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(CNN)   Baby delivered on interstate. "I apologize to all those drivers out there who I might have cut off in traffic," Dad says   ( divider line
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7435 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Sep 2004 at 4:32 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-13 08:57:58 AM  
No excuse, use your turn signal next time!! :-P
2004-09-13 09:02:55 AM  
Hospital officials said about five of the 3,500 newborns they care for every year are born before the mothers get there.

Just read it again. Slowly...
2004-09-13 09:14:29 AM  
I knew that the stork delivered babies.. I just knew..
2004-09-13 09:36:26 AM  
Did they think to call 911 before the delivery?
2004-09-13 09:51:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-13 10:45:04 AM  
1 in 300 births occurs in a vehicle
2004-09-13 11:18:58 AM  
1 in 300 births occurs in a vehicle

Which is ironic, as 1 in 10 conceptions occur in a vehicle
2004-09-13 01:34:10 PM  
"I apologize to all those drivers out there who I might have cut off in traffic," Dad says

And I apologize for calling you and your kid bastards.
2004-09-13 02:47:51 PM  
After the birth, the Porters called 911. A paramedic helped deliver the placenta and cut the cord. The mother and child were then taken to local hospital.

And the car was taken to be pressure washed.
2004-09-13 03:38:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-13 04:36:26 PM  
Alternate headline: Today's highway spill of a baby and placenta brought to you by Cincinnati.
2004-09-13 04:36:35 PM  
But was it in an SUV???
Cause if it was, I'd "key" the baby!

/thread hybridization
2004-09-13 04:37:09 PM  
made in a car
had in a car
so what's the big deal?
2004-09-13 04:38:19 PM  
So that's wasn't roadkill left on the side of the road there, huh?
2004-09-13 04:38:24 PM  
Accidents cause kids.

/I got a million of 'em
2004-09-13 04:38:25 PM  
Oh honey NO!! Not in the Ferrari.
2004-09-13 04:38:35 PM  
Did they shoot the baby so he wouldn't cause an accident?

/Didn't rtfa
2004-09-13 04:38:55 PM  

"After the birth, the Porters called 911. A paramedic helped deliver the placenta and cut the cord."

Heh, if my parents were smart, they would have kept the placenta, and left me with the cord.

"Aw, that's a cute placenta. What is it's name?"

"We named him Skinink."


2004-09-13 04:39:07 PM  
"born before the mothers get there."

2004-09-13 04:44:18 PM  
Shouldn't the Time magazine ad on that page be reason for not giving this headline the greenlight?
2004-09-13 04:44:34 PM  
Did anyone else notice that the mother was getting ready for work when this happened? 3 days before the due date and still working?
2004-09-13 04:44:53 PM  
Jesus. My wife was due Saturday...stories like this scare the shiat out of me right now.
2004-09-13 04:45:21 PM
2004-09-13 04:46:43 PM  
3 days before the due date and still working?

Not as uncommon as you would think. Some women will work up to the day before they are supposed to deliver. Can't afford not to, or jobs won't let them off. For some places of employment, you have to have the baby to get maternity leave.
2004-09-13 04:46:58 PM  
HeatMiser - if anything happened to this one, just have another.
2004-09-13 04:47:00 PM  
Baninate arkfayooyay.
2004-09-13 04:48:43 PM  

How can you tell how many people have made a comment on a story once it goes to "lots" or "infinity"?

Also, how many comment before "lots" or "1/2" and whatever other non number comment counters kick in?

2004-09-13 04:51:11 PM  
I cheat and go to the page and look at their fark sidebar, it has the comment numbers.
2004-09-13 04:52:49 PM  

come on guys, let's keep the cliche alive
2004-09-13 04:53:32 PM  
This is must be the brother of the guy who threw the baby out of the car.
2004-09-13 04:53:34 PM  
2004-09-13 04:54:59 PM  
45 minutes of labor eh?

don't let my wife hear that...

/2 hrs of pushing sucks ass
2004-09-13 04:58:58 PM  
That's going to be a biatch to get out of the carpet.
2004-09-13 05:04:59 PM  
Is this how kids get named after cars?
2004-09-13 05:07:29 PM  
So, if Conan the Barbarian was born on the battlefield, then what does that make this kid?

Mad Max?
2004-09-13 05:07:36 PM  
I don't even drive,but when our daughter was born in '87,I borrowed the neighbors' car to drive Jan to the hospital. Made it there safe and sound,but I was so freaked-out nervous driving,I threw up in the parking lot when I pulled up in the emergency lane,and a nurse had to park the car for me.
2004-09-13 05:08:29 PM  
This is the same guy who talk on his cellphone, eat, and watch TV while driving.
2004-09-13 05:10:03 PM  
Happy Birthday, Baby.
2004-09-13 05:12:09 PM  
Dear Mr. Dean,

If you were having a baby, and could do so in any car you wished, what would it be?

2004-09-13 05:15:10 PM  
A 1972 AMC Gremlin.
2004-09-13 05:15:17 PM  
This baby will grow up to be a ramblin' gal..

And I was born in a Greyhound bus..rollin' down Highway 41!

/Greg Allman
2004-09-13 05:46:42 PM  
I thought the guy's apology was perfect
2004-09-13 06:04:18 PM  
That selfish SOB! He cut me off just to have a kid? I'd be farking ticked if I got cut off and was made late for work for some kid.
2004-09-13 09:06:37 PM  
kitten killer: thanks, nice to see someone remembers that. shoulda been in the headline though...oh well.

2004-09-13 09:42:04 PM  
My wife and I had our third at home unassisted. It's not that hard.

Remember the Alamo, and God Bless Texas...
2004-09-13 10:38:36 PM  
All I could think of:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-13 11:41:24 PM  
Giving birth is not hospital worthy. Do it at home.
2004-09-14 01:40:43 AM  
My mom delivered a baby on the side of the road last summer. When the paramedics got there, she basically told them "Oh hell, I worked labor/delivery when I got out of nursing school, you don't know what the fark you're doing." Then she promptly went back to her hotel and ordered a margarita.
2004-09-14 11:34:41 AM  

did she get one for the mom too ?
2004-09-14 06:34:18 PM  
Damon Porter is from the Young and the Restless.

Was this on daytime television?
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