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(Local6)   Tigger-Goofy character again accused of touching breasts at Disney (with pics)   ( divider line
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44192 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Sep 2004 at 7:36 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-23 01:24:15 AM  
2004-09-23 01:30:51 AM  
Some of the pics in the slideshow are just begging to be photoshopped.
2004-09-23 02:41:28 AM  
This is total bullshiat and they need to lay off the guy. IF he wanted to touch some boobies, he wouldn't be brushing them with the back of a thick, gloved hand... If he were truly trying to cop a feel, he would have to do it damn hard to get any "feeling" out of it.

I was my highschool's mascot for two years, and when you have massive appendages, it can be hard to keep track of where they go. You also have a visual area (depending on the costume) just large enough to see what's directly in front of you. You can't be expected to interact with people in a realistic way without occasionally brushing a foot foot wide glove against their chest.

Way to try to cash in on this guy's misfortune in the past. I hope you fail and lose a lot of money to legal fees, biatches.
2004-09-23 02:55:40 AM  
Where's the outrage from the Furriez community? Support your brother!
2004-09-23 03:14:39 AM  
Why aren't the Kadaitcha Dancers all over this?
2004-09-23 06:06:58 AM  
a gis for 'bad touch' came up with this little buttnugget...

its got everything. bad midi. rows of animated gifs. pure hypnotic ignorance...
2004-09-23 06:19:55 AM  
Wow... this is stupid.
2004-09-23 07:23:27 AM  
armpits = boobies?
2004-09-23 07:43:56 AM  

It's clear what should be the verdict.
2004-09-23 07:44:40 AM  
I'll bet you can pull one of your arms inside the suit and work one out without anyone noticing.
2004-09-23 07:46:50 AM  
bandwagon, meet jumping on the

/or something
2004-09-23 07:47:20 AM  
I'd be suing Disney for harrasment in the workplace if I where him. Right
2004-09-23 07:49:28 AM  
Oh, just leave this guy alone people. I'm sure if you watched EVERY Disney character interaction during the day there are several accidental brushes and touches. It is very hard to manuver in those costumes. Would this have gone anywhere if it had turned out that a female was inside the costume? I think not.
2004-09-23 07:51:02 AM  
Yeah, sounds like they are just railroading the guy.
2004-09-23 07:53:57 AM  
Here is from the previous story:

"Jurors were also shown dozens of the photos as Jay questioned Chartrand about whether the hands of the characters were placed appropriately on waists, shoulders and rib cages. "

Yes, because a cartoon character touching your shoulders as you pose for a picture is obviously sexual.
2004-09-23 07:54:20 AM  
I guess bouncing's what Tiggers do second best.
2004-09-23 07:54:50 AM  
Sounds like there's several cliques working down there in Orlando... the photographers, the characters, etc... and ever since that first incident (which was proven in a court of law to be a baseless charge), everyone's taking their swing at him.

Maybe he should just walk away. I mean, at what point is it going to stop? Armed "vigilante justice"? Blah. If I were this guy, I'd cut my losses and seek gainful employment elsewhere.

For example, he could be a stunt double for Steve Buscemi. That's gotta pay quite a bit.
2004-09-23 07:55:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Steve Buscemi?
2004-09-23 07:55:38 AM  
That dude doesn't need a costume. He looks like a creepy version of Goofy.

Oh, the horror...
2004-09-23 07:55:48 AM  
You have got to be kidding.
2004-09-23 07:57:30 AM  
With the face only an English mother could love.
2004-09-23 07:59:12 AM  
Tigger always was a male slut.
2004-09-23 07:59:38 AM  
Then he kicked her in the box and shoved her.
2004-09-23 08:02:45 AM  
No, seriously. I think it works.

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

Separated at birth, and then some.
2004-09-23 08:06:24 AM  
Are they sure it was him? Did they have a bunch of Goofys come in and do a line up? He may have gotten set up!
2004-09-23 08:06:26 AM  
"I didn't say she was crazy, your Honour. I said she was farking goofy."
2004-09-23 08:06:51 AM  
I'm sure he could fit another entire face on his forehead. Photoshop?
2004-09-23 08:08:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-23 08:09:10 AM  
Just more proof that the mouse is a louse.
2004-09-23 08:10:41 AM  
He totally is a match for Steve.

Poor guy. You know these bastards are just trying to get him leave. So much for the Magic Kingdom. This guy shouldn't worry, he'll live to see Disney go bankrupt, with its crap management team. Put out some more billion dollar cartoons that don't earn shiat, and build some more theme parks and cruise lines.
2004-09-23 08:14:33 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-09-23 08:14:43 AM  
He's that close to being John Waters.
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2004-09-23 08:16:56 AM  

I pin trade at Disney myself, and you wouldn't believe how many guests poke Cast Members in the breasts when they're looking at their pin lanyards. It's impossible for a costumed character to NOT brush against breasts with the huge hands, because the lanyard does lay right on a woman's breasts (being female and wearing a lanyard at times myself).
2004-09-23 08:17:15 AM  
He likes teh boobies!
2004-09-23 08:19:42 AM  
Is this furry?
2004-09-23 08:22:56 AM  
Can I see your lanyard Forever42?

/weak, i know

Also, would anyone else be scared that his lawyer was goofy?

A third point no one will read: The costume doesn't have fingers... how could you cop a feel in furry mittens?
2004-09-23 08:23:22 AM  
What the hell's a lanyard?
2004-09-23 08:25:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
/I'm begging you to Photoshop me!
2004-09-23 08:26:47 AM  
spicer​safe=off &sa=N&tab=wi
2004-09-23 08:29:42 AM  
UM...he was in a COSTUME...and the paws on that costume look to be very heavily padded. Given that the photos show the paws located on the back...or on the ribs....or BELOW breasts..but not actually ON breasts, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone in the costume to FEEL anything. So where is the motive? If you can't feel a breast, how can you be accused of feeling breasts? This is a total
no-brainer, someone is just out to get this guy and they are going to keep trying untill they get a dumb ass shiat jury to go along with them.
2004-09-23 08:30:15 AM  
Thanks CoRDS, it's a dangly thing goes round your neck then. Spicer's second question -> What have pins got to do with it?

Is it cos I'm british and these things are alien to me, or am I being a moran?

(Third question is rhetorical)
2004-09-23 08:33:11 AM  
1. see story break about 'Tigger' touching young females in places he shouldn't

2. Get out you last year's Disney trip pictures and see his paw is near your daughter's tit.

2004-09-23 08:33:37 AM  
Dontcha just love the Politically Correct jurisprudence which states that in any matter of an alleged sex crime, the accused is "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"?

/waiting for the inevitable burnination
2004-09-23 08:36:45 AM  
We should just kill two birds with one stone. There should be a halftime show during an ESPN Extreme Game, where Janet Jackson comes out on stage, and this guy comes out in his costume and grabs her boobies .

This guy must not have access to to calm down his desires by looking at "Boobies" links. I bet no Farker has ever been accussed.

2004-09-23 08:37:03 AM  

I'm guessing pins are badges.
2004-09-23 08:37:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

ladies and gentlemen of the jury.. i implore you.
2004-09-23 08:40:44 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-09-23 08:42:51 AM  
There are costume suits that are designed for sex. I saw a video once. Then I stuck a needle in my brain and now I get happy feelings, and I dont have to remember it anymore :D
2004-09-23 08:44:03 AM  
So, let me get this straight, people go to Disney Land wearing a dangly thing round their neck with badges on it, then swap said badges with others who have also come with badge adorned neck dangly things?

Am I the only one that finds that bewildering?
2004-09-23 08:48:43 AM  
Farking furries.
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