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32499 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Sep 2004 at 3:33 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-08 10:08:19 AM  
they say the size of the flacid penis gives no indication of the size of an erect penis... or am I just trying to boost my self-esteem?

2004-09-08 10:13:41 AM  
Oh yay - another opportunity for my self-esteem to take a nose-dive...
2004-09-08 10:14:59 AM  
Shower vs. Grower
2004-09-08 10:16:09 AM  
'Here Be Pygmies'...dammit.
2004-09-08 10:31:33 AM  
Which is larger...the nation of Skail, or the nation of Smookyfufu?
2004-09-08 10:41:58 AM  
Hrm....shouldn't the tag be [STIFFY]?
2004-09-08 10:48:30 AM  
An Atlas? What? In case you lose your way?

"Hello, base camp? Yes, we're lost. We seem to be located near a tubular outcropping. Some boulders on the south side."
2004-09-08 10:50:08 AM  
they say the size of the flacid penis gives no indication of the size of an erect penis

Here's a gallery of the old 'show-er vs grow-er' theory.
NSFW (pops)
2004-09-08 12:26:41 PM  
I'd map it.
2004-09-08 12:36:45 PM  
I bet Atlas is pretty well hung...
2004-09-08 01:49:59 PM  
I knew I should have made a left at that herpe.
2004-09-08 03:36:07 PM  
"I just got out of the pool! There was shrinkage! It's shrinkage!"
2004-09-08 03:36:49 PM  
Your Dog Want's Tube-Steak?

/sorry...bored at work
2004-09-08 03:37:02 PM  
I'm the Centerfold Model.

/in my dream world.
2004-09-08 03:37:26 PM  
What the hell is up with Norway? All the odd stories from Europe come from there.
2004-09-08 03:37:48 PM  
demystify the penis

Um, seriously, was anyone confused about what the penis looks like and is used for?

fill out jeans, pee, screw, entertain user - rinse, repeat
2004-09-08 03:37:56 PM  
I won't be pining for that fjord.
2004-09-08 03:38:01 PM  
This brings an entirely new meaning to the word cartographer...
2004-09-08 03:38:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Unavailable for comment.
2004-09-08 03:38:27 PM  
This will be the next coffee table book.
2004-09-08 03:38:36 PM  
Four sexologists, a photographer and a designer walk into a bar...
2004-09-08 03:39:22 PM  
One of the sexologists is a transvestite.
2004-09-08 03:40:17 PM  
An atlas or a shopping guide?
2004-09-08 03:40:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The urethral opening is in fuchsia.
2004-09-08 03:40:42 PM  
If there was ever any doubt that there is not much to do in Norway, well I consider all doubt now completely removed.
2004-09-08 03:40:57 PM  
Aftenposten is an original as the only scandinavian newspaper with an online english issue. Wierd shiat happens all over but Aftenpolen is the only place were anglo-americans pick up on it
2004-09-08 03:41:00 PM  
Now I suppose there will be an "Atlas of the Ass" for those folks who couldn't find theirs with a flashlight and the ones who need to identify theirs versus a hole in the ground.

/Expect it to be a half-assed bit of work.
2004-09-08 03:41:32 PM  
Is it a "Pop-up" book?

/geez...I was the first to come up with that one??
2004-09-08 03:42:07 PM  
2004-09-08 03:42:41 PM  
there's an "Atlas Shrugged" joke around here somewhere, but I'm too lazy to go look for it.
2004-09-08 03:43:02 PM  
Why bother, when there's already this (NSFW) site courtesy Cynthia Plaster Caster:
(sorry no link, Fark is stripping my html again)
2004-09-08 03:43:54 PM  
"Beyond here, there be monsters."
2004-09-08 03:43:55 PM  
Why the hell did i just spend twenty minutes staring at flaccid and erect penisis?
Jesus Christ, I need a more challenging job.
2004-09-08 03:46:07 PM  
"We'll carry your giant packages wherever you want."

/Atlas Van Lines
2004-09-08 03:46:18 PM  
Meh, just a way to sell a penis picture book to penis enthusiasts, masquerading as science. Dinamo Publishing sounds pretty shady. Also, I'm pretty sure anyone can be a "sexologist". All you do is call yourself a sexologist and tada there you go. Now if it was boobies.......

<searches for boobie inspector badge
2004-09-08 03:47:30 PM  
WTF is there to understand? Now the vagina, as distinct as....something that's really distinct, from person to person.
2004-09-08 03:48:33 PM  
2004-09-08 03:48:45 PM  
In the geography of dicks, I am the prime meridian. Ancient navigators charted their position by reading my dick.
My dick circumnavigated the globe.
2004-09-08 03:48:57 PM  
Lil Miss Is that a guy or girl saying "that's a beautiful penis" on that gallery web site?
2004-09-08 03:49:17 PM  
If there was ever a time for the [image from too old to be available] tag, this is it.
2004-09-08 03:50:20 PM  
Finally a guide for the rest of us
2004-09-08 03:50:45 PM  
Do you need a mushroom stamp to send them a submission?

/got nuthin'
2004-09-08 03:51:14 PM  
My dick is supported by giant turtles, and its turtles all the way down, baby.
2004-09-08 03:55:05 PM  
"My dick's so big that my dick has a dick and my dick's dick is bigger than your dick."

- Drew Carey
2004-09-08 03:57:06 PM  
It's not all that difficult to find your way around a penis is it?
2004-09-08 03:58:28 PM  
To whom is Norway presenting this prestigious atlas to? When oh when is the reception? is it a black-tie event?

/got absolutely nuthin'
//on second thought i shouldn't even be posting
2004-09-08 03:58:31 PM  
Norway just sort of hangs like a flaccid penis at the top of Europe. They like to think the shape of the country is more like a reposing lion.
2004-09-08 03:59:18 PM  
Yeah, but when are they going to come out with a penis globe? I need one for my study.
2004-09-08 03:59:24 PM  
It's not all that difficult to find your way around a penis is it?

Some ladies find it so. Some think if they just yank it like a subway handle or lawnmower rip-start cord we'll like it.
2004-09-08 03:59:28 PM  
Unlike men, women are not afraid to stop and ask for directions, I suppose.
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