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(WKKJ)   The wait is over. Happy Days cast reunites for two-hour special   ( divider line
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2004-09-12 01:02:17 AM  
Happy Days may be the reason so many actors say "we want to quit doing our show before we run out of ideas."

I remember the first critical review I heard of Happy Days. I missed the first show because I was at Shakey's having my birthday party. The next day one of my friends says "It's great. There's this gangster who sits in the drive-in. He calls people 'nerds' and puts his thumb up when he likes something."
2004-09-12 01:07:24 AM  
So will Richie's brother (Chuck?) be on the show?
2004-09-12 01:20:12 AM  
The 1st two seasons of Happy Days were great. As soon as Fonzie was cheered every time he walked on stage, the show was cooked.

Watch Arrested Development. Great show... best on network TV... BY FAR.
2004-09-12 01:46:20 AM  
They should bring out all the skanks that Fonz used to tongue wrestle with to see how they turned out......probably not one that isn't a biscuit or two north of two bills......

Wait, why would I want to see that???
2004-09-12 01:49:34 AM  
I'm amused by the harsh critics of the show on this board. People, it was a TV show. Calm down.

As for me, I watched the show, spent a half hour enjoyably (mostly because I didn't have to think about homework), maybe talked about it the next day with friends at recess, and then moved on.

It was neither the greatest thing in the universe, nor the worst.

I'm sorry your critical sensibilities were offended when Fonzie was cheered upon his entry. Deal with it.
2004-09-12 01:53:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

We would watch anything in the 1970s. We only had 3 channels.
2004-09-12 01:53:49 AM  
Leather Tuscadero Recent Photo:

[image from too old to be available]

No Thanks.
2004-09-12 02:00:08 AM  
Ted McGinley better be on it or I'm not farkin' watching.
2004-09-12 02:17:34 AM  

/btw,what better things does Ted McGinley have to do?...i'm sure he'll be there ... Steve Rhodes>Jefferson D'Arcy
2004-09-12 03:52:42 AM  
Halfmast Trousers

An Eight is Enough reunion like the one you described won't happen. That sibling you described (Lani O' Grady) died in 2001 of a drug overdose.
2004-09-12 03:56:45 AM  
Ted McGinley is the man . Note how he never seems to age if he does he does ever so gracefully. Just look at poor ron he is as bald as a new born babies ass.
2004-09-12 04:02:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Don't you dare forget Happy Days bit player (Luisa Arcola) and famous big-sis Ellen Travolta who lives in my town and shows up for Karaoke night sometimes at the bar I go to, drinking black and tans and singing showtunes. I wonder if she even got an invite to the stinkin' reunion. No Leather, either...Darnit, I'm not watchin!
2004-09-12 05:31:13 AM  
farking A Right!
2004-09-12 05:44:51 AM  
I was always under the impression that Happy Days was a rip-off of American Graffiti. Why didn't George Lucas sue Gary Marshall's ass off?
2004-09-12 05:47:17 AM  
Sad days...

Sticks should have had his own spinoff series.
2004-09-12 06:13:40 AM  
Sappy Days was a spin-off from a Love, American Style segment. FARK feels threatened...deletes "objectionable" content. Hang your head, Drew! Your goofball editors have made you look like a horse's ass!
2004-09-12 07:02:42 AM  
A Happy Days... reunion... show...

Does Hollywood have ANY corpses left to reanimate? Anything? About the only thing I can think of that hasn't been rehashed is "Three's Company," and that won't happen until cloning technology is perfected.
2004-09-12 07:29:13 AM  
During the S&L crisis during the 1980s, I remember standing in a long line behind Erin Moran in the Blue Jay Savings & Loan parking lot, trying to find out if I had any money left.

She wasn't in good shape. She was moaning and crying. All she could talk about was all the dirty movies she was going to have do to make a living.

Well, I didn't have any money left. She didn't have any money. And neither of us got to retire early.
2004-09-12 07:53:55 AM  
Wonder if we'll hear Howard Cunnigham complain about his hardware store being put under by Home Depot?
2004-09-12 08:30:33 AM  
WTF? Happy Days is lame, I really could care less about this. I don't watch TV 99% percent of the time anyway, so I've got nothing to fear if and when I'm flipping channels.
2004-09-12 08:37:33 AM  
Do they still have Mr. C's Desoto?
2004-09-12 09:13:20 AM  
little opie cunningham lost his hair, and doesn't know where to find it!

hmmm .. maybe it's on the bathroom floor, Rich.

i was into happy days as a young impressionable youth. i wore stacks and a pleather jacket. said 'ayyyy!' whenever i greeted my compadres. didn't comb my hair into a D.A. though.

The fonz was based on a character that winkler played in a movie called "The Lords of Flatbush."
2004-09-12 09:20:40 AM  
As a kid, I thought Happy Days, Mork and Mindy and Laverne and Shirley were funny shows. Joanie Loves Chachi was drek, but otherwise good stuff. Don't know why people are getting all hopped up about how bad a sitcom it was. So much misdirected anger here.
2004-09-12 09:41:40 AM  

Erin Moran porked up in the years after the show and has refused to be a part of any reunion in the past. I think they did a reunion once before without her. Anyone know if she is going to be back for this one?


I did a quick search, found a picture of her where she
looked normal, older (obviously), and there was one site
saying that she was going to do it. One other site said
that she is looking to do more acting and that is why
she wasn't interested the one time, as the other show
was them commenting and replaying old clips which I guess
didn't interest her at the time. Apparently she's done
some movies since then and an awful lot of stuff prior
to it. I had no idea she'd done so much stuff.
2004-09-12 10:00:44 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-09-12 02:30:52 PM  
erin moran: freaky christian who can't find her way out of the trailer.
2004-09-12 05:23:16 PM  
The cast will be scary. Can you imagine the Fonz in his leather jacket saying AHHHH. They should have left this alone.
2004-09-12 06:30:43 PM  
Posted on Sat, Sep. 11, 2004

ABC plans `Happy Days' reunion show

To mark the 30th anniversary of one of its most-loved sitcoms, ABC is holding a reunion for the "Happy Days" cast -- even Chuck.

The reunion show, set for later this season, will bring together nearly all of the cast from the long-running show, including Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Anson Williams, Don Most and Erin Moran. Gavin O'Herlihy and Randolph Roberts, who played older brother Chuck during the first two seasons, will also be on hand.

Whether series creator Garry Marshall will explain what happened to Chuck -- who was never heard from, seen nor even mentioned after the show's second season -- remains to be seen.

Along with a healthy dose of clips from the show, set in 1950s Milwaukee, and reminiscences from the cast, the special will also feature home movies.

In addition to the original cast, Scott "Chachi" Baio, Ted "Roger Phillips" McGinley, Penny "Laverne" Marshall, Cindy "Shirley" Williams, Pat "Arnold" Morita and others who played recurring or regular roles during "Happy Days' " 11-year run will also appear on the special.

Winkler, who currently plays a recurring part on Howard's Fox series "Arrested Development," is executive producing the special with Michael Levitt.
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