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(ABC News)   This week's tip from the apiary and incendiary studies departments: when trying to remove bees from your home, don't use fire   ( divider line
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2004-09-13 10:59:14 AM  
Heck! I use fire all the time! Usually a can of belt dressing or WD-40 with a light.
Of course, I do have a concrete block house.
2004-09-13 11:11:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-13 02:55:33 PM  
If using gasoline to help unclog a toilet, do not throw a lit cigarette in said bowl.

Also, if you are growing pot in your basement, don't call the gas company in to reignite a doused pilot light.
2004-09-13 03:04:53 PM  
smoke good, fire bad....
2004-09-13 03:10:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-09-13 05:02:42 PM  
The roof!
2004-09-13 05:03:07 PM  

"Firefighters had to be called after a plan to evict a swarm of bees went up in smoke."

Stupid. Next time, just call the sherriff to serve eviction papers, how can the bees fight that ?

Unless the bees are coming from the mouths of barking dogs...

2004-09-13 05:03:07 PM  
Everyone knows you fight fire with fire, and bees with...more bees.

"Ay ay ay! no me gusta!"
2004-09-13 05:04:56 PM  
2004-09-13 05:06:43 PM  
did they come from dogs that eat bees,so that when they bark they shoot bees out of their mouths?
2004-09-13 05:07:18 PM  
goddamnit,sorry skinink
2004-09-13 05:08:13 PM  
wasn't "don't use fire to remove wasps from your house" last weeks tip?
2004-09-13 05:08:49 PM  
Sounds like something my father would have done.

We had a ground wasp nest in our front yard once. Dad, not being content do anything conventional to it like spray, decided to pour gasoline down the hole and set it on fire. It blew a chunk of our yard at least 50 ft. in the air.

Say what you will about old Dad, he never did anything small.
2004-09-13 05:09:19 PM  
Also, make sure the bees don't sting you while you set your own house on fire.
2004-09-13 05:09:21 PM  
The next time I need to remove bees from my home I will definitely check with the apiary and incendiary studies departments.
2004-09-13 05:10:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd let that stay.
2004-09-13 05:10:57 PM  
"It wasn't a very good plan," Powell said.

Well thank you Captain Obvious!
2004-09-13 05:11:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-13 05:12:11 PM  
What's an "apiary"?
2004-09-13 05:12:59 PM  
I love bees! I love bees!

Axons are hot.
2004-09-13 05:13:37 PM  
Anyone ever punch a beehive?
2004-09-13 05:15:16 PM  
2004-09-13 05:15:58 PM  

What's an "apiary"?

It's a place where they keep apes. Duh.
2004-09-13 05:16:21 PM  
Looks like 'apiary' was word of the day on

/covered in beeeeees
2004-09-13 05:16:23 PM  
Diogenes:LOL. Sounds like my pop.
"See this mud dauber nest,son? This benzene torch will take care of that."
2004-09-13 05:16:30 PM  
it's also not a good idea to attempt evicting bees nesting behind your siding by sealing their entrance and exit. then they ALL come into your bedroom.
2004-09-13 05:17:09 PM  
This bears repeating:

"It wasn't a very good plan," Powell said.
2004-09-13 05:18:42 PM  
Ebenator: No - but I tripped while hiking once and sat on a huge paper wasp nest. Very unpleasant.
2004-09-13 05:19:18 PM  
It's gonna be a hot time in the ol' hive tonight.
2004-09-13 05:22:27 PM  
your weapons are useless against them.
2004-09-13 05:25:02 PM  
Nest on your lawn, however...

/Best American Chopper ep. EVER.
2004-09-13 05:28:52 PM  
Well he did get rid of the bees.

Didn't he?
2004-09-13 05:29:27 PM  
It worked though.
2004-09-13 05:31:23 PM  
Unavailable for comment:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-13 05:44:38 PM  
Just like my old coach used to say - There's no b in home..

//I too have nothing..
2004-09-13 05:59:09 PM  
AAH!! The bees are defending themselves somehow!
2004-09-13 06:01:46 PM  
i still remember the comidians bit about going to see a stripper in one of those peep shows. when the curtain rose, she was pressed up against the glass naked paniced....

"theres a beeeeeee"
2004-09-13 06:26:04 PM  
The bee stung my bottom and now my bottom's big!

/the great Homer J.
2004-09-13 06:50:28 PM  
I did pest control for a summer back right before I went into college. We had this shiat, can't remember what it was called, but it froze bees and killed them instantly. We couldn't order it anymore (they discontinued the stuff for whatever reason). Anyways, I had a few cans that I saved for special occasions. Like that huge bees nest I found just outside a family's home, by the side gate. Ah, the satisfaction. They'd fly out. I'd squirt, and they'd drop like a rock. Knock the nest down, squirt a few more times. Everyone was happy. 'Cept them bees.

/ah memories....
2004-09-13 06:56:11 PM  
NO [image from too old to be available] tag?
2004-09-13 07:12:37 PM  
Rev. Skarekroe - damn that was funny! I have no idea why I laughed so hard, I just did. And the "Duh" was icing, baby.
2004-09-13 07:16:17 PM  
I got attacked by a small nest of paper wasps about the
size of a softball. went back at night with a can of
wasp spray that shoots 20 feet. it froze them as they
sat on the nest. did the same thing on a nest the size of
a coupla footballs. same result. (carried and used two cans
that time). the trick: go after them in the middle of the
night after it's cooled off. they're all in the nest and
slow to lift off in defense at that time. you still have
to sneak up on 'em, but it does work...
2004-09-13 07:53:43 PM  
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2004-09-13 08:04:52 PM  
Sorry, but you aren't hot enough. Come back looking 20% hotter and we'll talk.
2004-09-13 08:07:54 PM  
Whatever you do, don't throw a rock at a hornet's nest without having a plan for escape. Trust me, I learned this as a dumb kid.
2004-09-13 11:03:23 PM  
I was 12 and a buddy and me were flying a kite. Clipped a tree, and guess what fell out.

What they say is bullshiat, you really can outrun a swarm of bees if you are scared enough.
2004-09-13 11:40:27 PM  
A friend found the perfect method to get rid of bees, wasps, etc... use a shop vac with the long hose attachment.
2004-09-13 11:51:05 PM  
McMutt:I'll second that. Friend's apartment was invaded once...called 911 and that was the recommendation. The real skill is trying to catch them with the hose end when they swoop in. Good times.
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