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(Unknown Player) Video If Halo had an Olympics, it would probably look something like this (starts slow but hang in there)   ( ) divider line
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8203 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Feb 2002 at 10:35 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-08 10:38:01 AM  
good morning
2002-02-08 10:39:00 AM  
This is so yesterday or the day before
2002-02-08 10:41:28 AM  
sound, no pic :o(
2002-02-08 10:43:49 AM  
GO GET AND XBOX, this game really kicks ass.
2002-02-08 10:44:21 AM  
I don't get it. Why are flipping trucks and falling men entertaining?
2002-02-08 10:48:41 AM  
Call me low-brow but I thought it was hilarious.
2002-02-08 10:53:11 AM  
That was the coolest farking thing I have ever seen!!!!
2002-02-08 10:53:55 AM  
That was awesome, the music really added to the whole thing. Shoot now I want to get an Xbox.
2002-02-08 10:54:15 AM  
Halo is cool for doing the same thing over and over, and things like this, messing with the physics engine which is quite amazing.

Its the same level over and over but still.
2002-02-08 10:54:28 AM  
Ouroborus - I agree. I saw this last week... But I must say to those who don't have an Xbox, you should think about getting one... it's a great system.
2002-02-08 10:55:19 AM  
Wow, THIS is the collest thing on the Internet today.
2002-02-08 10:56:27 AM  
QUICKTIME? If I wanted a proprietary technology, I'd order my videos on vinyl. No thank you.
2002-02-08 10:57:29 AM  
Cool! Halo rocks!
2002-02-08 11:03:35 AM  
I'm glad I looked at the thing here, cause at home my Pc's quicktime is borked. No sound here, though. Pretty farking cool looking. the best shot was when the car flew right by him and the ting slwed down. If only the beginning were a little bit faster.

The xbox kinda blows the ps2 out of the water. ;')
2002-02-08 11:11:36 AM  
When Zelda, Metroid Prime, and the new Mario are released I'm gonna get me a GameCube
2002-02-08 11:25:55 AM  
I just spent all last night at a friends player Halo with 8 players, 2 xboxs and 2 tvs. Great fun, we did mostly capture the flag. Best console gaming experience possible right now.

I still can't figure out how they did some of those tricks in there, quite amazing.

Gamecube will have some good games too....but focusing less on online and multiplayer gaming. I just got both.
2002-02-08 11:28:35 AM  
BTW, that steppenwolf remix is off of the movie "go" soundtrack.
2002-02-08 11:29:30 AM  
heh heh. I didn't know you could chain grenades like that.

Multiplayer halo via gamespy is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
2002-02-08 11:30:48 AM  
anyone else get sound w/ no pic?
2002-02-08 11:34:25 AM  
Halo is a farking fantastic game, but unfortunately the only of its like for the Xbox. Great fun playing online.
2002-02-08 11:34:37 AM  
Filth: yeah, me too.
don't know how to fix that.
2002-02-08 11:37:42 AM  

oh yah, and the game rocks, too.
2002-02-08 11:45:28 AM  
I emailed the guy and asked him how he got it to do that stuff. If he mail's me back I will let you know.

BTW anyone know any good cheats/codes/idea's?
2002-02-08 11:50:41 AM  
Well, all of you can thank Bungie for their amazing physics and IK engine.

If any of you had the privilage of playing Myth or Myth 2, then you'll probably know what I mean by "Magic Carpeting" (you could do similer fun things in multiplayer in both of those games. Namely sending dwarven molotovs flying across the board.)

-Mr. Trout
2002-02-08 11:53:40 AM

Should fix your sound and no video problems.
2002-02-08 11:56:51 AM  
First off Quick best movie player out, Watch Microsofts Halo preview and you find its played in Quicktime. Try a streaming video on QT vs the "other" players and youll see why its better. Second being a huge Mac Geek it makes it very hard for me to give the evil empire M$ a dime, but i think i may have a reason now. Even though that game was started for the mac platform and was stolen when the evil M$ bought Bungie...
2002-02-08 12:04:39 PM  
"Best Post Ever"

Oh my God! I was cheering! Rolling with laughter...
2002-02-08 12:06:52 PM  
the sound was hillarious
2002-02-08 12:08:50 PM  
illusion, thanks, but the divx fix just got me another divx player. if anyone else has an idea, i'd appreciate it.
2002-02-08 12:16:34 PM  
Bah, I'd heard the new iMac was going to pwn with its GF4, but it turned out it was only the Mx version, which is just a suped up GF2 Mx. Boo!

No pixel or vertex shaders on a brand new card = lose
2002-02-08 12:16:48 PM  
This video made my day. The best iMovie I've seen in a long time. And oh by the way, Quicktime is based on open standards, more so than any other video format. If anyone thinks Windows Media Player is somehow a non-proprietary format just because it is preinstalled with Windows, then they have just proven the government's antitrust case against Microsoft. Nuff said.
2002-02-08 12:22:56 PM  
actually made me giggle like a little schoolgirl...great shots, great game and the best gaming platform out (besides PC, of course).
2002-02-08 12:24:25 PM  
Ha M$! That was HILARIOUS!!!! Man, where do do people come up with gold like that? I have also heard this "Windoze" thing going around. It would have been twice as funny if you used that as well.
2002-02-08 12:24:40 PM  
If you double click the link, MS screws it up somehow.

If you open the Quicktime player manually, and manually open the movie, it works fine.

2002-02-08 12:33:17 PM  
Dude!!! I can't begin to imagine how long that took! Just the gameplay alone must have taken hours. Then, factor in the editing and mixing... wow! Best homemade vid I've seen in a really long time...
2002-02-08 12:41:42 PM  
i've always been a fan of abusing games' engines, and this is an instant classic. makes me want to go buy immediately. france doesn't have a chance.
2002-02-08 12:50:29 PM  
thats right, buy an XboX and only play one game for it, Halo, cause thats the only "For Xbox ONly" game thats good, all other ones just suck
2002-02-08 12:50:34 PM  
Varmin said, "france doesn't have a chance"
Great line. It rhymes. It flows. It made me cry.
2002-02-08 01:22:10 PM  
Here's a link with instructions on how to pull this off.​halo+mov ie
2002-02-08 01:23:41 PM  
Amazingly Funny! I'm going to have to go try that now. XBox is a really sweet system, btw.
2002-02-08 01:25:38 PM  
Does the x box have some digital video output to allow you to capture video like this?
2002-02-08 02:25:58 PM  
If MS lets everyone play together the Xbox crowd is gonna get wasted by the PC players when Halo is released for the PC.
2002-02-08 02:42:20 PM  
Bastard site will not show me the movie.. Halo rocks... Pc has a much better interface then XBox but man it is the best consol first person shooter ever
2002-02-08 02:51:20 PM  
Algert: yeah, DOA3, Project Gotham, Max Payne, Madden, Jet Set Radio Future all suck ass. It also sucks to have a standard hard drive, GF4 card, built in Ethernet and easy, pc-style development.

Boy, the XBox really sucks, moron.
2002-02-08 02:52:55 PM  
That was cool; some people really need to get a life.
2002-02-08 03:18:03 PM  
How does the Tony Hawk game play on the Xbox?
2002-02-08 03:20:50 PM  

I just downloaded quicktime player again.
seemed to fix whatever the compresion problem was.

movie is freaking awesome. makes me want an x-box.
2002-02-08 03:24:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-08 03:29:06 PM  
"Algert: yeah, DOA3, Project Gotham, Max Payne, Madden, Jet Set Radio Future all suck ass. It also sucks to have a standard hard drive, GF4 card, built in Ethernet and easy, pc-style development."

DOA3: DOA2 with suped-up graphics, gameplay is a joke compared to VF series. It's fun for about 5 minutes at which point you realize you're playing a tech demo.

Project Gotham: not enough cars, graphics are good but doesn't have much replay value. Fairly fun for awhile but overall I'd say it's mediocre.

Max Payne: this game sucks ass regardless of platform, it just sucks. It has no replay value whatsoever, gameplay is purely linear, and it's like every other first/third person shooter out there except it has "bullet time." If you want a game like this that is actually entertaining then go get hitman for pc.

Madden: haven't played so I can't comment, I heard it's good though.

Jet Set Radio Future: not out yet, looks awesome but it's a non-issue since you can't play it right now.

GF4: the xbox has the NV2A chip, which is not the GF3 nor is it the GF4: it's made especially for the xbox.

Finally, if I want things like a hard drive, ethernet card and "pc-style development" then I'll use my pc. Moreover, when it comes to consoles, hardware is completely irrelevant from the gamers' standpoint. Hardware is something that the developers need to worry about, but since the console is closed box all you have to look at are the games. And right now, the best console for your money is PS2 because it has a plethora of 5-star games that neither the xbox nor gamecube can compete with. Maybe that will change, but if and when it does, THEN I will buy a xbox/gc.
2002-02-08 03:45:25 PM  
puckhead, gracias
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