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2002-02-09 10:53:35 AM  
Scientology is a scam
2002-02-09 10:54:07 AM  
Some mental health experts question the church's motive.

You don't say!
2002-02-09 10:54:53 AM  
Say it ain't so, Ouro!
2002-02-09 10:57:48 AM  
Ouro I dare you to call that number.
2002-02-09 10:58:07 AM  
only in america
2002-02-09 10:59:10 AM  
Ouro I dare you to call that number.

That would require me to read the article
2002-02-09 11:00:16 AM  
"Some mental health experts question the church's motive."

Mental health expert or not, everybody should question any church's motives.
2002-02-09 11:00:36 AM  
Hey Scientology is a perfectly legitimate holy church recently invented by a science fiction author.
2002-02-09 11:00:52 AM  
Here comes the obligatory Scientology-bashing of the week.

I am no Scientologist, but I question the motives of those who bash Scientology yet have never read its teachings. I am a Christian, but read the book "Dianetics" out of curiousity. I must say it was very intriguing. I think those who know nothing about Scientology yet bash it do so out of insecurity and fear of what they do not understand.

Honestly not trying to defend these folks or troll, just thought I would give ya'll something to think about.
2002-02-09 11:02:45 AM  
fark those farking farkers.
2002-02-09 11:03:20 AM  
I think those who know nothing about Scientology yet bash it do so out of insecurity and fear

I do it for fun
2002-02-09 11:04:19 AM  
Txnkorny: Ever read that nice little book Levay put out? Maybe if you read enough of the Satanist literature you'd stop bashing old nick.
2002-02-09 11:04:31 AM  
You know what I think Txnkorny? I think that anything that requires vast ammounts of money from a person so they can self hypnotise themselves into thinking they are aliens is a SCAM .

I refuse to learn anything about it from those involved in it out of a sense of self-preservation.
2002-02-09 11:04:52 AM  

Hmmm, Txnkorny, found their sales pitch intriguing...that changes things!!

Seriously, I think ALL Farkers should call that number and tell 'em we only want free beer. Let's see if that changes their Dogma at all.

2002-02-09 11:08:13 AM  
"Seriously, I think ALL Farkers should call that number and tell 'em we only want free beer"

And then drink the beer in Canada, right?
2002-02-09 11:11:59 AM  
horay for scientology! lets all celebrate by eatting babies!
2002-02-09 11:12:21 AM  
Funny, being afraid of some religous scammers, they actually tried to bother me over some shiat I said before. They are a bunch of pussies.





2002-02-09 11:23:05 AM  
If nothing against other religeons...
But Scientology - I have an issue.

The making of the movie BATTLEFIELD EARTH.
2002-02-09 11:27:00 AM  
To quote the late 20th/early 21st century lyricist Maynard James Keenan: "F#ck L. Ron Hubbard and f#ck all his clones".
2002-02-09 11:28:00 AM  
heh. Fetus, it's not the scientologists I worry about. It's their hoard of well funded attack lawyers that worry me. Go to court, leave broke. Shoot 'em dead, 3 hots and a cot....hmmm
2002-02-09 11:33:59 AM  
Beware the Clam people.
Xenu Lives!


Seriously though, visit It's the best resource I've found for info on the Scientology cult.
2002-02-09 11:34:29 AM  
Aaaahhhhhh...those zany scientologists. What will they come up with next? Did anyone see about them putting up that number on Fox? How did Fox fall for that? I could see how mebbe I would make that mistake, but I'm not a major news network. Yet.
2002-02-09 11:35:58 AM  
2002-02-09 11:44:56 AM  
Last news is November 7 2001?
2002-02-09 11:50:56 AM  
I know one thing they won't be putting in their advertisements:

Lisa McPherson was a member of Scientology since she was 18. When she was 30, she got into a minor car accident in Florida, and when the police and ambulance arrived she stripped naked and went to a ambulance driver, pleading for help. While she was in the hospital, some Scientologists came by and talked her into going back with them, telling the doctors that she was a Scientologist and didn't believe in psychiatric care. Against the doctor's wishes, and crying, she told the doctor she wanted to go with them. 18 days later she was dead from dehydration because she had been put under a program that isolated her from everyone else to try to "cure" her from telling anyone about Scientology.

THAT is Scientology at work.
2002-02-09 11:59:42 AM  
"The ministers also learn how to conduct "assists," procedures Scientologists believe help people overcome physical or emotional difficulty."
2002-02-09 12:04:00 PM  
02-09-02 10:53:35 AM Ouroborus
Scientology is a scam

All religions are on the grand scale.
2002-02-09 12:07:18 PM  
2002-02-09 12:07:57 PM  
2002-02-09 12:10:08 PM  
[Speaking of psychiatry] " industry that doesn't really have the technology to help people, that has false and misleading ideas about what constitutes the human mind and spirit..."

I see. But using makeshift lie-detectors to isolate the spirits of ancient, derelict aliens that live in us and plague our minds and souls - that's a much more reasonable philosophy.

Occam's Razor slits the throat of Scientology. Bah!
2002-02-09 12:19:31 PM  
You can always count on FC to showcase his narrow mind with a bigoted post or two. Bet he's vandalized more than a few Christmas displays over the years. Maybe spit on a few brainwashed carolers on the side or ripped a yarmulke off some dumb Jew's head for extra jollies.

"Scientology" is not and never was a "religion." It's L.R. Hubbard's mind game book "Dianetics," hiding behind the facade of a church as a tax dodge. I refer to the whole thing as "Dianology" to avoid their ploy of portraying them as two separate things.
2002-02-09 12:21:11 PM  
Txnkorny, these links are for you:

"Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion" --L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology

And that's EXACTLY what he did.

Operation Clambake : The Fight Against The church Of Scientology On The Net

Scientology It's Worse Than You May Know!
2002-02-09 12:32:30 PM  
Yes, Scientology can help. With only a little over $360,000 and years of self-hypnosis Scientology can teach you how to get the invisible dead aliens off your body so you can levitate and teleport just like John Travolta.
2002-02-09 12:35:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-02-09 12:37:27 PM  
the only thing bad about all this scientology-bashing is that it makes the so-called "mental health community" seem really good and effective in comparison.

they're both a bunch of scammers holding up their views of the "human mind and spirit" so that they can continue to make money from vulnerable people. Scientology may be several times more ridiculous than "respected" psychoanalysis, but they're both pathetically inadequate methods of helping people who have mental problems.
2002-02-09 12:43:19 PM  
Schmack, I would disagree. When I was a kid, therapy helped me ALOT. Without it, I would probably be totally screwed today.

Txnkorny: See
2002-02-09 12:45:10 PM  
Hey, quick question, Sc*entology:

[image from too old to be available]

Why did she need to die?
2002-02-09 12:45:46 PM  
Schmack: Be that as it may, at least there's scholarship, monitoring, and accountability in the REAL mental health community. ScullyToo's post is just the tip of the Scamotology iceberg.
2002-02-09 12:50:32 PM  
You are all just jealous that Hubbard beat you to it! As any properly religious person knows, the only legitimate religions were created 100+ years ago. Anything since the turn of the 20 Century is a "cult" and should be treated as such.

an agnostic
2002-02-09 12:51:25 PM  
Txnkorny et al: As I understand it, Mr. Hubbard was just your normal vibrant pulp fiction author. The Scientology Corporation and culture that has grown up, appropriating his name and, err, embellishing his opinions into facts, is *evil*.

I live in LA, and have walked by the Scientology building on Hollywood Blvd sometimes. Often nice men will hand out little pamphelts saying "IQ TESTED"... The L Run Hubbard Museum(?) is about a mile down the road. I'm curious and would like to check it out, but first I'll post my name and address here so if I dont make it y'all can call the police :)
2002-02-09 12:51:56 PM  
"You can always count on FC to showcase his narrow mind with a bigoted post or two. Bet he's vandalized more than a few Christmas displays over the years."

FC! My Hero!

"Maybe spit on a few brainwashed carolers on the side or ripped a yarmulke off some dumb Jew's head for extra jollies."

Now there's an idea. brb...
2002-02-09 12:52:47 PM  
Txnkorny:I did read dianetics,what it lacks in science it makes up for in crappy fiction.(battlefield earth was a dry tome unworthy of being made into a movie)when I started reading it (dianetics)I thought it was an exciting collection of ideas,
but as I got farther in and started to research what he was proposing and what he was attacking,(hypnosis and psychology among other fields) I realised that he was promoting a scam of huge proportions.
L.Ron Hubbard is a small minded man,with a black heart and a crappy,crappy, science fiction author.
2002-02-09 12:59:16 PM  
Txnkorny: dude, you ARE a scientologist. every single word on your post was classic scieno "don't knock it til you've tried it" parroting. STRAIGHT out of the manual. You fool no one.

seriously folks, check out and

$cientology is a serious threat. We're only seeing the tip of the iceberg.
Thought of the day: I heard somewhere that the best way to get a message across is to write it on your money. No-one throws it away, and it just circulates...funny thing. Not that I have ever done such a thing, or advocate such an approach. But it sure would be interesting to see on a 20 dollar bill.
2002-02-09 01:01:11 PM  
Jrshull: that goes for you too.

BTW: Earthlink is a scientology run operation. Just thought you might like to know.
2002-02-09 01:01:34 PM  
hrmm.. I work next door to the Scientos "church" here in Vancouver. Always see a sign saying "we're hiring" which never goes down... i wonder why.....
2002-02-09 01:12:05 PM  
We were talking about this in #fark chat recently. One of the things I mentioned was this rumor: that once you hit the highest level on scientology (ie: once you give them millions) they take you out on a yacht in the middle of nowhere and tell you that L. Ron was actually God.

I once interviewed at a company, and the first thing they gave me was a math test (it was a customer service job!) I felt like I was taking the SATs all over again. Once I saw all the money they were wasting on this classy conference hotel room, and for only a handful of people, I was very suspcious. There were live swans for crying out loud! Then they gave me a long personality test to take at home. Boy, I couldn't get out of there fast enough...they even tried calling me to continue the "job process" but I wouldn't answer...

Anyways, L Ron just doesn't hide his business in religion, he hides it in other businesses. You'd be suprised how many generic sounding business names its hidden under.
2002-02-09 01:17:23 PM  
I should read that Scientology Handbook, and compare the stupidty of their religion to the stupidty of the Roman Catholic Church. Two conservative religions who don't belong in today's society! ;-)
2002-02-09 01:22:43 PM  
2002-02-09 01:29:43 PM  
"Scientology is awesome!" -Kelly Preston, the Mrs. Travolta, in Barbara Walters interview.

Welcome to mindheads. /bowfinger
2002-02-09 01:31:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

A billion year contract? No thanks
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