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(CapeCodette)   Any Cape Cod Farkers interested in a Fark Party?   ( divider line
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1218 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Sep 2004 at 2:37 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-14 10:17:28 PM  
2004-09-14 10:20:02 PM  
well, i will go to the bar, eat lobsters and cry in my beer...
2004-09-14 10:34:14 PM  
fly me there! I'll go!
2004-09-14 10:40:46 PM  
if by "Cape Cod" you mean "San Antonio" - yeah!
2004-09-14 10:42:13 PM  
Falmouth Heights here!
2004-09-15 02:45:46 AM  
Can we have those chips?
2004-09-15 02:48:04 AM  
I could drive down from Boston, depending on where on the Cape you hold it.
2004-09-15 02:52:46 AM  
Until I clicked the link I thought you meant Cape Cod, Oregon. I went there once on vacation.
2004-09-15 02:56:34 AM  
hmmmm not really
2004-09-15 03:03:23 AM  
I'll Cape Cod a farker. Count me in.
2004-09-15 03:05:19 AM  
i miss the cape and islands. sniff sniff. off-season's the best. unfortunately, i'm nowhere near and i don't think you all want to meet my dad.

chappaquiddick reprazent!!!
2004-09-15 03:07:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Watch your cornhole man

/If you don't know the Cape Cod area, you won't understand
2004-09-15 04:55:52 AM  
I spent 4 very cool summers in Chatham, Harwich and Hyannis, I'd LOVVVVE to go sept'n I'm about 3,000 miles away :*(
2004-09-15 05:45:10 AM  
I'm in Charlotte, but it's almost 6 am and I'm definitely interested in a cape cod.
2004-09-15 06:30:28 AM  
my understanding of cape cod leads me to worry about in what orifice you'll get farked.
2004-09-15 06:41:43 AM  
Entering Dennis always cracks me up.
2004-09-15 07:49:05 AM  
Vacation home in Eastham (Town full of transplanted hippies.)

I once had a very Hunter S Thompson-esque vacation on Cape Cod. It can be a scary place sometimes.
2004-09-15 07:59:12 AM  
Ohhh wow, I too haven't been down the Cape in a while but that was where all of our family vacations were.

Someone help me - what was the name of the restaraunt down there where they had someone in a turkey suit outside waving all the time - Turkey Farm or something? They had the best turkey dinners there...mmmm
2004-09-15 08:06:02 AM  
my understanding of cape cod leads me to worry about in what orifice you'll get farked.

So just stay out of Provincetown if you're that big of a homophobe. They don't bite unless you want them to.

/conservative who has to visit the wife's family property on Cape Cod once a year for a week and get lambasted for being a Republican by all the liberal relatives.

2004-09-15 08:09:59 AM  
I have a place in Brewster.
2004-09-15 08:10:17 AM  
I grew up on cape but live in boston now. oh well.
2004-09-15 08:16:26 AM  
2004-09-15 08:16:40 AM  
Too late, the beachcomber closed already....
2004-09-15 08:20:49 AM  
2004-09-15 08:42:21 AM  
NH Farker .............. I could possibly make it depending on when .................
2004-09-15 08:58:00 AM  
I thought Cape Cod closed in September... FLA Chickie I think you mean Hart's turkey farm... in New Hampshire.
2004-09-15 09:04:48 AM  
I got it! It's Fred's Turkey Farm in South Yarmouth-Route 6!!
2004-09-15 09:06:27 AM  
I'm there...just a hop up from Connecticut...plenty of room in the car for the Margarita blender as well..
2004-09-15 09:08:37 AM  
I am a short ride away from CT, so count me in. Will bring bargarita mix for Temaster4Life's blender.
2004-09-15 09:09:54 AM  
bleh, make that a margarita.
Although... bargarita sounds pretty good.
2004-09-15 09:11:00 AM  
I'd go.
2004-09-15 09:11:22 AM  
I'd plan on going, but that would cause some unlikely event to occur... preventing me from making it.

2004-09-15 09:27:16 AM  
live in chatham and yes but depends on when it is
2004-09-15 09:39:42 AM  
My house is in Barnstable, a few miles from Hyannis.
2004-09-15 10:06:52 AM  
I'm in Mashpee. I could make it.
2004-09-15 10:14:42 AM  
As a proud Cape Codder, who works in an office of 3 other loyal and rabid farkers, we would be proud to do a FARK party here on Cape, and also suggest a few places to have it!

email me: fa­rk[nospam-﹫-backwards]o­c­serfeso­j*c­om to get the details

I'm in Eastham BTW.
2004-09-15 10:27:37 AM  
As long as Ted Kennedy is the designated driver.
2004-09-15 10:28:55 AM  
Would it have to be tasteful? Best time of year to be on the Cape, Drew. You should come. Check in with fa­rk[nospam-﹫-backwards]oc­s­erfe­s­oj*com. BTW, I'm in Brewster.
2004-09-15 10:41:09 AM  
I'm in cotuit, i could come depending on time/day/location (there's no way in hell i'm driving out past harwich).

BBC maybe?
2004-09-15 10:45:36 AM  
Just got done living there for the last five years- My fiancee grew up in Yarmouth. I lived in Hyannis and more recently in the cottages across from Laurino's in Brewster. I loved it, but I'm up in Vermont now at Law School. My profile pic was taken at Mayflower Beach in Dennis. I'm still down there every once in awhile.

So, yeah, I'd probably go if I was in town.

BBC wouldn't be a bad place, or the Hyport

(did you know you can now buy growlers at the Hyport?)
2004-09-15 11:09:52 AM  
Any Cape FARK party would HAVE to be at the Captain Kidd. It's one of the Top 10 bar rooms in the world.

[image from too old to be available]

/had my rehearsal dinner there.
2004-09-15 11:42:11 AM  
Oh Yeah! In R.I., but just a hop and a skip from the Cape. Let me know when.
2004-09-15 11:56:23 AM  
(did you know you can now buy growlers at the Hyport?)

not only that, you can get them refilled on friday afternoons!!!

my friend's mom always buys the ipa, but that's way too bitter for me. their red ale (cape cod red, i think) is pretty tasty. haven't tried the stout yet.

also, they have this great band come every once in a while - the shotgun bandits. everyone should go see them.
2004-09-15 12:19:23 PM  
Yup, and you're right, the IPA is VERY Bitter- great when the weather is really hot, but otherwise no. I like the red. I worked for a couple of Land Trusts on the Cape and we used to get donations of growlers and "brewery tours" for our fundraisers. I think one trust I worked for also hired the brewmaster's wife.

The other cool thing at the Hyport is the giant glass vat of strwberries infused in vodka. Eating one is like taking a shot.
2004-09-15 12:38:27 PM  
I'm still registered to vote in Mashpee. Does that count. If so,

I AM IN!!!
2004-09-15 12:55:02 PM  
I will meet you at the Beachcomber....
2004-09-15 12:56:13 PM  
Doh! Missed it by that much....

Thanks Stupid Huge.
2004-09-15 01:03:59 PM  
"Any Cape FARK party would HAVE to be at the Captain Kidd. It's one of the Top 10 bar rooms in the world."

30 years ago it was... now its a yuppie fern bar... Lets have it at Ted Kennedy's house. Thats one of the best bar rooms in the world...
2004-09-15 04:51:27 PM  
I am up in Hull but i will come down. when and where? Hey is Zachary's still open?
2004-09-15 05:06:45 PM  
Zachary's is still open I think (don't think it closes), although not a good choice for a mixed croud IF ya know what I mean.

Does anyone know the status on this party? Because I'm good to go, just need to know where (I've got some suggestions) and when.

Beachcomber would be perfect, I know someone who "knows" the owners but it is closed, I'll see if I can do anything on that front.

The Land Ho! in Orleans is a great spot (but a bit small depending on how many Farkers).

There's also The Bomb Shelter in Wellfleet (below the Bookstore Restaurant).

Not any good place in Eastham (and please no one say Rick's)

Orleans and up there's tons of places but I'm no expert, suggestions people?
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