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(Cosmiverse)   Scientists developing technology to mass-produce clones. What could possibly go wrong?   ( divider line
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3256 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2002 at 3:03 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-05 03:04:45 PM  
Nothing. That's why they're doing it!
2002-02-05 03:05:40 PM  
"Go wrong? What could possibly go wrong?" - Westworld
2002-02-05 03:05:42 PM  
Don't let Palpatine in on this little scheme, or the Jedi have had it
2002-02-05 03:05:49 PM  
Farkers are so smart we could fix it.
2002-02-05 03:10:43 PM  
Clone everyone, I don't care. Clone Hitler, then clone those clones. It doesn't matter, clone away, clone away. And when you're done with those clones, clone some more.

People who get in a hissy about cloning make me laugh. They make my clones laugh too.
2002-02-05 03:14:16 PM  
I can see my Predidential platform now....

"And I guarantee a Cindy Crawford and a Heidi Klum in every man's bedroom ! Vote SkinInk"
2002-02-05 03:16:12 PM  
If we clone Fb-, then Fb- is the father... *brain explodes*
2002-02-05 03:19:01 PM  
Don't these people ever watch science fiction movies??? Cloning is BAD!!!

Or not.
2002-02-05 03:20:51 PM  
Damnit, I read the book but can't remember the name.

You know-- Suma, the savages that have babies through sex and Bernard (the short guy with an inferiority complex)-- what's the damn thing called?

Watch it or they'll make 10 000 clones of the ppl from Entertainment Tonight and make every life form on the planet vomit at once.
2002-02-05 03:22:44 PM  
we should clone hitler to fight osama
2002-02-05 03:32:14 PM  
Skinink: Ya got my vote!
2002-02-05 03:33:50 PM  
2002-02-05 03:35:19 PM  
evolveing robots? cloneing machines? genetic engenerieing getting out of control!? what the heck! did science just today realize it was 2002 and decide to make all the horrible technology we always assumed would be by now!?
2002-02-05 03:37:42 PM  
There aren't any legitamate problems with cloning.

The only concerns raised are those by radical religious groups with no respetable scientific backing or even support.

Why does the media support these views when most people don't share them? Its just like the Stem Cell thing.
2002-02-05 03:39:16 PM  
The Dark One: That would be "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley (and it's soma, not suma)
2002-02-05 03:39:52 PM  
Welcome to the dystopian future you previously only dreamed about. If the sky in your area is the color of a television tuned to a dead channel, please raise your hand.
2002-02-05 03:41:14 PM  
.... ::raises hand::
2002-02-05 03:42:55 PM  
If you are opposed to cloning, you must also be opposed to identical twins.

Because I'm sure the vast majority of anti-cloning people are not against identical twins, they are hipocrits.
2002-02-05 03:44:49 PM  
identical twins aren't cloned in a lab by scientists. the cell splits naturally. people opposed to human cloning are not hipocrits
2002-02-05 03:55:54 PM  
What could go wrong?

More movies like this one... that's what could go wrong!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-05 03:56:03 PM  
The problems with cloning are:

1. Lots of 'non-viable' results per successful birth. Read as 'lots of nasty freaks like in Alien 4.'

2. Telomere & aging problems: clones age abnormally fast. Head about Dolly's arthritis?
2002-02-05 03:56:04 PM  
i don't have a problem with the cloning itself. i don't believe there should be a complete ban on it, but i don't think anyone should be cloning humans right now because we don't know nearly enough about it.
"At best, just about half of cloned embryos develop to the point where they can be implanted, and just a tenth of these survive to birth. Often, more than one hundred nuclear transfers have to be performed to create a single clone."
dolly wasn't such a great success either. she was the 278th attempt. all of the other ones died. i think its wrong to do this with people.
2002-02-05 04:00:08 PM  
When you clone, you don't clone the personality. Cloning Hitler would not result in a second Holocaust or something like that. You are simply cloning the DNA of the person. It really is practically the same as an identical twin.

Of course, if you do clone supermodels, then there is a good chance they will LOOK the same, provided they have the same exercise/diet regiments.

The nice thing about cloning is that psychology will be able to wrap up the rather large debate on "Nature vs. Nurture". Studying clones and finding out what is different between them would eb a lot easier than simply studying identical twins.
2002-02-05 04:04:25 PM  
I'll take 3 Salma Heyak and 2 Brook Burks to go please.
2002-02-05 04:18:27 PM  
If you want my opinion (and if you don't oh well), I think just cloning individual organs for transplantation is acceptable. Now if you want to make another human being, just jump in the sack with someone of the opposite sex. Much easier and a higher success rate.
2002-02-05 04:20:56 PM  
Anyone ever see / read "The Boys From Brazil"?

In a nutshell; Mengle clones Hitler about 90 times, then sets about carefully altering the (cloned) boys' lives to reproduce the necessary personality.
2002-02-05 04:33:38 PM  
The only problem I have with cloning is the posibility of cloning a person just to harvest the organs of the clone
2002-02-05 04:34:32 PM  
Those who think that the cloning process is completely without danger should read the current (Feb 2002) issue of Harpers Monthly... UNRAVELING THE DNA MYTH: The Spurious Foundation of Genetic Engineering (By Barry Commoner).

The Human Genome Project it seems, far from substantiating the "central dogma" of gentics, has in fact, destroyed a great deal of it at it's very foundation. The dangers of genetic engineering are, it appears now, very real.
2002-02-05 04:35:24 PM  
I want 1 Alyssa Milano McClone and could you biggie size it?
2002-02-05 05:30:58 PM  
Rassleholic: I wonder if there's any way to clone just the organ.

Okay, I've been watching too much Star Trek....
2002-02-05 05:31:13 PM  
Scientists developing technology to mass-produce clones. What could possibly go wrong?

That's obvious. Another Star Wars movie.
2002-02-05 05:43:25 PM  
Rassleholic, you ever see "Parts: The Clonus Horror"? It's pretty much exactly that. Circa 1975, with Peter Graves. It's also a MST movie :)
2002-02-05 05:45:25 PM  
On A&E -> Investigate Reports last night they were talking about cloning. After listening to it for a while, I realized that when they had people on the show giving opinions or reasons on EITHER "yes" or "no", NO ONE was giving valid reasons.

All the reasons EITHER side gave were purely emotional and self-centered ones. "I should be able to do what I want." "I am unable to get pregnant, I'd be a wonderful mother." "Cloning is evil!" "It will cause difficulties in law."

No one was thinking about the consequences in the future. No one was thinking about long-term problems. No one was giving scientific facts. Everyone was thinking about themselves. fark everyone else, this is how *I* think it should work.

An awful lot like this thread, with exception of SSBN
2002-02-05 05:55:12 PM  
2002-02-05 06:26:31 PM  
Just what the worlds needs... MORE HUMANS :P
2002-02-05 06:34:12 PM  
It just might be time for me to explore an alternate career as a mad scientist. I love the idea of thousands of cloned slave-soldiers doing my bidding, microchips in their brains to cut out that pesky thing we call "free will," ready to die for any cause I make up on a boring Sunday afternoon. How soon do you think these guys can have me a factory up and running?
2002-02-05 06:50:55 PM  

Besides, Lucas is releasing a movie about it in May, so we'll all see how it's gonna work out.
2002-02-05 06:55:11 PM  
But what if they discover the most tastiest cow, pig and chicken EVER, then clone those?
Surely such succulent meat is worth the deaths of billions in the Clone Wars?
2002-02-05 07:51:04 PM  
2002-02-05 08:09:13 PM  
what an organization wants to mass produce replicated single minded drones? Oh wait we already have that, the catholic church
2002-02-05 09:08:07 PM  
Cloning is baaad, m'kay?
2002-02-05 11:42:17 PM  
Here is the situation I imagine. The Soviet Union is brought back fifty years from now and we clone Hitler, Genghis Kahn, Napolean, and Atilla the Hun (We found various DNA parts with our futuristic technology) to fight them off. The conquerors of old win, and then they kill us all off. Then they die from old age.

It will happen, oh yes, it will happen.
2002-02-05 11:43:44 PM  
What about the 'Serpentor Scenario'; wherein a superclone is created using DNA from military geniuses? Eh?
2002-02-05 11:54:27 PM  
"Go wrong? What could possibly go wrong?"

-- guy who helped build Chernobyl.
2002-02-06 01:58:38 AM  
...when clones attack...
2002-02-06 09:39:43 AM  
Personally I can't wait to get a clone of myself to harvest organs from, just grow it without a brain, leave it in some storage facility, then whenever my liver, lungs or heart finally conk out, just pop in a fresh new one.

What's so wrong with that?
2002-02-06 09:53:01 AM  
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