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(The Sun)   In blatant PR stunt, story "leaks" that Jennifer Aniston's character on Friends may die in childbirth in season finale.   ( divider line
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2002-02-08 07:54:56 PM  
I like leaks! Except for leaky fluids... Ugh...
2002-02-08 07:55:23 PM  
what a waste of hot snatch.
2002-02-08 07:56:38 PM  
2002-02-08 07:57:33 PM  
Please raise you hand if you give a rat's ass.

You in the back....put your hand down!!
2002-02-08 07:57:51 PM  
That's just a decoy. Rumour is that in reality the actual cast will die and there will be much rejoicing.
2002-02-08 07:57:54 PM  
ding dong the witch is dead...

oh wait, its a possiblity...
2002-02-08 07:58:34 PM  
She dies when the child bursts out of her abdomen, hisses at the collected cast and scurries out of the room -- pausing momentarily to put the chomp on Ross.
2002-02-08 07:58:38 PM  
*Puts hand down*
2002-02-08 07:59:26 PM  
I wish the whole show would just die. Same fricken jokes in the same pattern every week.
2002-02-08 07:59:58 PM  
Son_of_Fb-: I agree.
2002-02-08 08:00:19 PM  
Ross: "Oh my god! They killed Rachel!"
Joey: "You BASTARDS!!"

...then she'll be back again for the next episode.
2002-02-08 08:01:25 PM  
Never watched it never will,
would rather eat a hemlock pill.
would not watch it for the fox,
would not watch if she sucked cox.
I would not watch it here or there,
not even to see aniston in her underware.
I do not like to watch freinds
I would much rather have teh bends

thank you goodnight
2002-02-08 08:01:27 PM  
Somehow there just isn't a Simpsons reference for a mothr dying during child-birth.
2002-02-08 08:03:14 PM  
Rachel dies of child birth,
Joey dies from the HIV,
Chandler dies alone sucking on Ross's Ass who die from eating an old Arby's sub,
Phoebe dies from being struck by a bus,
Monica dies from her own food poisioning...And I live to watch WWF Smackdown :)
2002-02-08 08:03:18 PM  
** yawn **

But next season, one of the guy characters wakes up to the shrill cries of a small chile and J.A. walks into the room carrying said baby....

....and omg (the guy character realizes), it was just a dream.
2002-02-08 08:04:04 PM  
Sweet Jeesus say it ain't so!
2002-02-08 08:04:35 PM  
Seeing as the L.A. entertainment reporters are touting that the cast'll get $1,000,000.00 per episode for next season... I don't think anyone's getting offed yet.

But, you know how TV negotiations can go...
2002-02-08 08:04:56 PM  
oooops...should be "child"...but the shrill cries of a chile would be kinda amusing...
2002-02-08 08:05:09 PM  
No chance in hell that they'd kill her off. If they want to keep raking in the money off syndication reruns, they won't piss off the fans by doing something like that. It'll end on a high note (Rachel marries Joey 10 seconds before the birth of the kid to keep it from being a bastard) and everyone will be happy in the end.

Except Ross, who will have two kids, with two different women, three divorces, a crappy boring job, no respect and everyone will tire of his moaning.
2002-02-08 08:05:37 PM  
Star Trek Next gen had an entire per show episode budget of 1 million... At least that had plot and frankly more humor
2002-02-08 08:05:39 PM  
Of course, this comes from that bastion of British objective journalism, The Sun. Honk Honk.
2002-02-08 08:07:09 PM  
Would somebody please just kill them all?
2002-02-08 08:10:35 PM  
Watching the show Friends is torture. The stupid laugh track is set to go off automatically every 3 seconds, whether or not something funny has happened.
2002-02-08 08:11:53 PM  

watch any comedy in america, they use the same joke pattern in every one.
2002-02-08 08:12:43 PM  
Isn't the Sun a fake news paper??
2002-02-08 08:14:15 PM  
This show sucks major ass. I wish it will just go to hell.
2002-02-08 08:17:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Would you like to buy a rare never-aired video taping of Friends, in which the character of Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, dies during childbirth?"
2002-02-08 08:18:44 PM  
jesus christ people, just watch another show and stop your pointless biatching.
2002-02-08 08:24:05 PM  
But you see, FRKBOY, I don't watch it. I just have to listen to the biatch in the next cubicle yammer on about it every single Friday, like today. "Did you see it when Rachel..?!" "Wasn't it funny when Chandler...?!"

Good thing the Olympics are on for a month. Fridays will hopefully be quieter.
2002-02-08 08:33:33 PM  
WOW! Chandler can always eat the body. And a pizza. With a few crates of donuts. For a snack.
2002-02-08 08:34:16 PM  
Longview: Please, turn off your TV and go outside.
2002-02-08 08:37:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-08 08:40:15 PM  
Mmmm, flamebait...
2002-02-08 08:46:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Well, it's back to rehab for me then. Al least this time I have an excuse.
2002-02-08 08:55:59 PM  
Farkanoid:Longview: Please, turn off your TV and go outside.

Eh. You can slag me all you want about watching it, but the wife likes it, I like the wife and that's all that matters. I could argue with you about how it's a fun distraction from a long day of coding, but we already know how effective arguing on the internet can be. Go ahead and act superior. No skin off my back.

Now, if I catch you slagging "The Simpsons", that's a whole other matter. *grin*
2002-02-08 09:02:03 PM  
You're no slag. It is a fun distraction.
2002-02-08 09:03:39 PM  
Yay! Flame-war! Bring out the nukes! I don't care if you don't want to flame, I like flames! Especially nuclear explosions!
2002-02-08 09:08:11 PM  
I remember when Bob was supposed to be killed by a golf ball on the final episode of Neuhart. Even TV Guide was reporting it.

Didn't happen that way, did it.

The actual ending was the funniest series-ender ever.
2002-02-08 09:11:55 PM  
In a comparative analysis, the sitcom of the late 90's, Friends, is compared to the high school hit, Saved by the Bell.

Click hereto read this fascinating report!
2002-02-08 09:16:29 PM  
Fascinating it is! Almost as fascinating... as a blinking light!

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

2002-02-08 09:20:06 PM  
Wow, for a moment there, I almost actually cared.
2002-02-08 09:21:03 PM  
What? You don't like CAPAlert's blinking lights?
2002-02-08 09:31:44 PM  
She's got great nipples...
2002-02-08 09:40:58 PM  
Mmmmm, silicone nipples...

2002-02-08 09:43:02 PM  
Yep, RocketRod said it up there (or down there, if you're into the reversal thing), they won't pay somebody $1M+ next year to be dead.

On a happier note, and related to SomeCallMeTim's astute observation, Jennifer was the host of an SNL repeat this morning... her opening monologue evolved into a Fight Club among the female cast members. Better yet, Molly Shannon gave her a good nipple pinch with both hands (on both nips). Jennifer's nips were then visible to the world for the duration of the skit and the closing of the monologue. That dirty little girl. That was MustSee TV.
2002-02-08 09:44:13 PM  
I think it would be cool if she has one of those alien babies from V and it eats her placenta.
2002-02-08 09:49:17 PM  
02-08-02 08:00:19 PM Courtney Cox-Zucker
Ross: "Oh my god! They killed Rachel!"
Joey: "You BASTARDS!!"

...then she'll be back again for the next episode.

She might need one of these...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-08 10:00:48 PM  
one word

2002-02-08 10:03:33 PM  
I know you are, but what am I?
2002-02-08 10:04:37 PM  
A "Wild Things" type plot twist would be much better-some lezbo action between Cox and Anniston then some gun and knife play with only the 2 lezzies surviving the fray.
Celebratory 69 follows.
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