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(WFTV Orlando)   Newspaper carrier arrested after using raft to reach flooded subscribers   ( divider line
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20682 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2004 at 10:38 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-21 12:14:07 PM  
Police, boat commission officer and newspaper distributor team up to teach ambitious young girl the REAL value of courage and tenacity in the post modern (post apocalyptic) world of lazy underachieving sheep overlords. Now go sit on your ass and play Xbox, kid.

I am especially disgusted by her dickless distrubtor who admires her gumption but not enough to do diddly shiat about it.
2004-09-21 12:19:30 PM  
I think her heroics may have involved the collecting of two dollars.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-21 12:31:10 PM  
Would you still think the PO-leese were asshats if she had whipped out an AK-47 and mowed down those poor stranded batards? She was putting us ALL AT RISK... the state should take her kids away from her just to teach us all a lesson in security and freedom.
2004-09-21 12:33:56 PM  
Yeah government - protect the small businesswoman from profit at all costs!
2004-09-21 12:34:16 PM  
So anyone going to post the number for the oatriot news of harrisburg or an email address for the diego guy so we can brighten their day?
2004-09-21 12:44:41 PM  
We the goverment knows what is good for you; how to spend your money and how to behave in the bedroom. Just do as we say and you won't get hurt or arrested.
2004-09-21 12:46:09 PM  
Overload the police with victimless crimes & other minutiae & eventually only creeps & bullies remain cops. - Rick Gaber

2004-09-21 12:47:57 PM  
"Betsey Patrick said she was arrested for disorderly conduct after arguing about the $220 citation and handcuffed in front of her 2-year-old daughter"

Prior to reading the article, I thought this was about a kid. Now that I see it's about a mother, I laugh even harder.

I hope they detain the toddler too.
2004-09-21 01:01:44 PM  
Silly just silly. Fine them if they were really put needlessly in danger making them a risk to rescue. But that didn't happen, like a paper carrier can afford a $200+ fine. Smarten up cops.

/bitter at the police after last weekend.
//Had my 4th rights violated.
2004-09-21 01:10:12 PM  
Someone is bucking for carrier of the year.
2004-09-21 01:11:37 PM  
"I believe she was demonstrating her commitment to excellent customer service," Diego said.

By arguing with the cops?
2004-09-21 01:21:55 PM  
People can put themselves in jeopardy by climbing mountains and by rafting rapids and by sailing, and if they get in trouble the rescuers themselves may also be put in jeopardy. And those things are perfectly legal. Do we really need to criminalize possiblities? "You might get hurt if you do this, so therefore it's illegal to do this." If the carrier had actually caused a problem, go ahead and fine her. But she did her job and didn't hurt herself or anyone else. You'd think the cops would have something better to do at a time like this. Like maybe stake out a strip club to make sure there isn't any illegal touching.
2004-09-21 01:28:30 PM  
If she hadn't floated past the doughnut shop, the cops would never have known she was there. And the gutless paper manager should be keel-hauled. He commends her excellent service record, but won't help her fight the charge because she is an "independant contractor". Coward. Fight the charge for her and you'll sell many more papers.
2004-09-21 01:40:14 PM  
When I 1st saw WFTV, I thought it was a fark station joke--
W (what) the F (fark) TV.
Then I read the article, and see it is so...
2004-09-21 01:56:18 PM  
And the world just keeps getting dumber...

/props to the newspaper delivery kid, though
2004-09-21 02:01:49 PM  
Rodeodoc - well stated!
2004-09-21 02:37:52 PM  
So I can get arrested for putting myself in potentially hazardous situations for which I may or may not have to be rescued from...
Hmmm, no more motorcycling, no more climbing, no more surfing...

/stupid indeed
2004-09-21 03:27:12 PM  
Did he get wet?
2004-09-21 05:47:29 PM  
The water was very high, very cold, and by some reports had raw sewage floating in it. No way to tell current, location of snakes, downed power lines, broken metal or glass below the curface, or anything like that.

I have no problems with what they did - the laws preventing dumbasses from endangering themselves during floods save the lives of cops and firefighters who'd otherwise be sent into way more danger than they should have to be.
2004-09-21 07:53:26 PM  
"location of snakes, downed power lines, broken metal or glass below the surface, or anything like that."

All those things could be in any lake, river, or puddle of water.

This paper girl probably doesn't get paid minimum wage. Let's punish the hard working by arresting them. The kid is lucky she didn't get shot 40 times.
2004-09-22 12:25:16 AM  
Wow, thanks there granny. When I want help, I'll call for it. Until then, sit in the firehouse or the donut shop until your help is requested. Stop looking for shiat to fix that's really none of your business.
2004-09-22 09:34:45 AM  
Crunch61 is correct, the floodwaters were not flowing in that area, and I believe the kid was waiting in the car since it was a brief trip (only 6 customers in the flooded out section).

Here is the full, original article from the Patriot-News itself.
2004-09-22 03:37:09 PM  
I love living in a free country where we can act in an entrepreneurial spirit and deliver great customer service in order to increase profits for ourselves and live the American dream.
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