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(Telegraph)   Old fart shows burgler that breaking in can be dangerous. House insured by smith & wesson   (telegraph.co.uk) divider line 205
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2004-09-04 02:24:40 PM

i'm not against them if you want them. but their easy availability means criminals will be able to get them easily too.
2004-09-04 02:25:34 PM
Gun haters and gun lovers are equally retarded.
2004-09-04 02:29:45 PM
I seem to recall when I was a kid all the farmers used to shoot rocksalt at us trespassin' hooligans - I never got hit, that stuff doesn't carry too far.
2004-09-04 02:29:59 PM

2004-09-04 02:32:46 PM
You haven't lived until you've been shot at with live rounds. That gets the adrenaline going, let me tell you!

/tresspassed on the wrong property and learned a valuable, if painful, lesson.
2004-09-04 02:34:22 PM
Thank you Gary, I've been here before so I'll just help myself to some carrot sticks and dip.
But please check out that web site, that guy has some VERY good stuff on there.
2004-09-04 02:35:31 PM
For when you absolutely, positively have to make something dead right now!
2004-09-04 02:37:02 PM
2004-09-04 02:37:59 PM
A place for everything and everything in it's place...

Trust me...
2004-09-04 02:40:20 PM

it must be quite difficult sometimes, imo. maybe not for you, but for lots of non-criminal gun owners, who are not responsible gun owners. for example, the times that i am most at risk are when i'm drunk. and i think that would also be the time when i would be most at risk of using a weapon, even if in self-defence. that doesn't seem responsible to me.
2004-09-04 02:43:06 PM
Good to see the chap in the story was let off for protecting his property. If I lived out in the middle of nowhere with a 6-hour police response time, I think I'd rather scare the burglars off than simply sit there like an open shop for any passing crooks, taking it in the arse (metaphorically) whenever a thief decides he needs a new TV. It's all very well saying "You should wait for the police and not take the law into your own hands", but what sort of quality of life have you got if you're forever filing insurance claims for your stolen possessions (and that's if you can find a company who'll insure you)?

Just one question though:
"their easy availability means criminals will be able to get them easily too."
"all the more reason"
Erm, nope. That's on a par with saying "Oh no, that guy looks like he might beat me up. I'll go and smack him in the mouth to stop him" (Or maybe "That country might bomb us, so let's go and flatten them first", but let's not go there...)
2004-09-04 02:46:09 PM
21, in TX it is illegal to be carrying in any establishment that gets 51% or more of its income from alcohol. It's also illegal to consume while carrying a gun. So when I'm carrying I don't drink, when I'm drinking, I don't carry, just like I don't drive. Responsible choices for responsible choosers.
2004-09-04 02:51:41 PM
GaryPDX CougarJeff

that's fair enough.
2004-09-04 02:53:03 PM
I know more about guns than nearly all of you. And if you'd read the paper once in a while, you'd realize there's been a rash of people mistaking family members for intruders and shooting them point blank in the face or chest, killing them.
2004-09-04 02:53:39 PM
Thought this one was really funny.
2004-09-04 02:54:15 PM
GaryPDX, CougarJeff

Now come on, be honest. You never fought off a tin can attack while in the throes of a good drunk?
2004-09-04 02:56:34 PM

I call shenanigans on your post.
2004-09-04 02:57:00 PM
I am an avid hunter (more into just getting out of the city and farting around in the woods). I own several guns. I had someone break into my attached home garage and steal my motorcycle a little over a year ago.

I didn't hear anything and they got a way with it. I never even woke up. I have since taken several precautions to make sure it does not happen again.

But considering all the scenarios, I think it worked out better without me waking up...
2004-09-04 02:59:11 PM
"Gun control is for sissies and for wimps. Now lets get one thing straight: guns dont kill people, I DO!"


/name that movie
2004-09-04 02:59:32 PM
My Hungarian wife (grew up under the commies) loves Oleg's site... her favorite is this one.
2004-09-04 03:01:40 PM
CB, , Oh I've fought off a great many things in the throes of a good drunk: pink elephants, spinning beds, Alf (no kidding) ..... And been fought off (with apologies to my wife, and certain strippers). But, like I said, responsible choosers make responsible choices. Sometimes I want to get ripped up so I lock 'em up and leave 'em at home, but if I have to got the convieniece store in the middle of the night....
2004-09-04 03:02:27 PM
My last comment on this is, for all of you anti gun activists, go ahead and continue to think like you do...makes no difference to me. However, when you get a gun/knife toting individual in your home at 3:00am and he's beat you sensless and he's got your wife/girlfriend bent over and doing the nasty to her...don't come to me for help. Get em with you your pocket knife or sword or whatever............if you got the balls.
2004-09-04 03:03:11 PM
Sorry Bubbaprog, I unfairly lumped you in with the rest of my Liberal buddies, (who look at me like I've gone mad when I defend my right to be armed), and clearly you've handled weapons before and have a healthy respect for said weaponry. It was a knee-jerk reaction, and I apologise. Most of my left-leaning pals have never so much as handled a firearm, much less, fired one!

/she's not a girl who misses much... (apologies to John Lennon)
2004-09-04 03:03:29 PM
nice Street Sweeper... just something mean and nasty about a drum full of shotgun shells...
2004-09-04 03:03:39 PM
Sarge, don't forget the pepper spray!
2004-09-04 03:04:27 PM
Protect yourself ANY WAY POSSIBLE.

Your life is more valuable than a burglar's.

If you've got a gun, shoot to kill.

If you don't -- do what you must do -- to make sure you're the only one telling the story.
2004-09-04 03:04:54 PM

What ban are you referring to?
2004-09-04 03:07:09 PM

Oh really? And how do make such a statement? And just exactly what are your credentials there 007?
2004-09-04 03:07:24 PM
Ok, that is just too good to not post, Russ

2004-09-04 03:07:45 PM
That is the only weapon I own that has no redeeming "sporting" value what-so-frigging-ever. But damn it hates cans.
2004-09-04 03:08:06 PM
If the guy's got any sense, surely he would've shot you first rather than just beat you, then done the nasty etc?

Just an idea.
2004-09-04 03:08:17 PM

How again do you know more about guns than most of us? I'm sure your state has tighter gun regulations than mine. Yes, it does happen where someone shoots someone they didn't mean to, but not as often as you would like to imagine. For example, I have NEVER seen a story like that in my local newspaper for Juneau, Alaska, and I promise you, there are more guns in my town than there are people in your town.
Just because you are against guns it doesn't mean you have to act like you know about weapons and also say there is lots of cases when there aren't.
You are still right partly though, there is too much "shoot first, ask questions later" rhetoric. I'd prefer hold someone at gunpoint when they break-in. I'd even take a picture with my digital camera and call it a trophy :P
2004-09-04 03:08:31 PM
That's a keeper...
2004-09-04 03:11:20 PM
GaryPDX, sorry but I'm gonna call on something here! Watch your language. Magazines with greater than 10 round capacity are not "high caps". They are standard capacity. Magazines limited to 10 rounds are "reduced capacity". Make sure you use the right words around the sheeple and maybe that thing will sunset and stay gone.
BTW, I have a really good "high cap" analogy that involves pants, but I'll save that since you're already on the side of right and freedom.
2004-09-04 03:12:32 PM
In case you actually want to aim at somethijng rather than just blasting away. Oh heck, blast away...
2004-09-04 03:12:35 PM
Good for the man.

/Wants Glock pistol and Ak-47.
2004-09-04 03:13:23 PM

Oh really? And what do you give great credit upon yourself for knowing? Please do tell 007.
2004-09-04 03:14:21 PM

Assuming I could get my hands on one (legally of course) how much would one of those run me?
2004-09-04 03:14:25 PM
If taking it up the arse is civilised, call me a barbarian!

/I am Subothai! Thief, and Archer.
2004-09-04 03:15:37 PM

Peter Hitchens's "The Abolition of Liberty" is very informative on this.

I read this book when it came out in America. I'm embarassed to say that I don't remember much. I'll have to hunt my copy down and read it again.
2004-09-04 03:18:44 PM
I am truly surprised I haven't seen the inevitable, "I would karate them into submission you gun totng gap-toothed NRA nuts". I have always loved the scene in an Indiana Jones movie(forget the exact name of the movie)where the cat whirls the sword around in a great show of skill, the Indy plugs his ass with a Webley-Vickers .45 break over. Truly classic.
2004-09-04 03:21:48 PM
absolutben , check out www.gunbroker.com for an idea about prices. You can usually find the same price closer to home to avoid shipping charges though.
Bear in mind also that ARs, and AKs are available right now, they have just had some aesthetic things modified to to comply with the ban.
2004-09-04 03:22:27 PM
Ah, the UK. A nation where gun control is so out of control that shooting an intruder gets you prosecuted.

/as farked up as the USA is, there's still plenty left to love, and some more worth fighting for
2004-09-04 03:22:46 PM
I know more about guns than nearly all of you. And if you'd read the paper once in a while, you'd realize there's been a rash of people mistaking family members for intruders and shooting them point blank in the face or chest, killing them.

How many shootings are we talking about here? Is this a rash of shooting kind of like the rash of shark attacks we had a couple of summers ago? You know, the kind of rash the media likes to make a big deal about even though there were no more incidents this year than there were in any previous year.
2004-09-04 03:23:47 PM
A classic movie moment indeed, CB. Russ should never have showed me this site, it's too cool! Alright last one, I promise.
2004-09-04 03:25:44 PM
Thanks Gary and Cougar. Now I gotta try and find out if my state offers safety courses on learning to handle a gun like this or if I have to go through a private company.
2004-09-04 03:30:26 PM
All of the aforementioned weapons are good when faced with one or two intruders, but what do you do when a mass of hippies invade your home? In that case, for the budget minded, I recommend a dressed-up 10/22 with a 30 round clip, outfitted with a BMF ACTIVATOR.

This innovative crank gives you the ability to fire your 10/22 faster than you could if you were just squeezing the trigger. Each complete crank of the handle fires the rifle four times, letting you achieve the maximum cyclic rate of fire. At that rate, you could easily unload a 30 round clip in five seconds! And because you are only firing .22 caliber rounds, cleanup is a breeze.
2004-09-04 03:33:13 PM
absolutben , take an NRA safety course, or try your local range. Or you can check out www.sigforum.com, and make friends with shooters in your area. By and large shooters are always willing to teach someone and to bring another into the fold.
With that said, I'll be happy to get together with Houston area Farkers for a little introductory shooting.
2004-09-04 03:33:41 PM
Raiders of The Lost Ark. Great movie. Interesting fact, Harrison Ford was oiginally supposed to fight the sword gut with his whip but he got really sick and was too tired and weak to do the scene so they changed it to the now classic gun scene.
2004-09-04 03:34:16 PM
skinnyhead, that is awesome! Damn, I may have to get a 10/22 just for that.
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