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10847 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Sep 2004 at 11:44 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-06 07:39:45 PM  
The Ampulex wasp goes on to lay an egg from which a worm later comes out and devours the paralysed roach.

Hey, it's the Alien-stomach-burster wasp.
2004-09-06 09:48:26 PM  
Well, that's a lose-lose situation... either way you've still got a nasty insect around.
2004-09-06 11:46:50 PM  
I'd rather roaches than those farking wasps.

I hate those shiats!
2004-09-06 11:48:39 PM  
Chinese needle snakes will take care of the wasp problem.
2004-09-06 11:49:45 PM  
well, lisa, theyll just freeze to death in the winter.
2004-09-06 11:50:27 PM  
But then what about those Chinese needle snakes?
2004-09-06 11:50:39 PM  
then again, there are roaches outside too. thats where they go when they arent inside.
2004-09-06 11:52:02 PM  
I SO got the willies reading that article.

/sleeping with Raid by the bed tonight
2004-09-06 11:52:50 PM  
"I for one welcome . . ." jagoff in 3 - 2 - 1
2004-09-06 11:53:02 PM  
Ampulex? That sounds like a hybrid creature named by a corporation. Nothing natural could have a name like Ampulex.
2004-09-06 11:53:35 PM  
i, for one, welcome our new fecund and sting-y overlords.

/sorry, new to fark, had to say it.
2004-09-06 11:55:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This one remains unimpressed.
2004-09-06 11:57:59 PM  
Beartoy, you owe me a new pair of panties
2004-09-06 11:58:59 PM  
But then what about those Chinese needle snakes?

We've lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat.
2004-09-07 12:00:07 AM  
nice simpsons ref...
2004-09-07 12:00:28 AM  
I was just stung by a bee today. Right on the underside of the knee. Funny thing is, the last time I was stung by a bee was 14 years ago-- in the same spot.
2004-09-07 12:02:43 AM  
The scientists, from Beersheva University in southern Israel, identified receptors on the wasp's stinger which attract roaches.........the toxin released by the wasps gives way to new possibilities," Ram Gal, one the scientists, said.

I think they've already put it to work......
[image from too old to be available]
Too bad it hasn't been toxic enough....
2004-09-07 12:03:19 AM  
El Mariaski

Funny thing is that you remember that it was exactly 14 years ago in that exact spot.
2004-09-07 12:03:31 AM  
Big farkin' deal. Roach killing feds have been around for years.
2004-09-07 12:05:56 AM  
Yesterday I turned the light on in my bathroom and found about 15 baby cockroaches. I killed them all, then checked the Internet and found out around 40 hatched :(
2004-09-07 12:07:21 AM  
A tropical wasp has been found to be a lethal adversary for cockroaches which it stings with a potent, numbing venom and then attracts to its nest


Ok now... follow me...
2004-09-07 12:07:42 AM  
Yes, a roach can live 10 days without it's head and the only reason it dies is because it starves to death.
2004-09-07 12:10:24 AM  
Roach-killing wasps = cancer-killing AIDS.
2004-09-07 12:10:24 AM  
I'm glad I'll die that same day that my head is cut off.
I don't want to bump into anything.
Or go around sleeping with ugly women for 10 days.
2004-09-07 12:11:33 AM  
Can't wait for John Kerry to come out and tell his story about how he was stung by a wasp and used as a living incubator while in Vietnam.

/works in so many threads
2004-09-07 12:18:20 AM  
Anyone have a link to that video of a handful of wasps attacking a a Bee hive? It was something like 30 wasps vs 3,000 bees and the wasps still won.
2004-09-07 12:21:41 AM  
I wish my boyfriend *would* kill bugs for me. He never does! He always has to let them go out of compassion.
2004-09-07 12:22:19 AM  
Bush has one thing to say to these wasps. "Bring it on."

/Gawd bless Ummairikuh!
2004-09-07 12:23:27 AM

30 wasps vs entire bee hive.
2004-09-07 12:25:05 AM  
I read somewhere that roaches are fastidious animals. If you touch them, they will spend many minutes cleaning themselves.
2004-09-07 12:29:33 AM  
El Mariaski -- You should stay out of that spot.
2004-09-07 12:30:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Joe's Apartment surrenders
2004-09-07 12:30:35 AM  

Here is the link to what you were talking about. Its pretty freaky stuff. And your a little off. 30 of these hornets can take out a colony of 30,000 bees.

The use of music and sound during the documentary to increase the drama is pretty good too. They make the hornets sound like apache's, practically.
2004-09-07 12:32:31 AM  
I witnessed a battle between a wasp and a caterpillar yesterday. The wasp won. Not sure who started it.
2004-09-07 12:34:59 AM  

Thanks! I'll have nightmares for the next few nights.

My brother and I were attacked by a hive of hornets when we were little. Not fun at all.
2004-09-07 12:36:20 AM  
I don't care how many times I see that video, it's farkin' cool!
2004-09-07 12:46:45 AM  
Time to move the checkbox of fears to a hive of 30000 bees to a hive of only 30 freaking wasps...

God I hate you guys for finding those links.
2004-09-07 12:50:36 AM  
Roaches suck.

Stinging insects scare the shiat out of me, even just thinking about them.

I'm already having spasms. Thanks guys!
2004-09-07 12:52:26 AM  
2004-09-06 11:57:59 PM MillyQPublic

Beartoy, you owe me a new pair of panties
And I'm sure he's got a few spare, too.

2004-09-07 12:59:39 AM  
Awesome headline, submitter. That's the first headline I've sincerely laughed at in weeks. Jokes you can relate to are the funniest. Thank you.
2004-09-07 01:00:21 AM  
MillyQPublic -- If Beartoy doesn't offer to take you shopping, I will.
2004-09-07 01:10:43 AM  
---- SouthernFriedYankee ----
And I'm sure he's got a few spare, too.
ONLY for special occasions dammit!

And yes I would go shopping with her for replacements but I'm more of a cigar chomping, nut scratching, straight guy when it comes to shopping. I know what I want, I make a b-line for it (levis, 33 waist, 32 length, grab 3) go directly to the register, pay and leave. I'd be no fun for farkettes to shop with. Most women and a lot of my fellow Gaybos are in this strange universe where it is fun just to try things on! Really! I will never understand that.

/will never get his pink card punched at this rate
2004-09-07 01:10:58 AM  
Oh, they're talking about the bug roaches!

/picturing a bunch of stoned bees
2004-09-07 01:14:33 AM  
So, hornets are like Nature's arseholes, right? For all the kind, gentle creatures that exist, butthole ones like hornets are there to balance them out. Bastards.
2004-09-07 01:30:13 AM  
Picture here. Sorry, no time to link.​ll&cid=1 093229946534
2004-09-07 01:31:42 AM  
try again*%3A​0%2C30%3 A10+*%2F*%2F*&blobtable=JPImage&blobcol=urlimage&blobwhere=10932299465​29&blobk ey=id&blobheader=image/jpeg
2004-09-07 01:32:45 AM  
sorry. I give up.
2004-09-07 01:37:44 AM  
Googlefight wins again and here's the proof
2004-09-07 02:48:51 AM  
I for one do not welcome any kind of stinging wasp overlords. Roaches are gross but wasps are malevolent.

/EG Marshall excepted
2004-09-07 06:42:07 AM  
You'd think the article or researchers would mention whether the natural wasp venom could be turned into a natural insectide against roaches.

/thinking too much
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