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(Some Guy)   Farker Cowboybebop bought Cliche' Kitty. He says 'Hi.'   ( divider line
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7753 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Feb 2002 at 12:57 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-08 12:58:36 AM  
Ummm... What is this supposed to be?
2002-02-08 12:59:06 AM  
A monkey.
2002-02-08 01:00:04 AM  
Me gusta el gato.
2002-02-08 01:00:52 AM  
I thought Cliche Kitty was gray?
2002-02-08 01:01:16 AM  
Why the hell did I put a question mark there?
2002-02-08 01:01:30 AM  
Deos that mean it's open for photoshoping, or are you claiming a trademark?
2002-02-08 01:01:33 AM  
Cliche kitty is not supposed to age! This isn't right! Next you'll tell me there's no Santa Claus!
2002-02-08 01:03:00 AM  
Cliche kitty would kick that cat's ass!
2002-02-08 01:03:45 AM  
This is total insanity. Ive never biatched before about my links not being posted...and I dont particuarly care...BUT COME ON! Certainly theres more substantive things out there than this.
2002-02-08 01:03:56 AM  
what the hell does any of this have to do with Cowboy Bebop? That's a pretty goddamn good show.
2002-02-08 01:04:01 AM  
2002-02-08 01:04:24 AM  
Who says "Hi" the cowboy or the cat?
2002-02-08 01:05:13 AM  
What's going on here?
2002-02-08 01:05:35 AM  
This post = poo.
2002-02-08 01:05:47 AM  
Shut up Carl.

Long live the kitty!
2002-02-08 01:06:21 AM  
worthy of being posted
2002-02-08 01:06:45 AM  
You've people obviously haven't worshipped at the altar of Cliche Kitty for long! This is, of course, it's sibling (yes, there really is one which is orange).
2002-02-08 01:06:49 AM  
Deep down, every kitty has the strength and spirit to be a cliche kitty.
2002-02-08 01:09:10 AM  
This was (and is) the original cliche kitty.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-08 01:10:11 AM  
I wonder if somehow you could prove, with phorensic analsis of it's coat or somthing, that this cat was cliche kitty, how much you could get for it?

Dude, I bet a lot.

It's just funny thinking about it.
2002-02-08 01:11:10 AM  
Farker Navin has cliche' kitty's great grandma. She says 'Hi'.
2002-02-08 01:11:15 AM  
2002-02-08 01:13:11 AM  
2002-02-08 01:13:12 AM  
Huh? How does he know?
2002-02-08 01:13:14 AM  

Does anyone even know who took the cliche kitty picture?

Is there a backgound to any of this?

2002-02-08 01:13:55 AM  
This isn't cliché kitty. This is Morris from the old cat food commercials.
2002-02-08 01:13:57 AM  
Photo from Chapter 2: "Cliche Kitty Gets Old"

(kidding. I love cliche kitty.)
2002-02-08 01:13:59 AM  
ClicheKitty belogs to me. Both here and in #fark
2002-02-08 01:15:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Smelly cat, smell-ly cat..."
2002-02-08 01:16:46 AM  
Have another, Mpemba
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-08 01:16:52 AM  
So what's the backstory on cliche kitty?

and where can I find a shiatload of cliche kitty pics?
2002-02-08 01:17:54 AM  
Mpemba -
Dude, that is hilarious. I think there are laws against that sort of thing.
2002-02-08 01:19:03 AM  
Cowboybebop: congratulations on your acquisition.
Note of warning: You might be in for 20 years of litterbox cleaning. It happened to me.
2002-02-08 01:20:31 AM  
Heh,I set my mom's wallpaper as Cliche Kitty.She loved it.I'll try goatse next.
2002-02-08 01:21:24 AM  
Get your cliche kitty here.
2002-02-08 01:22:37 AM  
Tonight on Hard Copy.

Cliche Kitty, she came up fast in a burgeoning internet
phenomena. She was trianed to fight. Then one day, the unthinkable, she was pitted against her sister, niblia.

I really shouldn't be posting in this condition, but this is what happens when I goto fark and one of the links is a picture of a cat. It's just to farking weird to not comment on.

This also brings up and interesting question, if any of this is interesting to begin with (I think it is) [Shut up! nobody asked you], is cliche kitty a boy or a girl?
2002-02-08 01:25:53 AM  
So, where is the picture of Cliche Kitty?
2002-02-08 01:26:23 AM  
he looks like my cat....His name is Toast
2002-02-08 01:27:34 AM  
Oh no! Cliche Kitty's real name is Mr. Bonk? Life just doesn't have quite the same appeal anymore.
2002-02-08 01:27:55 AM  
I will, thanks.
2002-02-08 01:28:14 AM  
you guys crack me up! i agree with nesta.

2002-02-08 01:28:42 AM  
Mpemba: At that age, it's a little harder to tell. It's much easier, as well, when one can see the hind end of the cat. ;)

My initial reaction is "It's a boy!" though.
2002-02-08 01:30:19 AM  
That Shaggy mpeg scared me.
2002-02-08 01:30:23 AM  
1st of all, that's not cliche kitty, 2nd of all, my cat would kick that's cats ass any day ... hehehehehehehehee .... *if cat's had thumbs they would rule the world.
2002-02-08 01:35:06 AM  
Cliche Frog is not happy
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-08 01:36:25 AM  
What the hell is that red crap?
2002-02-08 01:36:32 AM  
I don't care how tough I am, it's cute.
2002-02-08 01:36:51 AM  
He is a cute little farker either way.

One of my favorite cliche kitty ps's was this one where it was a protest with kids and the comic book guy from the simpsons comes by on a segway and squooshes cliche kitty.
I didn't like seeing ck take it like that but it was really funny, I remeber actually laughing my ass off when I saw it.

I do like it when that little jack ass pops up in a photoshop though, it's good stuff.
2002-02-08 01:37:13 AM  
This is my kitty:
[image from too old to be available]
She is retarded. Honest. Imagine how stupid a retarded cat is.

Oh, and I'll beat you to the joke about pets and their owners. ;)
2002-02-08 01:37:49 AM  
Neither is cliche nutria...
[image from too old to be available]
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