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1978 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Feb 2002 at 11:31 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-05 11:33:03 AM  
What a heart warming story...for me to poop on
2002-02-05 11:34:06 AM  
I wonder why he didn't just Toonces
2002-02-05 11:34:22 AM  
Damn! I thought I had Boobies!
Anyway, how the HELL do cats do that? I've heard stories like that before. And, howcome dogs cant do that?
2002-02-05 11:34:31 AM  
Taste the Rainbow!
2002-02-05 11:35:23 AM  
I love cats...a little garlic, some pepper...roasted till a golden brown....Mmmmmmmmmmmm, just like my momma used to make....
2002-02-05 11:35:46 AM  
Unfortunately, the family had already given him up for lost, and gotten another cat. Skittles now up for adoption at local pound.
2002-02-05 11:36:47 AM  
"Damn.. maybe if we abandon him 600 miles away..?"
2002-02-05 11:37:05 AM  
volvogirl: what about lassie!?!?!??!
2002-02-05 11:37:54 AM  
What kind of idiot takes their cat on a vacation hundreds of miles away and lets him roam around free?
2002-02-05 11:39:24 AM  
Was the cat also accompanied by an old golden retriever and a young boxer that barks like Michael J. Fox?
2002-02-05 11:39:32 AM  
Obviously didnt walk through my yard.
2002-02-05 11:42:36 AM  
More evidence that cats are smart, dogs are dumb. Dogs are merely easier to train because they're more lame-brained.

Still, dogs are by far the superior pet. Labs especially.
2002-02-05 11:42:52 AM  
Funny, no comment from Mr. Bigglesworth.
2002-02-05 11:46:04 AM  
poor mr.B aint been seen/heard since being impounded :*(
2002-02-05 11:47:49 AM  
Dogs do this too, although to what extent I'm not sure.

When I was 6 we had this dog that we'd obtained from a family across town that couldn't care for it anymore. The dog kept escaping from our yard and running the 4-5 miles across town to its old family. This happened time after time; finally we gave up and gave the dog back.

Not sure if they'd do this across states.
2002-02-05 11:50:08 AM  
Cats are smart?

Barely smarter than goldfish, my friend.
2002-02-05 11:53:46 AM  
People who abandon animals are inhumane tyrants. Any animal is a form of life, no more or less important than a human.

-he who stacks pork
2002-02-05 11:55:13 AM  
I wonder if the networks could make a game show out of the concept. "Six cats, six months, six hundred miles... who will survive?"
2002-02-05 11:55:27 AM  
This one band camp...I stuck a flute up my pussy...then she ran away...
2002-02-05 11:57:54 AM  
That reminds me of that movie, no not that one, the other one. Cat's Eye?
2002-02-05 12:04:47 PM  
What's the big Fu<king deal..? Birds and Whale's go back and forth the whole world to be reunited with family...
2002-02-05 12:06:26 PM  
Well, maybe not the whole world, but at least half...
2002-02-05 12:06:29 PM  
Why don't dogs do it? They can take a farking hint. It's those stupid cats that think they were just misplaced 300 miles away from home.
2002-02-05 12:11:47 PM  
Mr. Bigglesworth is just waiting for warmer weather to began a new season of escapades.
2002-02-05 12:13:10 PM  
This is one of those stories that makes me so pissed off when really fat people biatch about not getting lunch breaks and having to walk down a few flights of stairs to get to the candy machine. If this cat can walk that whole distance without regular kitty cat food---then a fat bastard at my office can stand to skip their huge taco bell lunch for one day. This cat is the new weight loss icon. Move over Jared!
2002-02-05 12:20:07 PM  
It was obviously a male cat. Found its way home without once asking for directions.

Probably driven by the determination to kill the entire family, for naming it Skittles.
2002-02-05 12:21:49 PM  
Quoth Leopold Porkstacker:

People who abandon animals are inhumane tyrants. Any animal is a form of life, no more or less important than a human.

Ah, this is a lovely sentiment. Why isn't there Leopold kibble for Skittles to eat? Since you're obviously just as important as the chicken/beef/pork food that you'd feed the cat. Cats and dogs are great pets, and they really can be important in a person's life. But the thought that all forms of life are equally important is just darn silly. That would mean that the use of antiseptics is wrong, since that bacteria is just as important as a human being. Not my bacon, salami-dude.
2002-02-05 12:30:04 PM  
Hey, we use to have a cat named Skittles, whats wrong with that name?
2002-02-05 12:30:04 PM  

"Cats and dogs are great pets, and they really can be important in a person's life. But the thought that all forms of life are equally important is just darn silly".

Ok- let's put it another way cats and dogs are really great pets and they are more important than YOU, Stev-o.
2002-02-05 12:36:36 PM  
There are more details on the StarTribune's "Beastly News" section.
2002-02-05 12:45:35 PM  
It would've been easier if not for this one fact.

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-05 01:04:17 PM  
The fark? That's the name of MY cat.
2002-02-05 01:05:22 PM  
Be as jaded or as top-o'-the-food-chain as you like; I am always impressed by stories like this.
2002-02-05 01:10:10 PM  
"Skittles the cat found his way home after a 350-mile journey across two states."

Last time I checked Wisconsin was right next to Minnesota...anyone else notice this obvious flaw?
2002-02-05 01:11:40 PM  
Yes, this phenomenon has been studied by scientists many times, and all they can come up with are a few guesses as to how it works, just like no one has figured out exactly how a cat can sustain its purr while beathing in and out. I don't care so much about HOW this works, as I do about THAT it works- this could be a useful tool. If a bad guy that we wish to capture, say, Osama bin Laden, has a cat, and Osama flees to go into hiding, but leaves his cat behind so that we can capture the cat, then we could attach a radio tracking device to the cat and secretly track its movements. Eventually, we would be led to Osama! It might take a while, but better late than never. This, of course, assumes that Osama has a cat. However, evil people almost always have them. (Pat Buchanan, for example)
To those who will say "that won't work, because the cat is only looking for its home!" are wrong- one of the best known cases of this is of a cat named Ginger. Ginger's family was moving to a new place about 1,500 miles away. They knew that Ginger could not stand being in a car, so they decided it would be best for Ginger if they gave her to a loving neighbor. About a week after they moved, they recieved a call from the neighbor, saying that Ginger had disappeared. A few months later, Ginger showed up at the owners' new home, rather worn out and beaten up, but otherwise okay. This cat went across state lines and was able to track her owners to a new place that she had never been to before, and did it only because the owners had gone there. All I can say is, if you had a cat, Osama, then you had better watch out!
2002-02-05 01:20:19 PM  
Crazy_girl - AMEN! Down with the fatties!!!

-he who stacks pork
2002-02-05 02:02:38 PM  
I'm going to name my kid "Charmin". I wonder if that's supposed to be like "charming" or like the toilet paper.
2002-02-05 02:23:32 PM  
Any word on Tommy the Cat?

[image from too old to be available]

2002-02-05 02:48:17 PM  
NewBuhhhrito: They probally live on the northern edge of Minnesota, and was vacationing in Southern Wisconsin. You'd be crossing two states to get home at that point.
2002-02-05 02:54:47 PM  
Cheshire_cat_sf - I believe that Tommy the Cat was quoted as saying:

Say baby do you wanna lay down with me?
Say baby do you wanna lay down by my side?
Say baby do you wanna lay down with me?
Say baby?

-he who stacks pork
2002-02-05 03:41:21 PM  
That's very noble of the cat, but this all came about when the family just left him in Wisconsin because he didn't come right away when they were packing up the car.

If I was that cat, I'd look for a more responsible family to be devoted to.
2002-02-05 04:09:20 PM  
2002-02-05 04:11:39 PM  
Gay cgi
2002-02-05 04:12:19 PM
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