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(   Medical intern accidently injects olive oil into patient, gives massage with antibiotics. Hilarity ensues   ( divider line
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26170 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Sep 2004 at 8:19 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-13 12:57:41 PM  
While the mix-up could have proved serious, officials say the patient is OK.

Of course she's ok. Being that close to Italy, the mistake probably had about the same effect as a blood transfusion.

2004-09-13 01:12:14 PM  
Why, I'm the only one who gets to inject Olive Oyl around here! Let me at 'im!!
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-13 01:41:20 PM  
Marinated patient. Yummm.
2004-09-13 02:38:41 PM  
Isn't that the plot of "Lorenzo's Oil?"
2004-09-13 03:19:42 PM  
what is oil doing in a vial that looks like antibiotics?
2004-09-13 06:04:38 PM  
Well at least it wasn't motor oil.
2004-09-13 08:23:02 PM  
show me wins the thread. everyone else go home now.
2004-09-13 08:23:23 PM  
"...and senior doctors say she won't suffer any serious complications. "

That's doctor speak for, "Please don't sue us."
2004-09-13 08:24:18 PM  
I've heard it packs a killer buzz.

2004-09-13 08:24:28 PM  
That intern didn't make any mistake -- whatever idiot put oil in a medicine vial did.
2004-09-13 08:24:56 PM  
Dumb joke, only marginally relevant.

An old woman's friend walks up to her and says, "Hey, I hate to tell you this, but you have a suppository stuck in your ear." The old woman replies, "Oh, now I know where my hearing aid is."
2004-09-13 08:25:39 PM  
Didn't they do this on Scrubs once?
2004-09-13 08:27:14 PM  
Aye carumba! Whatever did I put in the salad dressing?!
2004-09-13 08:27:44 PM  
In other news, today's your ugly ass dog, for one, welcomes our still no cure for cancer overlords story comes from Duke sucks. Hilarity ensues.
2004-09-13 08:29:11 PM  
Ow. Owowowowowowowowow.

If you've never had a oil-based injection, you have NO idea how painful that would be. Oh. My. God.

/no, I'm not a 'roid user
2004-09-13 08:32:24 PM  
She won't shiat right for a month.
2004-09-13 08:32:28 PM  
Why would they intend to inject antibiotic "into" the appendix? It generally is removed intact; sometimes the stump is cauterized with electricity or noxious chemicals, but I have never heard of injecting it with an antibiotic. Bloody Aussies.
2004-09-13 08:33:31 PM  
show me is funnier then you.
2004-09-13 08:34:11 PM  
Quick! Call John Edwards and sue the crap out of the hospital and intern. The fact that she didn't suffer any harm doesn't mean a thing. There's money to be made! It's malpractice, should be worth at least a few million.

/ambulance chasers suck
2004-09-13 08:34:23 PM  
Luckily, she also had red wine vinegar in her IV bottle. Staff surgeons were on hand to administer cruetons.
2004-09-13 08:34:31 PM  
show me

Your post made me laugh so hard I nearly went and did my business in my drawers.

/good times
2004-09-13 08:35:04 PM  
Intern puts chianti on Ice, orders fava beans
2004-09-13 08:37:44 PM  
I a similair situation happened to me.

My brothers girlfriend had made some brownies. And she used olive oil in the recipe instead of butter or vegetable oil.

Olive oil mixups are terrible.

2004-09-13 08:39:32 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

While I appreciate the reference, everyone knows that chianti is always served at room temperature and never chilled. I'm afraid your lack of wine etiquette will cost you dearly.
2004-09-13 08:40:43 PM  
What a shock...physicians don't know shiat about drugs. Well you could just knock me over with a feather.
2004-09-13 08:41:24 PM  
So sorry Evil-Imposter, I am a whiskey drinker, I guess I could have said that he put chianti to breathe instead
2004-09-13 08:44:28 PM  
Nice way to recover there Kanemano. I am thinking a Maker's and Coke sounds pretty good right about now. Oh yeah, I am already drinking one. I just knew there was some reason I was drunk.
2004-09-13 08:47:03 PM  
show me for President.
2004-09-13 08:47:42 PM  

You are an ignorant troll who knows nothing about medical malpractice. It has 5 elements. Learn them. Damages are included. This lady has none. It costs me (and it cost John Edwards) about $50,000, out of my pocket to pursue a malpractice action. This lady's case will not be pursued. Knock it off.
2004-09-13 08:49:36 PM  
This happened in STEYR, Austria. They have socialized medicine there, like in Canada? That might explain some of it, plus he (or she) was an intern, still learning how to make horrible mistakes.
2004-09-13 08:49:49 PM  
how does one live with an injection of oil in their blood?
2004-09-13 08:50:09 PM  
Evil Impersonator

Strictly a Bushmills on the rocks drinker, but an occaional Makers is nice in a pinch
2004-09-13 08:51:45 PM  
I'm such a dork. For some reason this article made me laugh out loud, causing me to drool all over the front of my shirt in the process. Greeeeeeeat.

/Off to have a 40 oz of extra virgin...
2004-09-13 08:51:54 PM  
Atleast he did'nt inject her with his sperms !

2004-09-13 08:52:23 PM  
Is this same moron who was operating when Seinfeld dropped the Mentos in that guy's open heart surgury?
2004-09-13 08:52:58 PM  
OK. I'm pissed.

I submitted this link nearly a week ago. And it didn't get the green light. And while I referenced the same clich, my headline featured a variation which was, IMHO, very clever.

/calling shenanigans
2004-09-13 08:53:50 PM  
Mr Potato Head, are you a pharmacist?
2004-09-13 08:53:58 PM  
That was supposed to be cliche, but it didn't accept the e with the accent over it.

/too fancy
2004-09-13 08:54:02 PM  
This happened in STEYR, Austria. They have socialized medicine there, like in Canada? That might explain some of it, plus he (or she) was an intern, still learning how to make horrible mistakes.

Don't be ignorant. Our hospitals here in Canada don't have any more malpractice than yours do. The way some people go on, I'd swear they teach you we're a bunch of cave men up here. Well, we aren't. You might have a point about the intern thing though.
2004-09-13 08:55:10 PM  
Mr. Programmer

Evidently, heroic efforts by the malpracticing doctor's peers pulled this lady through. I applaud them. We call these "almost died" cases. We don't pursue them. If you saw the shiat that I do, as a medical malpractice plaintiff's lawyer, you would blanch. Unless you're a young, professional person with multiple dependents and you are totally disabled, I can't afford to do much about the asshatery that parades as medicine in this country.
2004-09-13 08:56:36 PM  
Someone is no worth a few million
2004-09-13 09:05:15 PM  
BTW, ask me about the "love obstetrician/gynecologists give to their women," it will make you heave. Sorry about not exact quote. It's been a long day.
2004-09-13 09:06:00 PM  
No massage........with a happy ending!
2004-09-13 09:07:01 PM  
Haiku, I damn near squirted milk out of my nose. Thanks a lot!
2004-09-13 09:08:22 PM  

Viewing my cases? Anesthesia, with a happy ending... for the doctor. Patient bled vaginally for 3 months. And it was a tummy tuck.
2004-09-13 09:10:50 PM  
Sigh, our medical care is in such a sad state of affairs. You can't expect more out of people required to work 36 hour shifts.

I'd personally like my doctors to be well-rested, but that's just my humble opinion.

Madness, pure madness.
2004-09-13 09:11:00 PM  
Is that the same hospital that uses the Mr. Twisty colored rectal thermometers?
2004-09-13 09:15:04 PM  
Ooh I'm all greasy!

[image from too old to be available]

/Closest pic I could find.
2004-09-13 09:15:23 PM  
Well, at least it wasn't dentist semen.
2004-09-13 09:17:45 PM  

Yup, reasonable standards of medical care, as set by doctors, are too hard to follow by doctors. They work so hard. Your opinion is exceptionally humble. The public deserve, at minimum, reasonable standards of medical care. The medical industry, like the Teamsters, should limit the hours their employees are required to work. Sophistry does not help the injured patient.
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