kthulhu: hehe... I just upgraded from a TNT2 Ultra to Geforce 2 Ti this past month...

I like staying about 2 generations behind on nVidia video cards... cause I can always pick them up for less than $100 and they give damn decent performance in the games I play.
2002-02-09 01:24:26 AM  
Wait for Geforce5/R300, skip this generation. The MX line is a joke (no pixel/vertex shaders), and the Ti line is basically a mediocre performance upgrade from the GF3Ti500. Games that really take advantage of dx8/8.1 aren't even out yet...
2002-02-09 01:26:16 AM  
Aww crap! Just when I was about to get the GeForce3 Ti 200!!!!
2002-02-09 01:28:20 AM  
if only these buyout weasels would support my Voodoo 5500
2002-02-09 01:29:09 AM  
Still loving my Ati Radeon 8500DV 64 DDR.

Yay for the renamed GeForce3!
2002-02-09 01:32:54 AM  
If only you would have bought a graphics card instead of a Voodoo 5500.
2002-02-09 01:34:10 AM  
I'd probably think it was cool, if I could understand WHAT THE HELL IT IS.
I'm computer dumb, so please don't try to explain.
I'm happy in my ignorence; things are less complicated here.
2002-02-09 01:38:12 AM  
Victoly:I bought the 5500 after Voodoo as hell
2002-02-09 01:47:59 AM  
Geforce 3 now on sale.
2002-02-09 02:12:41 AM  
Bah. The Viper II in my PC is still going strong. Well, the card is, the drivers absolutely suck ass. I'd gladly upgrade to whatever circuitry the iBook has, faster or not.
2002-02-09 02:13:18 AM  
WOW, GEFORCE4 HAS EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE!!!! I recommend every1 go buy Radeon 8500 now!
2002-02-09 02:19:33 AM  
Dirtygirl I'm computer dumb, so please don't try to explain.

It makes 3D things pretty.
2002-02-09 02:20:00 AM  
Anandtech's Review (nice Benchmarks)

Another Great Review from Tom's Hardware

This generation proforms quite a bit faster than the Geforce 3, especially with FSAA. I would wait for the Geforce 5 if you have a Geforce 3 now, but otherwise UPGRADE. Do NOT get the MX series, it's a waste of your money (no vertex shaders, it's like the Geforce 2 in many regards). ;-)
2002-02-09 02:20:16 AM  
I thought she said don't try to explain. Meh
2002-02-09 02:22:45 AM  
My etch-a-sketch goes up to 11.
2002-02-09 02:25:48 AM  
Already got one. Got an early model from VisionTek for testing. This SOB SCREAMS!!!! And yes... that is 1 teraflop. the thing that makes a super computer a super computer. Anyone wanna buy a GeForce 3 64DDR?
2002-02-09 02:27:43 AM  
2002-02-09 02:29:10 AM  
I guess that means my GEForce2 is officially a pieceashiat now?
2002-02-09 02:34:28 AM  
heh, my TNT2 can still run Max Payne at a blazing speed.....why Geforce2, or even 3, or even 4
2002-02-09 02:38:02 AM  
This was such a disappointing article. I was expecting to read something about Mark, Jason, Tiny, Princess and little Keeop.
2002-02-09 02:58:14 AM  
Does this card work with 98 2nd edition?
2002-02-09 03:01:03 AM  
ArmyOfFun - You can make 3D things look PRETTIER?
Oh god, my head is going to explode.
2002-02-09 03:06:11 AM  
Sorry 'bout that head blowing up thing, hope you can get that fixed.
2002-02-09 03:26:34 AM  
Hell, my Geforce3 hasn't even been TESTED yet. It blazes on everything except bad code (*cough*Medal of Honor slowdowninexcuseable*cough*).

There's no reason in the world to pick up one of these except misplaced self-esteem.
2002-02-09 03:30:17 AM  
I guess that means my GEForce2 is officially a pieceashiat now?

Heh, mine too. I bought it for $350, too. Of course, that was three or so years ago now...
2002-02-09 03:35:13 AM  
Army - It's Okay. I'll just hobble around and scrape together what I can find. You'd never notice, anyway.
2002-02-09 03:51:47 AM  
Wow.. I can only imagine what this thing would cost *me*..

I don't know what computer hardware costs in the civilized world.. But up here in Canada, I can pay my rent, groceries and car insurance for a month for what it'd cost me to pick up a GeForce 3.

If this new GeForce 4 is even more advanced.. It had better wash my dishes for me in addition to making 3D look prettier.. Haha
2002-02-09 03:58:45 AM  
Yeah, except that I would get a GeForce3 Ti 200 over a GeForce4... ;-)
2002-02-09 03:59:08 AM  
You makin' fun of me, Ianguuyy?;)
I'd say we're pretty civied up here in Canuck County, but you still won't catch me buyin' one of them things.
What the hell do I need 3D stuff for?
2002-02-09 04:03:12 AM  
Of course not!

Though I do live about as far South as you can get while still being in Canuck County.. I'm living with the entire state of Michigan to my North, and to the West... Ohio to the South.. Being completely surrounded by the U.S. I've learned to appreciate (and participate in) a little humour at the expense of myself and my countrymen.. =P

And these 3D things *are* damned expensive this side of the border!

2002-02-09 04:11:18 AM  
What with the exchange rate and all, I beleive ya.
I wouldn't know for certain, too advanced for me;)
2002-02-09 04:18:07 AM  
Ahh, it's not all that advance, believe me..

But all this talk of 3D stuff is very, very boring.. =)
2002-02-09 04:18:35 AM  
Ermmm.. "advanced", rather. Haha..
2002-02-09 04:21:17 AM  
anybody have the official price for this?
2002-02-09 04:25:07 AM  
yes, ianguuyy, why settle for 3D when you can get in the flesh?
I've always found that more entertaining.
I gotta go to bed.
2002-02-09 04:27:22 AM  
as so I, dirtygirl. *laughs*.. 4:30 in the morning.. Way past my bedtime.. =)
2002-02-09 04:56:14 AM  
There is nothing on the market which needs this new card's "power." Hell, the G3 hasn't even been pushed to its max yet.
And all the corporate boys will stand around scratching their heads when only a handful of uber-power-geeks buy the new card. There is NO reason to buy this. None.
Hint to developers. Spaaaaaaccccceeeee the releases out and keep an eye on what the game developers are actually doing.
2002-02-09 05:45:13 AM  
OverMuch: I have noticed horrible slowdown on my 800mhz with MOH. Funny thing is the readme said a 700mhz was recommened. I can run Max Payne and other games fine on my Geforce 2. What the hell is up with MOH being so damn slow. It couldn't have that many textures to bog down the AGP bus.
On another note, my geforce is running fine without vertex shaders. I don't plan on upgrading unless I have to. Hell I was on a TNT card before my geforce 2 GTS. Still, that Geforce card spanks any ATI. Poor ATI seems to get left in the dust every 3 months after their cards launch. I'd support them but their drivers suck hard. Always have and probably always will suck with drivers unless they do get serious. Main reason why I stay away from anything ATI.
2002-02-09 06:04:16 AM  
All my years of english and I can't write a proper sentence..oh well its late, you get what I mean, ahright?
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