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(Fark)   Farker FalconRed says there should be a Fark Seattle gathering. Who's in?   ( divider line
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739 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Feb 2002 at 1:56 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-10 01:58:08 AM  
I'm in.
2002-02-10 01:59:23 AM  
What if it rains?
2002-02-10 02:00:56 AM  
Whattya mean......if?
2002-02-10 02:00:57 AM  
I'd probably try to make it.
2002-02-10 02:01:33 AM  
Then you get wet.

Have there been any international Fark parties?
2002-02-10 02:01:39 AM  
Hey, I live in Olympia, but if it is on a weekend, and isn't 21 or over, I will be there!
2002-02-10 02:03:38 AM  
Well, i could fly down from juneau, but if its over 21, you all have to pretend like im older :)
2002-02-10 02:05:48 AM  
I think you should call Cyberpunk. He is like #40 as far as FARK I.D.'s go. Plus he is cool. And he lives is Wa..
2002-02-10 02:06:46 AM  
Can we have the Seattle gathering in Houston? Just a suggestion.
2002-02-10 02:09:05 AM  
I'm in if it isn't 21 or over.
2002-02-10 02:12:44 AM  
Dude's if it's on a sunday and beer is avaliable for a 20 yearold i'm there
2002-02-10 02:15:08 AM  
damn I would join, but Im here in grand ole minnesota
2002-02-10 02:20:26 AM  
Finally! A west coast fark party,you bet im in.A saturday night would be ideal.
2002-02-10 02:22:39 AM  
If the Rams win the Super Bowl tomorrow then for sure I'll be..................huh?

Never mind.
2002-02-10 02:22:39 AM  
Damn there's a lot of Minnesotans here, we should get a Fark party going around here, too.
2002-02-10 02:23:51 AM  
Have the party around the time of spring break....I'm sure you'll get more people then (including me and a few others).
2002-02-10 02:23:59 AM  
Word. I'm in.
2002-02-10 02:24:52 AM  
Not after finals, mind you. I'll be in Ing-Land.
2002-02-10 02:25:46 AM  
after finals would be fin...i'm planning on getting trashed any way
2002-02-10 02:28:13 AM  
How about a FARK party in Florida?

Nothing exciting ever happens around here...
2002-02-10 02:28:25 AM  
Seattle sucks, tell me when you've got a So Cal Fark party in the works.
2002-02-10 02:30:17 AM  
Oh your from Florida Mrfuznut? Tell me, does it get annoying after a while hearing all those sirens, since old people are constantly having medical emergencies? Or do the ambulances have their own lanes by now?
2002-02-10 02:31:13 AM  
pfft why cant someone have an Aussie Fark Party
2002-02-10 02:32:58 AM  
Bri, Quick1: Totally... there seem to be a lot of farkers in eastern ND/all of MN... anyone? anyone? I'm there if it's within reasonable traveling distance & on a weekend.
2002-02-10 02:36:47 AM  
Yo. I'm in
2002-02-10 02:36:47 AM  
I'm in Seattle. I'm a minor. I'm in. I'm especially in if there's somebody over 21 who'll bring the booze.
2002-02-10 02:38:26 AM  
Im in pittsburgh, anyone in?
2002-02-10 02:54:40 AM  
I'm up in Greenlake and I am so there!
2002-02-10 03:18:26 AM  
dood, So Cal Fark party all the way.

(did you notice my new-wave California spelling of "dude"?) ;-)
2002-02-10 03:19:22 AM  
Im in the same boat as Sang. Ill bring cash for brew, but i cant buy it :)
2002-02-10 03:20:17 AM  
Why don't we have a combined Fark party for those in Seattle and Portland. We could have it halfway in Centralia. Wait, what the hell am I thinking?
2002-02-10 03:20:47 AM  
Is there anywhere to get a cup of coffee in Seattle? I'm just wondering.
2002-02-10 03:22:36 AM  
How 'bout Spokane? You know all you Seattle people go to Spokane for fun anyway ;)
2002-02-10 03:25:35 AM  
Me: Hey, we should have a DC Fark party at our place..
Boyfriend: Dude, I'm scared of some of the people from Fark.
2002-02-10 03:44:20 AM  
Im in eastern mongolia, anyone in? I've got goat fat and salt to pay for beer, but please bring water if you can.

check this link out:
2002-02-10 03:58:29 AM  
Yeah i could maybe make it, just uhh can 13 i mean ahhh screw you im coming!
2002-02-10 04:08:18 AM  
i like the idea of a fark portland. or a fark camping trip on the coast like i mentioned in a thread sometine ago. seattle could be a good road trip, i go up for shows all the time. i took the train for the charlatans uk last month and will go up for gorillaz next month. what is one more trip? who wants to step up and take a shot at putting on a northwest gathering? if no one else does, i live in a tourist town on the oregon coast. lots of cheap hotels, and i think carrot top is coming to chinook winds casino.
2002-02-10 04:11:23 AM  
Will there be [image from too old to be available]?
2002-02-10 04:12:26 AM  
I would certainly be interested as well.
2002-02-10 04:12:51 AM  
Actually, Drew said summer for a West Coast party, Portland is cheaper hotel wise.
2002-02-10 04:17:30 AM  
I'd be in as long as I'm free.

There should be a Fark party in June in Portland this year. Not sure who's really planning it though.

There's also going to be a Dark-America party in April in Seattle. Most of the people going are ex-Farkers, current Farkers, not Farkers, etc.

It's be cool if Meat and Stanfan114 could be at any of the gatherings ...

Slayerswine - I'm Farker #70, damnit.
2002-02-10 04:21:24 AM  
portland is cheaper, and there is no sales tax here. tri met is easier to use, and is much closer to me. i vote portland.
2002-02-10 04:25:21 AM  
errm..i vote seattle, due to the fact that i dont drive and am to poor to get a ride to portland.
2002-02-10 04:33:51 AM  
I think the leaning is towards Portland Pjd just because it would be middle ground for WA and CA. I seriously don't care either way, if there's a West Coast party,I'm there.
Lightswitch If it ends up being Portland, I'll send you bus fare. Deal?
Also, busses are free in Portland,most of them anyway.
2002-02-10 04:34:55 AM  
hey im so in, anyone from kitsap wanna drive accross in my 01 cougar.:)
2002-02-10 04:36:22 AM  
Cyber I'm on it. I already sent Drew an e-mail (2 days ago) about a WC party. I volunteered to plan.

And you're #70 dammit!

2002-02-10 04:46:15 AM  
Have it in Vancouver... After all, we got better beer!
2002-02-10 04:49:07 AM  
PLUS if it's in Vancouver, Farkers only hafta be 19 to get wasted!
Which still excludes me, but it's never stopped me before.
2002-02-10 04:52:22 AM  
Hey Oyr I'll be in Vancouver next month. Good bar suggestions? Improv clubs?
Also, where can I see Sea Otters in the wild?
2002-02-10 05:00:20 AM  
I dont drink and I dont understand some of your comments. Whats the need for alcohol? Especially at college I run into this issue. I see idiots talking about how they are gonna get "sooo wasted" on the weekend or whatever. Some even pass around pics of them drunk. Mostly its the unattractive or un-confident ones who need to get drunk to get attention. Soda, water, whatever. So long as there is no danger of dying of thirst then Im in.
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