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(TechTV)   Drew will be on The Screen Savers tonight around 7:30EST on TechTV   ( divider line
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884 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Feb 2002 at 4:48 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-08 04:50:40 PM  
Am I the only one that's been really tired lately?
2002-02-08 04:51:10 PM  
Try around 8:28.
2002-02-08 04:51:10 PM  
nope...I have been tired as well...almost time to go home and sleep...
2002-02-08 04:51:53 PM  
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2002-02-08 04:52:45 PM  
Cool, have fun Drew!
2002-02-08 04:52:57 PM  
2002-02-08 04:53:42 PM  
And I should give up bowling, beer and babes for this? Maybe next week...
2002-02-08 04:55:14 PM  
Drew Curtis presents Drew Curtis' Screensavers. Only on Drew Curtis presents Tech TV!

Be sure to mention that we linked to today (I think a FARK first.) Or not. There's better stories.
2002-02-08 04:57:08 PM  
Should I call in a talk to him again??? LOL

Nevermind, that was the radio......
2002-02-08 04:58:35 PM  
Let's see... this is about the 9th link I've seen in the past week for this... maybe I'll actually watch this time!
2002-02-08 05:00:26 PM  
Am I the only one who thinks that The Screen Savers is retarded?
2002-02-08 05:01:55 PM  
Howzabout a 'shout-out' to all your 'homies', Drew Curtis' FARK'S Drew??
2002-02-08 05:07:59 PM  

Don't watch this - instead just go down to Bearno's and join the Bear30 club.
2002-02-08 05:09:57 PM  
again? is it a rerun?

i don't know what screen savers or techtv are... are they just interviewing drew repeatedly? is it about technical stuff? is it a good show? who else do they have on there?
2002-02-08 05:10:12 PM  
It seems that Drew is on this show once a week. Maybe they could pay him some beer money so he would not have to sell fark's soul. Just a thought.
2002-02-08 05:10:34 PM  
GO to,24331,3371359,00.html AND VOTE FOR THE DOWNLOAD!!! SHOW THE POWER OF FARK!!!!
2002-02-08 05:13:21 PM  
I watch it for Megan. Just Megan.
2002-02-08 05:14:38 PM  
Ouroborus: No, you're not the only one. I think they've caught onto that fact, which is why every Friday when Drew is on they mention him before each commercial, dragging this out to the bitter end. They're using Drew and Megan's boobies in a last ditch effort to keep someone tuned in.
2002-02-08 05:17:21 PM  
How can I change my background in Windows3.1?

(Im on the edge of my seat)
2002-02-08 05:19:04 PM  
Ifeelnothing- Screen Savers is show comprised of people fired from Best Buy who ran out of things to do when the hobby shop wouldn't let them play magic the gathering in the store anymore.

They started a public access show on cable, but got kicked off of public access for being too 'wacky'.

It is hard to believe they could make a show about stuff I like, and make me feel embarrassed for liking it.
2002-02-08 05:20:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-08 05:21:21 PM  

Don't be a [image from too old to be available]

break a leg, dude
2002-02-08 05:21:38 PM  
Nagrommit; although megan is a good watch, morgan is a better watch. She may be dumb, but who doesnt have it on mute?
2002-02-08 05:25:43 PM  
They should start calling it "Drew Curtis's Screen Savers" me thinx!
2002-02-08 05:29:57 PM  
mmm ham
2002-02-08 05:40:50 PM  
"Drew's on T.V. it's Fri-day, doo-dah, doo-dah..."
2002-02-08 05:50:50 PM  
Drew :

You should mention what we did for Jessica today (the Women of KU calendar votes). Girl was losing by 300 votes and now she's winning by 800 votes. 38% of the votes!
2002-02-08 05:52:15 PM  
how many times have you been on?
2002-02-08 05:54:03 PM  
Fark Drew...he's whack.
2002-02-08 05:55:11 PM  
2002-02-08 06:00:37 PM  
Bad Kitty
This link has already been submitted on 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, etc... and has already been deleted
2002-02-08 07:02:49 PM  
It's started...let's watch!
2002-02-08 07:09:11 PM  
Dat's Honey Baked Ham dere, Drew...

[image from too old to be available]

OJ's Favorite!
2002-02-08 07:10:50 PM  
That girl in the red miniskirt should probably not uncross her legs in front of the camera like that.

Just a suggestion.
2002-02-08 07:22:28 PM  
Maybe the girl in the red miniskirt is doing a Sharon Stone thing. On another note, this Jack Daniels is pretty tasty on ice. This Screensavers show is great after a few shots of booze. But then again, everything is better after a few shots of booze. Hope my grammar is correct and I don't have any spelling errors.
2002-02-08 07:30:17 PM's 6:30 central... where's our Drew?

This show isn't able to hold my interest on its own, where is that big lug?
2002-02-08 07:30:47 PM  
Of course tonight will be the night that Drew's actually on at 7:30 since TechTV just went down on my cable and "should be available again soon." Pass the JD Legman.
2002-02-08 07:32:42 PM  
hackers, crackers, and whackers...

these guys are scaring me...
2002-02-08 07:34:21 PM  
Drew on TV? I had no idea he did porn.
2002-02-08 07:38:22 PM  
Well this beer isn't cutting it. (eyes tequila and capn morgan)
2002-02-08 07:41:20 PM  
Still no TechTV. Might be time to break out the Talisker to pass the time.
2002-02-08 08:10:30 PM  
Drew's on!
2002-02-08 08:18:39 PM  
Whoa, nice video quality! Did you get your connection upgraded, Drew?
2002-02-08 08:32:37 PM  
Drew needs a shave.
2002-02-08 09:06:07 PM  
Drew needs a bucket.
2002-02-08 09:19:40 PM  
Drew needs a whore.
2002-02-08 10:01:33 PM  
Drew needs a Mardi Gras Parade.
2002-02-08 10:39:31 PM  
Drew needs a cliche kitty.
2002-02-09 12:05:34 AM  
Ah... a direct quote from the book of "Who Cares"... how refreshing.
2002-02-09 12:10:26 AM  
Drew Curtis' needs a farking AA chapter
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