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(BBC)   Churchill planned to settle Hitler in palestine as a jew   ( divider line
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2002-02-08 08:33:42 AM  
Ha! That's nothing! The CIA has already settled Osama Bin Laden in New York City as a window washer.
2002-02-08 08:41:39 AM  
No I didn't. This is a vast right wing conspiracy ... oh wait.
2002-02-08 08:51:07 AM is reporting that Hitler was cloned and has three seats on Joint Chiefs on Staff.
2002-02-08 08:55:08 AM  
This was obviously some bored SOE technician's joke on a slow day. Kind of like a primordial Farker, digging into the first
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of the day. I seriously doubt that the British ever planned to "resettle" Hitler anywhere but in prison, or in the ground. This was the guy responsible for the Blitz, remember?
2002-02-08 09:00:30 AM  
We need more articles like this. Much more interesting than "cat returns home after being lost for a week."
2002-02-08 09:02:49 AM  
Yeah, who gives a fark about Mr. Bigglesworth?
2002-02-08 09:04:27 AM  
The SOE came up with exploding rats at one point, didn't they?
2002-02-08 09:05:57 AM  
The real joke here is of course the fact that under the racial laws than in effect in Germany, Hitler should have been classified as Jew (having a Jewish grandparent).
2002-02-08 09:11:49 AM  
Well, at least his nose and moustache made it to Argentina (according to the WWW).
2002-02-08 09:42:57 AM  
Don't you mean WWN (Weekly World News?)
2002-02-08 09:45:05 AM  

Plus Mr Hilter is in a bed and breakfast in London.
2002-02-08 09:49:40 AM  
Upon reading the entire article, one learns that the average Farker would have been disqualified from operating the submarine.
2002-02-08 09:51:06 AM  
Scatpack, actually, it's a B&B in North Minehead. And he's only planning a little hiking trip.
2002-02-08 10:35:08 AM  
2002-02-08 11:03:40 AM  
Churchill kicked ass...key political figure of the entire 20th century. Had he not stood fast before we could intervene, WWII would never have been won, barring saturating the Axis with nukes and killing millions.
2002-02-08 11:10:41 AM  
Hehe... Actually it would have been most entertaining if Hitler HAD been re-settled in Palestine. What do YOU think the local residents would do to him? (Think Usama Bin Laden being re-settled to NYC)......
2002-02-08 01:11:52 PM  
Wasn't there a Monty Python skit where John Cleese was pretending to be Hitler and he would go everywhere on a bicycle with a guy playing Deutschland Uber Alles on a grammaphone behind him?
2002-02-08 01:14:03 PM  
It showed a fake birthdate on it, so Hitler could get into "Helga's Strip-O-Rama Club" in Berlin, while still under age.
2002-02-08 01:25:43 PM  
Irrelvant Fact # 345

Little late on this one but, the submarine they were talking about was first invented in the American Revolution. We (American colonies) used it against the British, 'twas called the "Turtle". Never made a sucessful mission however.
2002-02-08 07:01:43 PM  
That would've been a good idea. He would've fit in with the rest of the Zionists.
2002-02-08 10:46:08 PM  
Perhaps whoever posted this should read the article again and come up with a headline that actually resembles what the article says.
2002-02-09 05:20:54 PM  
2002-02-09 05:21:56 PM  
2002-02-15 04:58:16 PM  
Ignore this. I'm testing something too.​seekm=Pi​1
2002-02-15 05:02:44 PM  
2002-02-15 05:06:26 PM  
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