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(The Gazette)   Army plans to push goats off cliff in the name of medicine   ( divider line
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10438 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Sep 2004 at 11:39 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-08 09:05:10 AM  
In other news, peck sets off on motorbike for Colorado, as part of his 'Save The Goats' campaign.
2004-09-08 09:08:12 AM  
I'm betting this has some weird Biblical meaning to it.
2004-09-08 09:20:35 AM involves soldiers injuring an undisclosed number of goats.

That sentence, for some reason, made my morning.
2004-09-08 09:22:14 AM  
Haha Spin_Doc - I was thinking the same thing...
2004-09-08 09:23:18 AM  
GaidinBDJ [TotalFark] involves soldiers injuring an undisclosed number of goats.

The goats probably volunteered. It was either that, or be shipped to Scotland.
2004-09-08 09:30:36 AM  
If the soldiers use their hands to push the goats toward the cliff, they're cheating.
2004-09-08 09:50:34 AM  
Today is Base Jumping Training!
Sound off!

2004-09-08 09:53:44 AM  
This is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
2004-09-08 10:23:06 AM  
I wondered why peck left so early this morning muttering "Save the Goats".
2004-09-08 10:33:01 AM  
Oh the Goatmanity! Mark my words, there will be a goat uprising over this!!!!

/goats push back, eh
2004-09-08 10:57:39 AM  
I got a lovely picture in my head of a bunch of Army guys pushing a goat off a cliff yelling "Science!" or "Medicine!" as it falls.
2004-09-08 11:06:44 AM  
Hallelujah! It's Raining Goats!

/ya have to sing it...
2004-09-08 11:44:41 AM  
Medicine? I thought you did this because it made them push back.
2004-09-08 11:44:44 AM  
I miss the Army. Id re-enlist in a minute for this job. Anyone know what MOS is goat-tossing? I said goat tossing not salad tossing which is a Marine occupation.
2004-09-08 11:45:07 AM  
Stephens, a biologist, said there are better ways to learn battlefield medicine.

True enough, but I think people would be even more upset if that was the method used to control the homless population.
2004-09-08 11:45:35 AM  
Don't know where the whole throw them off the cliff came from. When I was at Bragg they would put them in a field and open up with a couple of 16s and a 60. Then the sawbones (SF Medics) would triage and treat the battlefield casualties. It was called "Night of the Caprine."
2004-09-08 11:46:17 AM  
Save the goats!! The medics can get all the free training they want on large calibre wounds at Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta.
2004-09-08 11:46:25 AM  
I guess they must have adopted the Nazi's unnofficial motto for experiments, "The ends justify the means" .
2004-09-08 11:47:06 AM  
Tossing the homeless off a cliff. Ah, the possibilities.
2004-09-08 11:47:33 AM  
Being accustomed to reading the phrase "killing kittens" in this forum on a regular basis, I don't even want to imagine what kind of intimate activity "injuring goats" is a euphemism for.
2004-09-08 11:47:55 AM  
What's an organiza- tion?
2004-09-08 11:50:31 AM  
Is there an inside joke with peck among the TF'ers that we should know about?
2004-09-08 11:50:45 AM  
I say do it in the name of entertainment.
2004-09-08 11:51:15 AM  
The goats will be sacrificed to save the lives of soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hm, senseless killing to enable more senseless killing. Makes sense to me.

Wait, no it doesnt.

2004-09-08 11:51:46 AM  
no no no, they are not pushing them off the cliff. they are merely leading them to the edge of the cliff so they try to back up. Just a misunderstanding, really
2004-09-08 11:51:47 AM  
"We wouldn't be much of a Humane Society if we didn't oppose the shooting of goats for training purposes,"

These guys are protesting for the sake of protesting.
2004-09-08 11:52:13 AM  

Since when are goats lives equal to human life?
2004-09-08 11:52:13 AM  
Makes my blood boil. If you knew how difficult it is to get a protocol approved to use goddam mice for a farking science experiment that might actually help cure disease you would appreciate what a slap in my face this is that they can do this. I'm sure as hell they don't have to get IACUC approval for this. Jesus H. Christ!

Do they get to eat 'em when they're done? Mmmmm... grilled goat
2004-09-08 11:53:02 AM  
As I recall the 5.56mm Nato round was tested by shooting a crap load of pigs. Apparently pig tissue has very similar properties to human tissue.



"nah mate, didn't work, try this one"



and so on...
2004-09-08 11:53:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I don't like this. Not one bit.
2004-09-08 11:53:38 AM  

2004-09-08 11:53:40 AM  
Okay, I know they're trying to train their medics, but if you kill the goats after you treated their wounds, isn't that sort of an antithetical lesson?
2004-09-08 11:54:03 AM  
Why don't the deploy the medics to help the hundreds that were wounded in Russia, the thousands wounded in Sudan, or all those people hurt in disasters in Florida, China, etc.?

Do I have to think of everything around here, people?
2004-09-08 11:54:31 AM  
Common people, they already striped him down of is web site and now they want to push him down the cliff? I know he is a pervert but this is not of our business....

Ho ! you mean "Goats" not "gotse", sorry my mistake.
2004-09-08 11:54:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-08 11:54:47 AM  
but if you kill the goats after you treated their wounds, isn't that sort of an antithetical lesson?

Never been to an Army doctor have you?
2004-09-08 11:55:20 AM  
aren't they going to need sheep specs?
2004-09-08 11:55:25 AM  
Is it codenamed "Legion"?

2004-09-08 11:55:35 AM  
Based on what's happening in Iraq these days, mortars and RPG's might be a better wound-infliction method than 16's and 60's - or a goat-a-pult.
2004-09-08 11:55:55 AM  
Hm, senseless killing to enable more senseless killing

No. It is reasoned killing to try and save lives. Really rather clear. Whether you agree with it or not is another issue
2004-09-08 11:56:13 AM  
I work in biomedical research on animals (mice), and fully believe that animal research can be justified and is the only way to answer certain biological questions.

That said, what this article describes is clearly over the line. There are surely other ways to train medics without injuring goats, plus the whole procedure described does not sound very humane at all.
2004-09-08 11:57:03 AM  
Never been to an Army doctor have you?

I am but young and naive, so no. =D
2004-09-08 11:59:41 AM  
Next up, throwing meat cleavers at badgers and feeding tortoises through wood chippers. Hitting gerbils with claw hammers goes live spring 2005.
2004-09-08 12:00:29 PM  
Do medical doctors train on injured goats? If not, then I don't see why a medic should need to.
2004-09-08 12:02:20 PM  
Welcome to the dark side of battlefield medical research. After WWII, allied doctors studied the results of experiments performed at Japanesse and Nazi camps and used them. Condemning them with one hand while benefiting from the results with the other.

Sad but true, sometimes good knowledge does come out of evil acts.
2004-09-08 12:05:03 PM  
Is this units mascot the Goat Sucker, El Chupacabra?
2004-09-08 12:05:05 PM  
I don't really agree with killing the goats. That's pretty messed up. What happened to dummies?
2004-09-08 12:05:50 PM  
2004-09-08 11:50:31 AM VideoVader

Yes, what's with the peck references?
2004-09-08 12:08:59 PM  
Father, I comitted an original sin... I poked a badger with a spoon

2004-09-08 12:19:17 PM  
Okay, just to clear things up, peck has a thing for goats *wink wink nudge nudge*

Or at least it seems that way. As often as the fool brings them up, we have to wonder...
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