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(Telegraph)   Old fart shows burgler that breaking in can be dangerous. House insured by smith & wesson   ( divider line
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11930 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Sep 2004 at 1:31 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-04 03:12:32 PM  
In case you actually want to aim at somethijng rather than just blasting away. Oh heck, blast away...
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-04 03:12:35 PM  
Good for the man.

/Wants Glock pistol and Ak-47.
2004-09-04 03:13:23 PM  

Oh really? And what do you give great credit upon yourself for knowing? Please do tell 007.
2004-09-04 03:13:23 PM  
Sorry Cougar you're was the Ban's definition that labeled them "high cap". Clinton's language.
2004-09-04 03:14:21 PM  

Assuming I could get my hands on one (legally of course) how much would one of those run me?
2004-09-04 03:14:25 PM  
If taking it up the arse is civilised, call me a barbarian!

[image from too old to be available]

/I am Subothai! Thief, and Archer.
2004-09-04 03:15:37 PM  

Peter Hitchens's "The Abolition of Liberty" is very informative on this.

I read this book when it came out in America. I'm embarassed to say that I don't remember much. I'll have to hunt my copy down and read it again.
2004-09-04 03:18:34 PM  
It's speculative right now because part of the ban was huge tarif's...I AR15 is about a grand now. A M4 with a legal reciever would probably be about 2500

AK's are about 800..

I'm talkin new outta the box on all this..I expect after the ban they'll all drop in price
2004-09-04 03:18:44 PM  
I am truly surprised I haven't seen the inevitable, "I would karate them into submission you gun totng gap-toothed NRA nuts". I have always loved the scene in an Indiana Jones movie(forget the exact name of the movie)where the cat whirls the sword around in a great show of skill, the Indy plugs his ass with a Webley-Vickers .45 break over. Truly classic.
2004-09-04 03:21:48 PM  
absolutben , check out for an idea about prices. You can usually find the same price closer to home to avoid shipping charges though.
Bear in mind also that ARs, and AKs are available right now, they have just had some aesthetic things modified to to comply with the ban.
2004-09-04 03:22:27 PM  
Ah, the UK. A nation where gun control is so out of control that shooting an intruder gets you prosecuted.

/as farked up as the USA is, there's still plenty left to love, and some more worth fighting for
2004-09-04 03:22:46 PM  
I know more about guns than nearly all of you. And if you'd read the paper once in a while, you'd realize there's been a rash of people mistaking family members for intruders and shooting them point blank in the face or chest, killing them.

How many shootings are we talking about here? Is this a rash of shooting kind of like the rash of shark attacks we had a couple of summers ago? You know, the kind of rash the media likes to make a big deal about even though there were no more incidents this year than there were in any previous year.
2004-09-04 03:23:47 PM  
A classic movie moment indeed, CB. Russ should never have showed me this site, it's too cool! Alright last one, I promise.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-04 03:25:44 PM  
Thanks Gary and Cougar. Now I gotta try and find out if my state offers safety courses on learning to handle a gun like this or if I have to go through a private company.
2004-09-04 03:30:26 PM  
All of the aforementioned weapons are good when faced with one or two intruders, but what do you do when a mass of hippies invade your home? In that case, for the budget minded, I recommend a dressed-up 10/22 with a 30 round clip, outfitted with a BMF ACTIVATOR.

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

This innovative crank gives you the ability to fire your 10/22 faster than you could if you were just squeezing the trigger. Each complete crank of the handle fires the rifle four times, letting you achieve the maximum cyclic rate of fire. At that rate, you could easily unload a 30 round clip in five seconds! And because you are only firing .22 caliber rounds, cleanup is a breeze.
2004-09-04 03:33:13 PM  
absolutben , take an NRA safety course, or try your local range. Or you can check out, and make friends with shooters in your area. By and large shooters are always willing to teach someone and to bring another into the fold.
With that said, I'll be happy to get together with Houston area Farkers for a little introductory shooting.
2004-09-04 03:33:41 PM  
Raiders of The Lost Ark. Great movie. Interesting fact, Harrison Ford was oiginally supposed to fight the sword gut with his whip but he got really sick and was too tired and weak to do the scene so they changed it to the now classic gun scene.
2004-09-04 03:34:16 PM  
skinnyhead, that is awesome! Damn, I may have to get a 10/22 just for that.
2004-09-04 03:36:26 PM  

I would love to get a little BAR time...I have a buddy that owns a Garrand...sweetest shooting rifle...
2004-09-04 03:37:38 PM  
Any Wisconsin Farkers that shoot on this thread? My buddy Ash and I like to go out to the range, and are always looking for fellow shootists.

[image from too old to be available]
No, not this Ash, another one.

/shop smart, shop S-Mart.

//is Shootist even a word?

///I know it's a movie... "The Shootist"
2004-09-04 03:38:28 PM  
Guns are too much trouble, especially for people without all the necessary training and experience to use one. If all you gun freaks know what you're doing, great, but don't tell me the average American knows how to handle a piece.

If you're primary concern is home defense, baseball bats are your best bet. Keep on by the bed. If you hear an intruder, move as quietly as you can and get beside the doorway in a dark room. When the intruder walks by, give him a good wallop across the back of his head.

The most important thing is to leave the lights off. Turning on the lights just lets the intruder see you before you see him.

I get the feeling most of the posters here live in the burbs, because you're acting like most burglaries take place during the night, when you're home. I grew up in Chicago and had my house broken into on countless occasions. There was only one occasion where the break-in occurred at night, and it was a night when no one was home. The real pros scope your place out a couple of weeks in advance and try to learn your schedule before they make a move. If you read the stats, you'll see that this is far more typical than the scenario where you're asleep in the your room when some guy comes in through the window.
2004-09-04 03:41:10 PM  
I think i'm in love.
2004-09-04 03:41:40 PM  
Since becoming disabled, I have spent a lot of time around the house. A lot of time. Far more than I'd care to, in fact. So when some one breaks into my home, odds are, I'm waiting for them.

/With a gun

For you, Fecal Pandora
2004-09-04 03:42:35 PM  
Oops, that came out wrong!
2004-09-04 03:42:49 PM  
Fecal Pandora, that's a GREAT idea. Unless of course, there's more than one of them, or they have guns or he's big or ...
C'mon dude, if you're going to troll at least try harder.
2004-09-04 03:43:39 PM  
The reply was aimed at you, Fecal Pandora, not my gun. Never my gun.

Unless you broke in to my house, of course!
2004-09-04 03:44:43 PM  
Glad I don't live in the UK - that's retarded, I mean come on. Why should they even have to arrest this old farmer guy, he was defending himself from a farkin' burgular, and he didn't even shoot him dead, in the freaking LEG! You don't want to kill anyone, you want to get them in the leg so you can call the cops and get the guy to do his time - breaking and entering is a felony in my country, i don't know about Britain. There's some pretty retarded shiat in Britain if anything I read a few years ago still applies.
2004-09-04 03:46:28 PM  
Mmmm, forgot to add. Yummy, Mauser. I'm really into WWII stuff, next year I want to get myself either a Mauser or a Mosin Nagant rifle. That would be cool as shiat..

Anyone have an idea of how much either goes for in decent condition?
2004-09-04 03:47:19 PM  
I have a machete under my bed too, I want to get a Lucerne hammer too.
2004-09-04 03:47:20 PM  
Shotgun question. How many rounds will a magazine fed shotgun be allowed/able to hold? Would you want a pistol grip on a shotgun(one with a stock and a pistol grip)? Any muzzle flash issues at night? How short can the barrel be? I'm about intermediate on my knowledge of pistols, but don't have any real experience with rifles or shotguns.
2004-09-04 03:48:49 PM  
2004-09-04 03:42:49 PM CougarJeff

C'mon dude, if you're going to troll at least try harder.

You just call everyone you disagree with a troll, doncha?
2004-09-04 03:48:57 PM  
Dead sexy Colt 1911 with snake-scaled grips and "Don't Tread On Me" etched into the side. Gorgeous.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-04 03:49:53 PM  
That's a hot little piece..
2004-09-04 03:57:38 PM  
skinnyhead Thats a farkin awesome device...I bet one can be made to fit a 30.06 just as easily...why use spitballs when you can cut down trees!
2004-09-04 03:58:53 PM  
Pimpin' Dubya

My bud that owns the Garrand has a Mauser 1943 mfg with all the typical markings of that era. He got it for around $500 but I think it was a steal. His father had hand carved a stock to fit a Mauser (he has no idea why his father did this) and one of his friends saw it and went on a hunt for the exact model that would fit it. He found one sans stock and put it together for him at cost...

2004-09-04 04:02:17 PM  
Fecal Pandora, that's a GREAT idea. Unless of course, there's more than one of them, or they have guns or he's big or ...

1) If there's more than one, and they have guns, you're suggesting the average Farker can take them on alone? Are you crazy?

2) Who cares how big he is or whether he has a gun? One good whack with a bat is all it takes. One. On the other hand, if you shoot poorly and hit the same guy in the forearm, you've still got a problem.

Like I said, if you're such a crack shot that you can handle that kind of situation, GOOD FOR YOU. Most Americans, like me, have not dedicated a substantial portion of their time and effort to acquiring the sort of training and familiarity with guns that you have.

Just because my advice for Farkers doesn't jive with your fantasy GUNS GUNS GUNS ARE OUR ONLY HOPE!! doesn't mean I'm trolling.

For the record, I fully support the rights of all Americans who own as many guns as they want. I don't care what kind. Assault rifles, RPGs, whatever. Buy it, own it, use it to defend yourself if you want. I don't care. Just don't tell me that real life is anything like the movies.
2004-09-04 04:05:07 PM  
Goodfella: Sounds like UHF to me.
2004-09-04 04:08:15 PM  

Well in america it maby true that owning a gun is good. But that is only because everyone has a gun. Catch 22...

When a robber goes in to rob someone he has a gun and he know that it is most likely that the homeowner has a gun, like you. In other words, he known he must shoot first. Equals, it's more dangerous to own a gun than not to own one. But as I said it's a catch 22. And nutty people like you will most likely not change any time soon.
Besides, most guns at home kill innocent people not robbers.
2004-09-04 04:10:31 PM  
Fecal Pandora , ha ha ha! Whatever you say dude! You obviously have it ALL figured out.
2004-09-04 04:11:06 PM  
So I lied...
[image from too old to be available]

What's that, more, you say?
[image from too old to be available]

/ok, ok, now I'll stop.
2004-09-04 04:12:38 PM  
No one in my home is innocent, nodus. If anyone here dies, be sure that we had it coming to us.
2004-09-04 04:13:54 PM  
2004-09-04 03:48:49 PM astudill
You just call everyone you disagree with a troll, doncha?

Nope, just people that post cockamaymie schemes in an obvious attempt to just stir things up.
2004-09-04 04:15:59 PM  
You know what?

I'm a liberal for guns. I believe it's a constitutional right. Doesn't matter that I don't personally feel the need to own a firearm. If ever do feel the need to excersize that right (say, I move to a bad neighborhood, or take up hunting, or a tyrant gets elected), I want to be able to safely purchase whatever the hell I want without red-tape crap, a national registration card, or features which render the firearm so "safe" it's worthless.

Why is it so hard for Democrats to see that ALL of the Bill of Rights is worth protecting?

Just because YOU PERSONALLY don't choose to excersize a right, doesn't mean you shouldn't fight for others who do.

/rant off.
2004-09-04 04:18:03 PM  
911: 911 What is your emergency?
Me: Someone is breaking into my home.
911: Help is on the way!

Let's see... 22,38,357,45, 20ga, 12 ga, 7.62x39, 7mm ????

30 min. later....

911: 911 What is you emergency?
Me: About that last call....cancel the lights and sirens, dispatch the coroner.
2004-09-04 04:19:17 PM  
Besides, most guns at home kill innocent people not robbers.

Says who? The types of people who suport judges and politicians who would only sentence a rapist to five years or less in prison?
2004-09-04 04:24:33 PM  

Agreed 100%. Can't stand politicians who are selective about which parts of the Constitution they want to protect.

Personally, I think the 4th Amendment is doing a lot worse than the 2nd these days. Has been for the last 15 years. The War on [some] Drugs has been used to set some very dangerous legal precedents.
2004-09-04 04:26:25 PM  
My point of view, which I think is a typical British one.

My preference is to live in a country where the chances of my ever being killed as a result of or even involved in a gun related crime are vanishingly small and will remain that way unless I move to one of a few very deprived inner city areas, when they are still very low unless I am a male gang-member in his late teens.

I am quite happy to give up the right to have lethal weapons in my home, because it is also incredibly unlikely that the local criminals, drunks and nutters have lethal weapons in theirs. There's only one of me and there are a lot of them. I'd prefer it if none of us had guns, thanks.

In fact I have never really had the right to bear arms, so I don't miss it or desire it in any way, or believe it should be a right.

I find it utterly mystifying that people in another country strongly feel I should have weapons in my house and think that I am in some way greatly deprived because I do not, as much as if they suggested that I was deprived because I did not have the right to practice polygamy or hold dog-fights in my garden.

Gun crime has increased in my country over the past few years, but it is still negligible compared with gun crime in the US. I believe that the rise is due to increased immigration and smuggling from Eastern Europe, and that stricter gun control is helping the situation rather than making it worse. I don't understand the logic of people who say that stricter gun control causes higher gun crime.

I would not consider it unusual for my society to have such a low tolerance for guns that my local police firearms unit will regularly be called out to deal with teenagers messing about with BB guns.

I do not consider it unusual that the only thing my local police firearms unit has ever killed in its entire history is an escaped cow - in fact it is a point of some pride.

I wish they would get the law sorted out, though, and I do not think Tony Martin should have gone to prison for shooting a burglar as I think he had the right to defend his home with whatever came to hand.
2004-09-04 04:28:02 PM  
Only if the owners are morans with little kids, and they leave the thing out in plain sight where the little ones can get to it and pull the trigger while pointing it at themself or someone else. If you keep it locked away in a cabinet or some such place in your bedroom for instance, and lock that as well, no little kids or other irresponsible people will get to it. Simple as that. I agree that if you own a firearm you should be responsible with it. All those stories that you hear, mostly, at least, involve some junkie knocking up another junkie and they leave their .45 on the table and then the little 5 year old picks it up and kills someone.

RECAP: If you own a gun, you should have enough sense to lock it away from anyone in the house or area that may not use it responsibly.
2004-09-04 04:29:01 PM  
Besides, most guns at home kill innocent people not robbers.

I call shenanigans on that. It sounds like the whole "n children a year get killed by guns" when "children" includes people up to 24, therefore includes the majority of drug-related gang killings. Either provide a stat (not a mere statement) which comes from a reputable source (e.g. FBI, not VPC/Brady/other asshat), or STFU please!
2004-09-04 04:30:19 PM  
Guns don't kill people. Farkers with guns kill people.
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