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(WorldNetDaily)   State taxes, check. Federal taxes, check. Global taxes, wait a minute   ( divider line
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19850 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2004 at 4:04 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-21 11:14:48 AM  
Paying for the rest of the world being a mess--it's not just for the US anymore.
2004-09-21 11:16:27 AM  
Even if you were able to impose tarrifs on said items and transactions, there would be really no way of enforcing the tax. To enforce tax, you need an executive branch, which the U.N. is notoriosly weak for.
2004-09-21 11:30:25 AM  
Inenforcable idea.

Would our taxes actually go down if there was no incentive for the US to donate without requirement.
2004-09-21 11:30:32 AM  
...Chirac praised a report prepared by a French working group that proposed a global tax be levied on arms sales and some financial transactions

good. hope they tax that mariaum abacha from ghana who's always e-mailing me and bragging about the millions she's got in the national treasury.
2004-09-21 11:38:06 AM  
Farking French...

why don't you just send the starving some wine, huh?
2004-09-21 11:53:36 AM  
Chirac wants a world tax...let me guess collected by a world government... to pay for what? And who's giving them the authority to do so?

And why would the French want to tax arms sales? Don't they sell a ton of arms?

Apparently France has eliminated all hunger and poverty in their own country.... Or they just want everyone else to pay for it.
2004-09-21 12:11:37 PM  
What kind of teeth would that tax agency have? If I didn't pay, what would they do?

Send me a strongly-worded letter?

Fart in my general direction?
2004-09-21 12:44:27 PM  
It already exists, in the name of the International Monetary Fund.
2004-09-21 01:32:36 PM  
What do you mean, "State Taxes?"
2004-09-21 04:07:05 PM  
Suddenly I really hate Chirac a lot
2004-09-21 04:08:28 PM  
The U.S. already fought the 'war on poverty.'

Poverty won.
2004-09-21 04:08:37 PM  
Kerry will be against this tax, after he supports it and be for he supports it again.

/I think he ends up being against it between dinner time and CSI
2004-09-21 04:08:54 PM  
don't forget the "municipal" taxes, i.e the city taxes.
2004-09-21 04:09:14 PM  
I think the whole worshipping cows thing and voodoo witch doctor leaders might have something to do with poverty, not the lack of money...
2004-09-21 04:09:54 PM  
Chirac is like that kid who always reminded the teacher five minutes before school was out that she forgot to give out the homework
2004-09-21 04:09:58 PM  
With ideas like this we're supposed to want the French on our side?
2004-09-21 04:11:00 PM  
Suddenly Chirac overtakes Dubya as the worlds most-hated politician :)
2004-09-21 04:11:35 PM  
Have governments ever thought of learning how to quit frivilous spending and get good budgets in place before actually asking for more money?
2004-09-21 04:12:00 PM  
Insert "French want to charge nations who actualy buy and use guns" joke here
2004-09-21 04:12:35 PM  
some at the G8 summit meeting floated the idea of a global tax on arms sales, including at Chirac's suggestion a tax on gun purchases by individuals.

And this isn't at all directed at us, because European countries are well known for the liberal individual gun rights.

/sarcasm off
2004-09-21 04:12:43 PM  
When you think about it, taxes are just a mandatory donation, ironically without being tax deductable.
/incoherent sentences rock!
2004-09-21 04:12:50 PM  
I'm to lazy to Google. Until I see another source, this falls under the same category as tabloid news.

WorldNetDaily = Unreliable
2004-09-21 04:13:00 PM  
Awesome ! Since I always claim zero dependents on my tax form, I should get a kickarse world refund ! Although, I would be tempted to claim Austrailia and Amsterdam as dependents ...
2004-09-21 04:13:52 PM  
I got motivated and googled. It's true.
2004-09-21 04:14:20 PM  
Hell, people don't want to help pay to fight poverty here in the US. Why should we contemplate giving tax money to some idiotic global agency that will most likely be riddled with corruption or incompetence?

Oh, wait, doesn't the US already give a lot of money to other countries? Uh, yeah.
2004-09-21 04:14:26 PM  
Considering the US has what? A HUGE proportion of the wealth in this world....
2004-09-21 04:14:36 PM  
Don't worry. No one will support this, in fact some people may oppose it which means France will surrender.

2004-09-21 04:14:40 PM  
I like how Chirac supports imposing the tax on gun purchases made by individuals rather than on gun sales.

Its all a matter of self interest. France is one of the worlds largest suppliers of arms (behind the US and Russia), but its strict gun control laws would ensure that its own populace would be relatively unaffected by this 'global tax'. The many individual gun purchases in the US, on the other hand, would make up a large proportion of this 'global tax'.
2004-09-21 04:14:42 PM  

Man, they don't call them cheese eating surrender monkeys for nothing

Surrender Monkey now on

2004-09-21 04:15:29 PM  
Worst idea ever.
2004-09-21 04:15:34 PM  
Do you get a refund on your arms taxes if invaded?
2004-09-21 04:15:58 PM  
Remember what happens when you make Germany pay to build (rebuild) other countries. They get REALLY upset about that. In fact France should know that better then anyone!
2004-09-21 04:16:24 PM  
the U.S. is in bigtime Debt anyways......would we qualify for global welfare?
2004-09-21 04:16:30 PM  
skinink: Amsterdam is not a country but the Netherlands is.
2004-09-21 04:17:12 PM  
Like the "Oil for Food" program the UN srewed up - this will be nothing than another avenue for corruption. Probably 2% again going to the UN for "Oversite" with no accountability to anyone.
2004-09-21 04:17:21 PM  
Is it me or was Jacques Chirac a Bugs Bunny villain?
2004-09-21 04:17:36 PM  
What "federal" taxes?

/oh, nevermind
// move along . . . move along
2004-09-21 04:17:39 PM  
Obviously the latest scheme to line their pockets with money while hiding behind the guise of a just cause.

I hate being cynical
2004-09-21 04:18:15 PM  
Is the tax going to apply to under-the-table deals like the French and Germans had going with Saddam?
2004-09-21 04:18:35 PM  
Taxing arms sales? What in the world? So, France is trying to tax America the most, while economic powerhouse countries like Japan get taxed very little? That isn't a fair world tax, it's a ploy to make America pay an even more unequal share for the worlds problems.

If anything, tax trade. You tax countries far more proportionally that way. But still, such a global tax is an insanely stupid idea.
2004-09-21 04:18:58 PM  
But my kids need wine!

/gots nothin'
2004-09-21 04:19:02 PM  
Chirac can eat a dick straight up.

Not only do I not care for a "World Tax", I think we should DRASTICALLY reduce the amount of money flying out of the US for a period of five to ten years. Then we use that money to pay down our deficit and fix our own problems.

"World Tax" the man said. Stop, my ribs hurt!
2004-09-21 04:19:46 PM  
Oh, cool idea! So we send lots of money to the U.N. and they can give it to countries to buy food.

Wait. We did that already.
2004-09-21 04:20:24 PM  
>>I think the whole worshipping cows thing and voodoo witch doctor leaders might have something to do with poverty, not the lack of money...<<

Xuge, when you donated your brain to science, were you properly compensated?

2004-09-21 04:20:46 PM  
I wonder how much France's illegal arms sales to Iraq would have been taxed under this plan...
2004-09-21 04:20:57 PM  
actually, sounds like a good idea to me. but it's clear the us will never support it and thus there's not really any debate to be had.
2004-09-21 04:21:26 PM  
Chirac: "Let's tax the US, but we'll say it's a tax on everyone. Yeah, that's a good plan..."

So the US spends more money to help other nations, even though they "hate" us. Great plan. They sure love our money, even if they dislike us personally.

Damn European socialists.
2004-09-21 04:22:20 PM  
You cannot tax your way to prosperity. By the time the infrastructure is put in place to ensure that the tax money is levied, collected, distributed and spent in accordance to the laws that enacted the tax, already 80% would be spent on the Bureaucracy and not its intended goal.
2004-09-21 04:22:48 PM  
Chirac can lick the brown ring around my asshole.

Now what was this you were saying about a global something or other?
2004-09-21 04:22:59 PM  
I'm amazed how my contempt for France continues to grow every day.

/noticed Chirac didn't propose a tax on white flags
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