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(MSNBC)   If there's one thing America wanted to see, it's a naked, "disturbingly hairless" Eminem wearing a sock on his wang in his new video   ( divider line
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26830 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Sep 2004 at 3:27 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-16 05:27:26 PM  
Dashboard/emo were not being compared to Eminem. I was merely saying that relevance depends on perspective and time. Emo to some, believe it or not, is just whiny teenagers. I think a lot of it is great though musically and lyrically.
2004-09-16 05:28:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Too late

(If your name is tim, and you went to msa in 2004, this is for you. A very unfortunate trick of the camera that was, and the subsequent distribution to everyone at the camp via the newspaper was also unfortunate)
2004-09-16 05:28:36 PM  

I blame Bush for.... Eminem!?

/that's just not cricket.

I didn't mean that Bush was at fault, more that an era that can celebrate mediocrity and low intelligence to the extent of electing the W is a era that would consider that specific lyric to be a heartfelt and deep one.
2004-09-16 05:29:18 PM  
nickyhopkins is my new hero.

/unless he was serious, then he is my Uber-Enemy
2004-09-16 05:29:36 PM  
mysha, that link went nowhere for me....anyone have a working link to the pics in question? thanks.
2004-09-16 05:30:53 PM  
BlindMan: I just got out of a flamewar about a guy who killed himself doing wheelies on his motorcycle WHILE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS. Was that guy some kind of saavy manipulative genius too?

Seems to be working for the Jackass crew.

Anyone hear Johnny Knoxville is playing Luke Duke in the Hazzard movie remake?
2004-09-16 05:33:00 PM  
I think that anyone who casually refers to the person with whom they're arguing as 'kitten' should comb my ass hair.
2004-09-16 05:34:04 PM  
Eminem is a wanker! Throw plastic soft-drink bottles at him.
2004-09-16 05:37:22 PM  
You don't know what free expression is until you are jailed for owning a street map or such.

Rapping abuse language and acting like a dangerous gangster on kids TV is nothing like free expression. Offensive to soccer moms, maybe, but your gouvernment couldn't care less.

Your troops are calling, they wants back their motive to fight.
2004-09-16 05:37:35 PM  
Crap, I'm getting old. Threads like this one make me feel like Paul Lynde in "Bye Bye, Birdie." Kids! What the devil's wrong with these kids today . . . ?
2004-09-16 05:41:49 PM  
Where do you get that I'm an elitest, kitten? Because I'm railing against something pedestrian you hold up as quality.

Ha. Because EVERYONE knows that only elitsts use terms like pedestrian.
2004-09-16 05:43:08 PM  
BearToy, there are still fantastic composers who are highly underrated. Many of them have sadly been reduced to composing scores for movies, but their music is no less beautiful for it. There are also modern composers who still compose for orchestras only, and not for films, television, etc.

They're only underrated because people don't appreciate them and purchase their work. It's perfectly possible to like both Eminem and these composers... I do.
2004-09-16 05:44:00 PM  

And K-os (Canadian.. you may not have heard of him)

I loved that video for 'Superstarr Pt. Zero'. Dope track, too.
2004-09-16 05:45:21 PM  
BlindMan, so what you're saying is...
Here on Fark, people will participate in flamewars that have nothing to do with anything?

I suppose it's plebian of me to only post on things I actually care about.

/Glad she doesn't frequent every message board.
2004-09-16 05:47:37 PM  

Here you go

a naked blonde boy
2004-09-16 05:48:58 PM  
Perhaps he could be the next spokesperson for Razorba?
2004-09-16 05:49:46 PM  
I'm with Picador and I'm only 19. I thought that Eminem's time in the controversy spotlight died after he did a duet with Elton John. If you don't like what he has to say, tough. Just deal with what he considers to be truth, and quit yer biatching.

/I say meh on the whole thing. The new album might be interesting, but then again. . .
2004-09-16 05:50:24 PM  
Man, ya'll are sensitive people aren't you? I love Em, and he has more talent in his little pinky than most of you. So STFU! Damn!
2004-09-16 05:51:07 PM  

I said:
I blame Bush for.... Eminem!?

/that's just not cricket.

You said:
I didn't mean that Bush was at fault, more that an era that can celebrate mediocrity and low intelligence to the extent of electing the W is a era that would consider that specific lyric to be a heartfelt and deep one.

Now that's just a silly thing to say. Mainstream music sucks, it has sucked and it will continue to suck in the future.
2004-09-16 06:13:18 PM  
Been there, done that:
Although now that he's been working out, I imagine it'll be much nicer. :-9
2004-09-16 06:14:57 PM  
I'll give Eminem some credit, he can write and is a good lyricist. Honestly though, he never really appealed to me. I definitely wouldn't put him in the top 5 as someone stated earlier. Those who want to dispute it.... If 2pac and Biggie are in your top 5, save your comments. Whether he wants to accept it or not, the fact that he's white has really helped his career. Well, that and Dre. People who wouldn't normally be into rap as much have more of a reason now. It's like brothas watching golf cause of Tiger or tennis cause of the Williams sisters. He's someone a demographic can identify with. As a major artist, some people will give him more credit than he deserves, and others will despise him for the same reason. If you want to get into the whole white rapper totem pole debate, I think Sage Francis a better. Let the debate continue.....
2004-09-16 06:20:32 PM  

What's sad about composing scores for movies? I think it's a perfectly noble profession.
2004-09-16 06:25:53 PM  
He is talented, but he seems kind of twerpish to me.

Oh, and the fact that someone had a lousy childhood doesn't particularly impress me. I mean I'm sorry and all, I wish everyone could have a great childhood, but there comes a point where you have to get past the shiat, one way or another.
2004-09-16 06:29:55 PM  
Saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert a few years ago. They were upstaged by their opening act, the Foo Fighters.
2004-09-16 06:35:47 PM  
teabag bandit

I saw them both in Louisville on July 4th a couple of years back and had the same opinion as you.
2004-09-16 06:39:44 PM  
"I'm cursed
with this curse
just to curse."

Well, it rhymes.
2004-09-16 06:42:14 PM  
Can't stand this guy. Of course I know somehow my disdain for Mr. Mathers will be construed as unmitigated racist hatred for the black man.

But what can you do. I guess I'll find some dudes who dress like me and walk like me and don't give a f%$k like me...

/don't care what the story's about, just glad to have the opportunity to complain about Mr. Mathers.
2004-09-16 06:43:27 PM  
Sounds like Carrie Fisher didnt enjoy being directed by George Lucas. The actress/writer/talk show host starred as Princess Leia in the "Star Wars" trilogy, but she didnt have entirely kind things to say about the experience. [Lucas] often treated the cast like puppets, just directing our heads, Fisher told the London Sun. I think he was frustrated that we weren't animated clay. We used to call ourselves trick talking meat. As for the dialogue, you could type the stuff but you couldnt say it. It was impossible. Fisher also wasnt fond of one of the sexy outfits she was required to wear. Not only is it revealing, it doesnt go where you go. . . . If you were standing behind me, you could see all the way to Florida.

That was actually far more interesting than anything else there.

2004-09-16 06:44:41 PM  
Interestingly, I listen to both Eminem and Dashboard Confessional. I've been listening to Dashboard since back when he was a solo act. I personally think the whole thing with picking up his own band is kind of lame, but I guess I liked Thursday more.

Now, if you want something like Dashboard, I personally suggest Jamison Parker. My freind Ken had it down when he called it "Dashboard Confessional with balls"
2004-09-16 06:45:53 PM  
teabag bandit

The same thing happened when I saw them back in high school. Stone Temple Pilots kicked their ass.
2004-09-16 06:53:46 PM  

Interestingly, I listen to both Eminem and Dashboard Confessional. I've been listening to Dashboard since back when he was a solo act. I personally think the whole thing with picking up his own band is kind of lame, but I guess I liked Thursday more.

Now, if you want something like Dashboard, I personally suggest Jamison Parker. My freind Ken had it down when he called it "Dashboard Confessional with balls"

Thanks for the input, I'll check that out.... but first, ladies and gentlemen - my impression of screamo band - Thursday.

1 - 2 - 3 -4!

AHHH AHHHH!!!! ON NOoooooooooooooooooooo!

My GIRLFRIEND IS A MEAN biatch!!!! AHHHHHAHHAHAH HHHHHHHHhhhhh! Why is she SO MEANnnn toooo meeeeeeeeee!?!?!!!!

Gaeyaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaashing suuuuuuuUCCCCKKKS!

why... why... do they hit me with WET TOWELS and call me a WUSSSYYYY?!??!!?


The End
2004-09-16 07:00:39 PM  
The reason they were upstaged is because they just came out and went through the motions, and they played crappy songs from their new album. Hell, they didn't even play all the songs that they are known for. The RHCP's are has-beens. In ten years you will see them playing your local bar like Warrant or Kansas.

Oh, btw, I like Em but he will never match the intensity that he had a year and a half ago.
2004-09-16 07:04:06 PM  
"chipaku actually I think it was first Rage Against the Machine at Lollapuloza."
1. Huh what??

2. Eminem is about 32 now. surely he knows that RHCP are famous for this. i took it as a kind of nod to that.
3.he may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but occasionally he tells a good story with a decent beat
4. i like having at least one famous boy whore around. its nice.
2004-09-16 07:48:15 PM  
1 Blackalicious
2 MF Doom
3 Dialated Peoples
4 X-ecutioners
5 Kanye West
6 Outkast
7 Bubba Sparxxx
8 Dr. Octagon
9 Dizzee Rascal
10 RJd2

The X-ecutioners and RJD2 are not rappers.
2004-09-16 07:49:11 PM  
I think it'd be nice if someone used that same sock as a gag for him.

hed have to be pretty good at yoga.
2004-09-16 07:52:56 PM  
Oooooooooooooooooo, I'm so shocked by you Eminem. You've really rocked my middle class values. My head is spinning from your bawdiness.

These entertainers are out of farking ideas on how to keep us all dazzled and amazed. It's all been done before. Nothing is original. If I see one more farking lesbian kiss I'm going to the nearest bell tower with a loaded Bushmaster. So very, very lame. Grow up you pieces of SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT!
2004-09-16 07:56:27 PM  
Mathers is a damn good singer. He has a very nice, gentle singing voice. He could have made a good lead male in more traditional forms of music, pop, or even Christian Rock. Such a shame, then, that he defided to become a sugar-coated piece of chocolate.

/Didn't RATFT.
2004-09-16 07:57:02 PM  
"decided", even.
2004-09-16 07:58:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-16 08:21:10 PM  
What's really funny is that he used this sock for, er, coverage:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-16 08:32:17 PM  
On a poll.. I'd bet that most of those who like Eminem are the 'disadvantaged youth', or the 'uppity white trendoids' (not everyone, but I'd bet it's over 50%, which for all you math wizzes out there equals a majority)... There was a time in the past when rap was actually good, and I listened to it, even danced to some (Rob Base comes to mind, 'It takes two'). In the last 10-15yrs, it's turned into something much more violent, with mentions of drugs, ho's, shootings, etc.. or direct recollections of how they were brought up (which in itself is getting played out.. it's one thing to be creative in telling a story, it's completely another to 'rap' about it straight up).. it's grown to something about gangs, biatches, sex, drugs, etc.. Rarely these days is a rap song about anything positive (Hold on flamers.. I didn't say never, just said 'rarely'). And to boot, I can't think of any rap I hear these days that is remotely danceable, unless you have women in thongs around.

Reading this thread just makes me wonder about the current state of music.. I'll admit, the guy can flow lyrics nicely, I'm just not interested in anything he's saying, or that of other rappers, popular (or not) these days. And to those who would bold my Weeners of this paragraph.. there is music I listen to, even though what the artist has to say interests me not one bit. It might be because it has a great guitar, or a beautiful voice..

I guess I'm just too old.. I come from the days when rap artists like Sugar Hill Gang, Cameo, Supersonic, Young MC, Biz Markie, Tone Loc, too many others to remember, actually made good raps that you could move to and didn't talk about beating women, killing, gays, drugs.. etc.. I'd include ass in that, but the bootie will always be talked about.

Oh.. the article? Who cares.. Everything gets replayed, and us Farkers are surely not the first (or the last unfortunately) to see Eminem almost naked. Next he'll pose on the cover of Cosmo with a fake pregnant belly talking about how he is really sympathetic to women. I'm taking bets starting at 5$ and you get 5-1 he does this within two years.. Maybe not Cosmo, maybe not a fake pregnant belly, but something comparable.
2004-09-16 08:38:07 PM  
I wonder is he shaves, uses Nair, or just gets a Brazilian wax.
2004-09-16 08:52:36 PM  
guinnessdrinker: He's sick of adoring fanboys and girls and wants to be left the fark alone and raise his daughter.

then why is he still doing shiat like this? i'm sure he has enough money to give his daughter a nice life, if he wanted to get rid of the media, the fanboys, and just raise his daughter he could quit rapping, quit pulling publicity stunts, quit making movies, and do it.

you are being sold an image. to say that he is 'real' and marilyn manson is 'fake' is farking strange, they are both acts. acts.
2004-09-16 08:59:43 PM  
Let's swap the pics on that page and make it about Jennifer Aniston naked and hairless. Now I'm interested...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-16 09:03:27 PM  
It's ALL cRAP to me.
2004-09-16 09:06:21 PM  
1 Blackalicious- a group, not a mc
2 MF Doom- much respeck
3 Dialated Peoples- dude
4 X-ecutioners- i loved their linkin park collaboration
5 Kanye West- dude, number 5. it's a bit early
6 Outkast- respeck
7 Bubba Sparxxx- dude, you love whitey
8 Dr. Octagon- kool keef is good, but one of the best?
9 Dizzee Rascal-he's farkin crazy
10 RJd2-dude, he's no dj shadow

2004-09-16 09:07:57 PM  
244 posts on why Eminem doesn't matter means he matters enough for 244 (now 245) people to make posts about him. Get the fark over yourselves.
2004-09-16 09:19:31 PM  

2004-09-16 09:25:57 PM  
...meh (said with a shrug of the shoulders)

really, he isn't that bad.. but... sh*t I still don't like him. He reminds me too much of the stupid pothead I used to live with.

Still, I'd listen to him before I'd listen to linkin park

"my life sucks a nut" "wiggity wiggity wiggity"
/every linkin park song summed up in two quotes
2004-09-16 09:32:57 PM  
I like his raps and his beats, but he's such a little whiner. He's totally that little whiner brat kid you just want to smack in the head. But now he's made some good raps and some money and he's like, "ok, see, now you have to put up with my whiney crap cuz I made some cool stuff!" whatever, I like him but I can't respect him.
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