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807 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Feb 2002 at 5:36 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-06 05:38:41 PM  
one word:
2002-02-06 05:41:16 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 6 times

Tsk tsk.
2002-02-06 05:41:40 PM  
With the launch of total fark, I kinda forgot about this...
2002-02-06 05:42:41 PM  
Boobies, please.

Jeff K. > everyone
2002-02-06 05:48:14 PM  
Already submitted mine. Drew should have forwarded it to Gogi, I hope. ;)
2002-02-06 05:48:47 PM  
2002-02-06 05:48:49 PM  
Damn, totaly slipped my mind.
2002-02-06 05:50:03 PM  
no, no boobies, at least on on the opening page, I mean, by all means link to boobies and weeners, but some of us log in all day at work and could not get away with a large boobies photo or drawing on our desktop without getting into doo doo.
and what would I do without fark? kill myself, probably. with rat poison.
2002-02-06 05:52:05 PM  
Gogi, you should have mine... but if not:

Corporate Fark
2002-02-06 05:55:26 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 56 times
2002-02-06 05:56:53 PM  
And while you are at it...
Who is the 1337 photoshopper at Fark?
2002-02-06 06:02:20 PM  
nigzig: You are very mistaken. Frontpage, actually, is no good at all. Real men learn HTML and CSS and code it by hand. In Vi.

(okay, you don't have to use vi, I sure don't, but you DO have to code by hand. frontpage is the worst, but just about any wysiwyg editor is designed BY and FOR assmouths. You don't want to be an assmouth, do you? I didn't think so. No go get frontpage off your system RIGHT NOW)
2002-02-06 06:07:45 PM  
JoeBangles: nice work. you get my vote
2002-02-06 06:11:53 PM  
Where's my name on the poll? I'm l33t t00 :)
2002-02-06 06:12:44 PM  
KaZonG, you big puss... I use the DOS Copy Con command... I don't make mitsakes
2002-02-06 06:14:28 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 84 times

and yet less than 20 comments

makes me wonder how many "Farkers" leave shaking their head
2002-02-06 06:17:28 PM  
dude? Its on there...

Anyone else: I scoured the last month's pshops w/HTML off (so I wouldn't see images, would take too long and may bias who I picked)
I tried to pick those who still contribute and whose (bias here->) names I recognized as pshoppers...

If I spelled your name wrong, that is your fault. I spelled it the way it should be.
2002-02-06 06:21:07 PM  
JoeBangles: Sweeeeet design, man! I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of cool designs in the que... I went for the 'Hollywoody Exploitation' look...

Corporate Fark
2002-02-06 06:22:42 PM  
i see stage one of the redesign, the introduction of "drew curtis presents", has already began.
2002-02-06 06:25:30 PM  
KaZonG You are quite right about Frontpage building mediocre bloated pages.
2002-02-06 06:26:52 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 101 times

Do people ever learn...
2002-02-06 06:27:08 PM  
... it was the first design package I bought. Used for 20 minutes, put it away and went to html gurus.
2002-02-06 06:27:21 PM  
Haha, Blackom Where'd you find that crowd to photograph!?
2002-02-06 06:45:07 PM  
Bonus points if you dig up the last date I photoshopped here. And even more points if you name which one got the best response out of my 7? works.
2002-02-06 06:48:06 PM  
JoeBangles: best one
2002-02-06 06:50:12 PM  
Yeah, I like JoeBangles's. Very very cool.
2002-02-06 06:50:49 PM  

Very nicely done.
2002-02-06 06:52:10 PM  
I'm making the counter go link, click comments...148, 149, wheeee! I have no life!
2002-02-06 06:54:34 PM  
Cool, my name's on the voting thing. That's cool. I haven't got any votes for any subject, but still, wow.

The majority of my photoshops suck, but as my art teacher used to say, everytime to do a drawing, you get better. I believe this applies to nearly everything creative. Including photoshopping and web design.

You can now sleep well tonight, I have blessed you with my thoughts. G'night.
2002-02-06 07:28:59 PM  
JoeBangles: That's Blackom's family.
2002-02-06 07:32:04 PM  
I'd like to thank the Farkers that gave me that runaway 6% of the vote, I am shocked and amazed, and somewhat bewildered. From the bottom of my abdominal cavity, I thank you and I think I'm queer for Drew.
2002-02-06 07:32:27 PM  
To be someone must be a wonderful thing.

Sorry Charlie
2002-02-06 07:46:57 PM  
wheres the vote thing at?
2002-02-06 07:54:37 PM  
2002-02-06 08:31:06 PM  
307 times. Come on people. Will you never learn?
2002-02-06 08:34:06 PM has captured the spirit but made it professional. Very cool.
2002-02-06 09:00:07 PM  
its up to 336 as of this
2002-02-06 09:13:58 PM  
Woo new Fark. I say go for a simplistic design but still sexy. Something that captures the goofy nature of Fark but retains its underlying seriousness.
2002-02-06 09:26:25 PM  

no photoshop poll credit...ok, ok, I know mine suck, but they suck on a daily basis (consistency is my forte')
2002-02-06 11:27:19 PM  
Rat wtf? I see your name in there... you even have votes
2002-02-06 11:27:36 PM  
2002-02-06 11:35:25 PM  
methinks tis a conspiracy...hehe, thanx for adding el Rat to da leest
2002-02-06 11:47:16 PM  
Wow, both me and the champagne guy made the list. Cool. Thanks for the mention, Stebain.
2002-02-07 06:51:20 AM  
02-06-02 05:48:47 PM NigZig
Frontpage sucks. Dreamweaver works much better.
2002-02-07 01:30:17 PM  
JoeBangles - While you may be impressing others here on the board, some of us have actually been on the web long enough, and have designed many a site, to know that your design is in no way original. You're just taking bits and pieces from other sites (I'll provide examples soon!). Arguably, one could say that it's mere influence or a coincidence. Hell, some of my designs are highly influenced by Paul Rand.

2002-02-07 03:10:43 PM  
Idiota - i don't think the point is "re-design the wheel", but to create a corprate site, with a corporate style right. I feel JoeBangles design does just that. Clean and straight to the point.
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