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(Some Gal) Weeners Cute guy in jeans (not safe for work)   ( divider line 116
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23410 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Sep 2004 at 8:44 PM (10 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-19 02:06:08 PM  
Ladies, he's not so secret anymore.
2004-09-19 02:23:03 PM  
He looks like one of my teachers from high school.

Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad
I'm hot for teacher!
2004-09-19 02:26:45 PM  
How is it NSFW if he has jeans on?
/Hasn't opened the link, probably won't
2004-09-19 02:40:09 PM  
This guy is way hot. I'm willing to bet some money he's on my team, tho. Sorry, ladies.
2004-09-19 02:56:50 PM  
mutilato Sigh...I think all the so-called men for women sites are for gay men. But I still can appreciate their good looks and nice bodies.

Hell, I'm straight and can appreciate good looking women.

Who doesn't like beauty?
2004-09-19 08:49:05 PM  
Are all male models gay?
2004-09-19 08:49:49 PM  
He's super hot - I'm just not fond of the shaved balls look. Kind of skeers me a little.
2004-09-19 08:50:13 PM  
Yum! I have a thing for uncircumsised men....

and matt4684... he only has jeans on in the first couple of pics, if you get my meaning.
2004-09-19 08:51:55 PM  
I look at this picture, and wonder if I might be bisexual.
2004-09-19 08:52:22 PM  
Hey! I got those same underwear!

What??? What are you looking at?
2004-09-19 08:52:31 PM  
I dunno, Picklehead, most of the gay porn sites I go to have a lot more juice and ass than these For The Ladies things that turn up on Fark.
2004-09-19 08:52:59 PM  
I'd hit it!
2004-09-19 08:54:41 PM  
You have to shave if you wear a thong, it's in the instruction manual.
I'll shut up now.
2004-09-19 08:56:35 PM  
I clicked it, but I wouldn't hit it.
2004-09-19 08:56:45 PM  

How about posting some NSFW pictures of your own? ;)

2004-09-19 08:59:27 PM  
Well that was misleading. I was looking for some good jeans, and there's only one picture with them, and they are almost off in that one.

Oh yeah, and the guy is ok too.
2004-09-19 08:59:37 PM  
How does one get those diagonal lines that go from the hips to the junk?
2004-09-19 09:01:14 PM  
Matt- Unfortionatly I tried to find that out. It turns out he has sort of a see-through spandex jeen thing. I dunno, I closed the window in 2 seconds.
2004-09-19 09:01:39 PM  
I'll take him. And I'll side with mulitato that he plays on our team, too. I wonder if he can cook.
2004-09-19 09:02:00 PM  
Gotta love the uncut guys...
2004-09-19 09:02:41 PM  
never odd or even, One gets up from the computer seat.
2004-09-19 09:04:39 PM  
mutilato, you play baseball?
2004-09-19 09:06:06 PM  
Oh my it. Would hit it.
Hung like my ex...gorgeous.
2004-09-19 09:06:12 PM  
Since my sex life consists of visiting Fark and clicking on Weener links, let me just say:

Oh. Oh God... that was... fantastic. That was the best. I've never felt this good. Damn, you're amazing...

Okay, so I was faking it. But at least now the weener link will stop asking if it was good for me, then roll politely over onto the wet spot to go to sleep.

Hey, when is the next Atlanta Fark party?
2004-09-19 09:07:14 PM  
He's got that thing I like, its hard to describe, but its how his muscles are pronounced right at his waist/underwear line...yummy! You ladies know what I am talking about!

when are we gonna see some hard penises in these links?
2004-09-19 09:10:04 PM  
wooo! a good weeners link! yay!
2004-09-19 09:13:57 PM  
I think the TheDeadMilkman wins the thread!
2004-09-19 09:14:31 PM  
uncut goodness~
2004-09-19 09:21:17 PM  
Picklehead sez, "mutilato Sigh...I think all the so-called men for women sites are for gay men. But I still can appreciate their good looks and nice bodies."

I don't know about that.

I've seen some of those for the ladies sites that reinforced my belief that women have no taste in men.

The better for the women sites are intended for guys (it's like gay porn-lite. For guys with beards.) The bad ones not so much.

Women just have bad taste in men.
2004-09-19 09:22:34 PM  
Lets see, so far this weekend 2 for the girls and 1 lame one for the guys. Good going gay admins.
2004-09-19 09:27:08 PM  
I'd hit it. I'm not so much for the shaved but hey, what'ya gonna do. I give him an 8. nice body, so-so face, uncut is always a plus. needs a new haircut tho.
2004-09-19 09:28:20 PM  
two words cross my mind when I see these pictures...

razor burn

followed by a facial expression that resembles wincing in horrible, horrible pain... And a picture of genetalia set ablaze in my mind.
2004-09-19 09:28:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Oh, behave, sparkeyjames!
2004-09-19 09:28:56 PM  
This link just reinforced my senses of LONELY and SEX STARVED. But damn if it wasnt nice to look at. Cumshots would be cool to see in a weeners link too. Straight/gay doesnt matter, it's kinda neat.
2004-09-19 09:29:04 PM  
2004-09-19 09:46:06 PM  
Yeah, nice body, nice parts, but what is with the facial expression (or lack thereof)?

His body may be saying, "Come to me, my little peniswarmer, let me sweep you off your feet with my magnificent manosity", but his face is saying, "I am a sweater model for J.C.Penny."

I get the feeling men just don't know how to be sex objects.

/perhaps because we never object to sex?
2004-09-19 09:46:52 PM  
Clever Dan These guys look better than a lot of those "straight" men on women's porn sites. And probably more likable.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-19 09:47:32 PM  
i've gotta admit, he's the best looking 'weiners' link posted in a looong time.
2004-09-19 09:50:05 PM  
I'm horny again.
2004-09-19 09:52:33 PM  
More good links like that, plz, thx. :)
2004-09-19 09:53:51 PM  
Ok. I keep meaning to ask this and then forgetting.
What are you ladies' feelings on hair? Facial, body, etc.. (not that there's much more)

(I miss my old beard, but it seemed to only bring bad luck.)

Anyway, I'm just curious about this.
2004-09-19 10:07:33 PM  
I dont normally like my guys hairless. A happy trail and a little bit of chest hair are grrrrrreat! Also, a 5'o'clock shadow is cute too. If you want to go for super scruffy but super hot on the Megan-ometer, then the "Aaragorn Beard" is the way to go. A little longer than stubbly, but not a full beardo style.
2004-09-19 10:12:13 PM  
I'd hit 'til I knocked the Spandau Ballet out of his hair!

Okay, not really, I'm happy with my partner. But the weeners dude is pretty cute.
2004-09-19 10:18:53 PM  
Bathysphere I haven't shaved for two days. It's not five o'clock shadow exactly. More like two am shadow or something. That's what happens when you're on holidays and have got nothing better to do than relax and read the threads at Fark.
2004-09-19 10:20:02 PM  
Mad, mad props to whoever keeps posting weeners links. Fantastic and much appreciated response to the boobies.

/yeah equal opportunity
2004-09-19 10:20:32 PM  
He looked better before he took off his jeans

Nice body though
2004-09-19 10:21:00 PM  
As an uncut guy, it's nice to hear a positive response from the farkettes.
2004-09-19 10:25:16 PM  
Nice! Not my type but not too far off. A non dissapointing weeners link. This made my night! And I'm sick so thats good.

I love guys with facial hair. Long hair. I don't know. It looks ridiculous is porn but monkey guys rock! My boyfriend is a hairy beast and he keeps me warm on those cold Long Island nights.
2004-09-19 10:29:28 PM  
Some girl told me last night that I have more of a 7 'o clock shadow. Which is fine...shaving is a pain in the ass.
2004-09-19 10:32:41 PM  
id cut it...

..then hit it
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