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(Reuters)   Kenneth Lay has run away, doo-dah doo-dah.   ( divider line
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5387 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2002 at 8:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-05 08:35:58 AM  
Excellent doo dah.

Mayhap this should be an OBVIOUS tag?
2002-02-05 08:37:39 AM  
He's hiding in a cave with Osama
2002-02-05 08:38:01 AM  

Hm. Maybe he's taken one of his corporate jets and zipped off to somewhere without an extradition treaty...
2002-02-05 08:38:37 AM  
Send the special forces in, shoot to kill.
2002-02-05 08:42:34 AM  
Via MetaFilter from yesterday?
2002-02-05 08:43:10 AM  
This looks like a job for the A-team
2002-02-05 08:44:28 AM  
do I forsee another OJ in the white Suburban chase coming....
2002-02-05 08:44:35 AM  
Sonofab*tching firewall blocks REUTERS as against company policy.. GRRRR
2002-02-05 08:45:20 AM  
"House Panel Can't Find Enron's Lay" - LOL
2002-02-05 08:52:02 AM  
FINALLY! A Doo-Dah that works!!
2002-02-05 08:52:10 AM  
that's the first appropriate use of "doo dah" I've seen in months....
2002-02-05 08:58:41 AM  
Agreed, finally a doo-dah that works!
2002-02-05 08:58:49 AM  
Wow, the correct use of the doo dah thingee. It must have 7 syllables to work. I didn't read the article cause I avoid these threads on Fark like the plague.
2002-02-05 09:00:17 AM  
crack binge.
2002-02-05 09:00:25 AM  
2002-02-05 09:01:13 AM  
"Enron's Lay faces subpoena" - CNN

Damn, it looks like the people working for Enron was just looking to get farked over, I mean, this company had it's very own assfarker, er I mean Lay.
2002-02-05 09:03:48 AM  
they can now add a picture to the entry "Smug Asshole" in Websters Dictionary.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-05 09:05:27 AM  
He's in the trunk of my car. Well, parts of him are in the trunk of my car.
2002-02-05 09:07:25 AM  
Probably holed up in the basement of the White House.
2002-02-05 09:09:23 AM  
new sitcom - "Hangin' with Cheney"
2002-02-05 09:09:25 AM  
Oh my God! They killed Kenny!

Those bastards!
2002-02-05 09:12:13 AM  
Hmmm ... does anyone still wonder if this turd-burglaring arse-spelunker is guilty?
2002-02-05 09:17:06 AM  
Kenny boy is eating Hot Pockets with that melon-head Cheney in their secret underground lair.
2002-02-05 09:20:17 AM  
So, which countries have no extradition treaty with us? And which of those have nameless bank accounts? Cuz I'd bet my 401k (HA!) that he's in one of those.
2002-02-05 09:21:45 AM  
2002-02-05 09:22:46 AM  
It rhymes too:

Kenneth Lay,
Has run away.
2002-02-05 09:25:44 AM  
So, when we find this guy (cuz you don't fark with that many americans and not be hunted), do you think we'll string him up? Or will we send him to a Federal, Pound-Me-In-The-Ass prison?
2002-02-05 09:27:07 AM  
Make him do community service by giving hand jobs to retards for 10 hours a day. That would teach him.
2002-02-05 09:29:51 AM  
Sethor - "Hmmm ... does anyone still wonder if this turd-burglaring arse-spelunker is guilty?"

I hope at least 12 people still wonder if he is guilty.
I hate to bring this up but there is this thing called a trial. I couldn't believe it when the Democrats started running adds calling Lay a "scoundrel". We haven't seen one piece of evidence, and they are willing to poison the mind of every perspective juror in America. Does anyone find this scary? Honestly, this is one of the worst cases of disregard for the legal process I have ever seen, and it is being done for political reasons. Politicians have the public's ear. Making statements and running adds condemning a person before they have had the benefit of a trial is irresponsible. Of course there was the time that Hillary called those cops in NY murderers well before their trial (during which they were acquitted) and we wonder why they booed her.
2002-02-05 09:30:54 AM  
PhillyBoy, I thought the very same thing. Is the DOJ taking lessons from the Taliban? "We are keeping close tabs on him." After all, he's so poor after the failings of Enron that he couldn't possibly afford to pay for a bus ticket out of town, much less hire a private jet to leave the country.
2002-02-05 09:32:40 AM  
I know what happened. I mentioned in a previous thread a few days ago that Lay had sold his soul to the devil in 1986 for 15 years of business success. Fifteen years are up, Satan came back to claim his due, Lay's in Hell. Simple as pie.
2002-02-05 09:33:43 AM  
Calm damn, just because you hate the Democrats doesn't mean you have to abandon logic and reason. When OJ was slowly running away from the cops in his white Bronco, did anyone seriously doubt his guilt? Same situation here. It is not your resposibility as a Conservative to defend every single asshole. Just most of em.
2002-02-05 09:35:32 AM  
Maybe he'll be the second Enron exec to be found finished off in a car somewhere.
2002-02-05 09:35:36 AM  
There's lots of places to look, though -- "destitute" Ken Lay, whose wife says he's absolutely broke, owns a $7.1 million dollar condo in Houston, four properties in Aspen, CO, nine other Houston properties, three vacation homes in Galveston...he could be ANYWHERE!
2002-02-05 09:36:09 AM  

He's off with Chucky the Pit Bull.
2002-02-05 09:36:32 AM  
I know that you're right, Capigula, that the Dems shouldn't have been spouting hearsay on the airwaves. Whoever started shoveling out that shiat before Ken Lay had a chance to even speak should be in some serious trouble. That's the role that the media has also taken, however; condemnation and exposing ALL of the facts (OK, just the ones that fit with the foregone conclusion). There's going to be a heck of a time trying to find a jury for this.
2002-02-05 09:37:39 AM  
Could be he's just decided to lay low for a while...

2002-02-05 09:38:20 AM  
I think that the country is ready for the return of "That's my Bush!" and this would be a great episode. Kenny Boy hiding in the basement with George trying to pretend he doesn't know him... that show was great, too bad they got rid of it.
2002-02-05 09:39:01 AM  
You all have Mr. Lay figured wrong. He's simply started his search for the "real defrauders".
2002-02-05 09:39:14 AM  
Capigula, I'm not on a jury right now, so I can think and that this schmuck bailed out with a buttload of cash and let (maybe forced) everyone beneath excecutive level to sink with the ship. What's perversion of justice is that although there is no evidence or accusation of any legal activity, Congress wants to break the Constitutional sheild proctecting Presidential privlige. They are constantly whining in the news that Cheney will not give up schedules and attandance roles that they sure as hell wouldn't give up in the same situations. Also, Cheney has not been asked for any relevant information that couldn't be supplied by the current leadership of Enron.
2002-02-05 09:39:58 AM  
capigula, I hate to burst your bubble, but that's the way it works in this country. The news has begun (over the last fifty years or so) to move so much faster than the judicial system that a person is tried and convicted in the court of public opinion before they face a jury. That's the way it works. The theory goes that if there is no evidence, and he is innocent, the jury will have no choice under the law but to acquit him. However, this is all moot since he hasn't even been indicted yet.
2002-02-05 09:41:19 AM  
Briefcases full of diamonds, hurried back-room plastic surgery, Sicilian forged passports, exotic locales like Tangiers, sniper rifles, sleeze-bag border motels, high-speed chases in the Italian alps.

These and more coming soon. This story just keeps getting better.
2002-02-05 09:42:53 AM  
Lurk -"Capigula
Calm damn, just because you hate the Democrats doesn't mean you have to abandon logic and reason. When OJ was slowly running away from the cops in his white Bronco, did anyone seriously doubt his guilt? Same situation here."

So if you were Kenneth Lay's lawyer, considering the fact that adds have already hit the airways professing his guilt you would advise his to go before the same people running those adds in a forum where the rules of evidence are pretty much what ever they want them to be and where these people are able to make any statement they want with nothing to stand in their way. Not in a million years.

"It is not your responsibility as a Conservative to defend every single asshole. Just most of em."

No it's not my responsibility to defend anyone. I'm not a lawyer. It is all of our responsibility to defend every citizen's right to a fair trial. Are you defending the actions of the DNC in running those ads? Do you believe it does not taint the legal process?
2002-02-05 09:43:27 AM  
Somebody check the shredder.
2002-02-05 09:44:48 AM  
>>>>>Capigula: I hope at least 12 people still wonder if he is guilty. I hate to bring this up but there is this thing called a trial.....

Trial? TRIAL???? WE DON'T NEED NO STINK'IN TRIAL! We'z all good little liberal hormone-heads, marching in goose-step like the good little robot-ants we are, and we KNOW he's guilty.

Our motto:
"Glanding, not thinking, 'cause it feels sooooo good"
2002-02-05 09:45:30 AM  
Funny, I didn't think I'd been out drinking yet today. But judging by the mistakes in my last post, I've already been on quite the bender. Woooo!

[image from too old to be available]

2002-02-05 09:48:01 AM  
Sure there is a "prosecuterial air", Kenny-Boy.

That's what happens to criminals, they get prosecuted.

You're telling me Kenny-Boy was CEO and didn't know what was going on?

DNC ads: If the RNC can run that crap about Daschle, the DNC can run those ads.

Deal with it.
2002-02-05 09:48:07 AM  
Bennyhana, "The news has begun (over the last fifty years or so) to move so much faster than the judicial system"

I'm not talking about the media. I am talking about the paid advertisements being run by the DNC. These are ads being run against Elizabeth Dole and the purpose is purely political. Doesn't everyone here find that irresponsible?
2002-02-05 09:49:29 AM  
I'd like to see a closed tribunal for Lay, maybe he'll get keelhauled and his stupid wife can go on TV and cry and lie some more.
2002-02-05 09:50:05 AM  
Funny how people keep trying to link Kennyboy to Bush.

This guy had his dirty little fingers in EVERYBODY'S pie. Demorican, and Republicat.
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