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2002-02-06 01:57:29 AM  
dammit, i wanna be in there?

who can i kill to make the list?
2002-02-06 01:58:48 AM  
"other farkers"? dont see anyone who farks other than drew cept wil on that list. try again.
2002-02-06 01:58:58 AM  
Drew made the top ten. Huh.
2002-02-06 01:59:43 AM  
Dumbass! Me = #3!
2002-02-06 01:59:51 AM  
ok... this is "spiffy" to who exactly again?
2002-02-06 02:00:25 AM  
shiat. please delete that.
2002-02-06 02:00:28 AM  
is this the line for the koolaid?
2002-02-06 02:00:38 AM  
that, and lowtax isnt on this list. fark them.
2002-02-06 02:02:12 AM  
Doodie is weird
But i love top lists and so do all of you dammit so shut up
2002-02-06 02:03:22 AM  
Fark gains recognition amongst the legendary Mr. T. Oh my god, Magnum.

10. Drew Curtis
Drew Curtis' Fark
Because he and his merry band of Average Joes find the most ridiculous stories in our ridiculous world. Because he's from Lexington, Kentucky. Because Fark, and Drew, are going to be world-famous. Or at least web-famous.

25. Mr. T
The Mr. T Webring
Because he's taken on everyone from the X-Men to Britney to Bin Laden. Because he ate my balls. Because we pity the fool who don't put Mr. T on this list.

Praise Jeebus.
2002-02-06 02:03:45 AM  
They left me out! Uhhh ya.
2002-02-06 02:03:54 AM  
Another shameless plug from Drew Curtis's!
2002-02-06 02:04:31 AM  
Ain't It Cool News should so be higher on the list than Drew Curtis's's Fark.cram.

Ah well. Go Fark.
2002-02-06 02:05:11 AM  
I would really like to know why it is now "Drew Curtis' Fark" instead of just plain Fark. Why the change? And I realizes this occurred earlier, but I am asking now.
2002-02-06 02:05:51 AM  
2002-02-06 02:09:32 AM  
Hmm i smell somthing fishy, first its the new fark website and now fark has taken on a whole new name
*Six months later*
Hey remeber when i talked about Fark being a complete conspiracy agaist me? Well i was right
2002-02-06 02:10:09 AM  
because drew wants people to see him walking down the street and go, "hey look everyone its drew curtis of drew curtis's!"
2002-02-06 02:10:11 AM  
When did it become Drew Curtis's Shift.Com?
2002-02-06 02:10:12 AM  
i wasn't even mentioned
2002-02-06 02:11:22 AM  
spoiled by celebrity???

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-06 02:12:30 AM  
lol, fark harry knowles, that guy is an asswart from the future, i tell you.
2002-02-06 02:14:28 AM  
no Fb-? my family is shamed.
2002-02-06 02:16:56 AM  
Drew Curtis' Drew Curtis of Drew Curtis' is huh? i lost my train of thought
2002-02-06 02:17:26 AM Pud? he even made the cover of a 'real' mag...
2002-02-06 02:18:12 AM ME? This list is obviously wrong.....
2002-02-06 02:18:49 AM  
Drew Curtis's by Drew Curtis of Drew Curtis's, a web-log by Drew Curtis.
2002-02-06 02:19:25 AM  
No Seanbaby? I thought he was a big deal. Oh well.
2002-02-06 02:21:42 AM  
narrated by Drew Curtis.
written by Drew Curtis.
Produced by Drew Curtis.
based on a novel by Drew Curtis.
Drew Curtis and Drew Curtis' are trademarks owned and controlled by Drew Curtis' Inc. LLC. Corp. Co.
All rights reserved by Drew Curtis.
2002-02-06 02:21:45 AM  
seanbaby updates like once a quarter now.

while we're droping random names... WHAT?! NO X-E MATT?!?! BASTARDS!!!
2002-02-06 02:22:47 AM  
after taking a second look at that, ive changed my mind, i dont want to be in there. most of the sites sucked anyways.

maybe im just bitter...
2002-02-06 02:23:14 AM  
Hello everyone and welcome to the Aol-Time Warner-Red Hat linux- MarryKate&Ashly-Microsfot-Drew Curtis's!
2002-02-06 02:24:44 AM  
Either I'm hanging out with the wrong people or something cause I talk about fark all the time, no one knows what I'm talking about.....I'm trying to spread the word Drew....really..... then again I guess if ya made the list, you don't really need my help.....
2002-02-06 02:28:13 AM  
Drew Curtis's Drew Curtis doesn't need Drew Curtis's Mytwocents' help.

Drew Curtis's Drew Curtis is Drew Curtis's God.
2002-02-06 02:29:42 AM  
Well, that's why I said Drew Curtis' Curtis' to the Drew Curtis' nth power doesn't need my help......
2002-02-06 02:30:19 AM  
I know this will make me unpopular and may force me into hiding, but is it ok if I have dirty thoughts about My$0.02?

I understand the ego problem...but...those pictures...can't stop thinking about slit in thigh...don't care about face...unless blurry in real life...

Oh, yeah...nice job Drew on beating Hunter S. Thompson AND Mr. T.
2002-02-06 02:31:09 AM  
The Hun and his yellow pages didn't make it? There's no justice in this world.
2002-02-06 02:31:12 AM  
your crazy mosaic face doesnt help either
2002-02-06 02:32:30 AM  
Hey, I'm kinda on the list... The Mr.T Vs Osama Bin Ladin is my baby... Small web.
2002-02-06 02:33:45 AM  
hah, yeah, Kolacky. I feel your pain.
2002-02-06 02:38:06 AM  
way to go Publikwerks
2002-02-06 02:39:52 AM  
I picture Drew putting his name on everything in a drunken haze, forgetting about it till the next morning, then laughing at all the people giving him shiat about it. I hope I'm right. Has the name phonomenon been explained?
2002-02-06 02:39:52 AM  
obsession n 1: an irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions against your will [syn: compulsion] 2: an unhealthy preoccupation with something or someone [syn: fixation]
2002-02-06 02:43:30 AM  
Drew: Like my hat?! It's made of money! And it has my name on it!

(sorry gabe & tycho)
2002-02-06 02:44:51 AM  
not sure what this means:

a google image search for "drew curtis" turns up this:

[image from too old to be available]

So the terrorists have won if Drew can't put his name on the title?
2002-02-06 02:46:26 AM  
Drew Curtis's SWAT team has been dispatched to label those items a.s.a.p.
2002-02-06 02:48:21 AM  
I've never heard of Am I out of the loop?
2002-02-06 02:48:32 AM  
Son-of-Fb-, while I may disagree with you, anyone who quotes Penny Arcade is A ok in my books.
"I'm about to go from zero to drunk in twenty dollars!"-Divx
2002-02-06 02:49:47 AM  
Hey That French class they called me Marie Claire.....
2002-02-06 02:51:18 AM  
"Zero to drunk in twenty dollars" I just did that.
2002-02-06 02:52:54 AM  
Some dude is about to eat Gary's boogers on Howard Stern. I may be sick.
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