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(New Scientist)   Women can learn to smell better, but men can't   ( divider line
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4299 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Feb 2002 at 8:38 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-04 08:41:14 PM  
*sniff, sniff*
2002-02-04 08:42:18 PM  
My wife tells me this all the time........
2002-02-04 08:42:31 PM  
Mom, do you ever get that not so fresh feeling?
2002-02-04 08:42:37 PM  
We're just stinky bastards.
2002-02-04 08:43:26 PM  
This is obvious?
2002-02-04 08:44:08 PM  
Two things immediately came to mind with this article:

The sight of police with drug-sniffing women on leashes at airports.


Bobbi Fleckman: "You put a greased, naked woman on all fours with a dog collar around her neck. And a man's arm extended out, pushing a black glove in her face, forcing her to sniff it. You don't find that sexist? You don't find that offensive?!"
2002-02-04 08:46:13 PM  
A man & a woman are standing at the bus stop. The man turns to the woman & says "Excuse me...can I smell your pussy?"

The woman gasps "Certainly not!"

The man replies " must be your feet then."
2002-02-04 08:47:12 PM  
They're just lookin' for men who smell like their fathers
2002-02-04 08:48:22 PM  
My wife raids my closet and says my clean shirts that one!
2002-02-04 08:51:33 PM  
I blame Beer and Microwave Beritos. I can clear a room after that combo.

Even the dog leaves.
2002-02-04 08:59:24 PM  
Uh...yeah...I've always known that....I guess. I guess everyone knows that, or there wouldn't be an obvious tag.
2002-02-04 09:00:49 PM  
Sushi, anyone?
2002-02-04 09:14:27 PM  
"Exposure to a smell doesn't sensitise the women to every odour out there, but rather only to the specific one being tested, they found."

Guess I'll try that beano stuff as a Valentine's gift to my wife.
2002-02-04 09:17:22 PM  
Who wants to smell butter? oh wait.. better..
2002-02-04 09:17:51 PM  
You can tell
By the smell
That she isn't feeling well
When the end of the month comes around!
2002-02-04 09:28:24 PM  
This is kinda gay, but with a cool twist maybe
2002-02-04 09:33:50 PM  
interesting article, but i have to echo Nate's statement. how in hell is this obvious? maybe "interesting" or maybe even "spiffy".
2002-02-04 09:49:42 PM  
Hey honey, I am going to need your help in the pig barn. We need to shovel the manure, shower the hogs and then head out to the slough where the water drains and unclog the drain.

By the way honey, what was this talk about being able to smell things better then me?
2002-02-04 09:58:23 PM  
My wife has no nose.

How does she smell?

2002-02-04 10:18:49 PM  
Picasso knew what he was doing, didn't he? :) Is this, or is this not photoshop material?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-04 10:18:57 PM  
What, this is obvious?
2002-02-04 10:19:50 PM  
Woah.. Mods, could you please delete that post? It looked smaller before I posted it. Sorry. :(
2002-02-04 10:28:40 PM  
Trying again, though it's kinda un-funnied, now.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-04 10:30:57 PM  

10 hours til I leave for the parade, farkahs!
2002-02-04 10:37:50 PM  
Maybe this explains why my wife has the tendency to sniff my ass
2002-02-04 10:39:16 PM  
Moral of the story: Everyone should make it a point to try and smell better
2002-02-04 10:40:25 PM  
7 Am for me....
I love a parade.
2002-02-04 10:46:35 PM  
is that the parade for the Patriots? Hooray !!
2002-02-04 10:51:48 PM  
That is interesting. It's like they have a filter in their brain for "Things to get pissed about". The less things there are to get pissed about, the lower the filter gets set until one day they smell mold in the garbage and go on a murderous rampage...

very interesting.
2002-02-04 11:24:10 PM  
Having read the article, subject vs. object: the big debate!
2002-02-04 11:30:52 PM  
I don't buy it. The results could have been skewed by this little tidbit: I've noticed that women's sense of smell improves dramatically around the time they're ovulating.

Fun fact: I apparently smell like paper fresh out of the photocopier.
2002-02-04 11:37:31 PM  
I'm a man and I've learned how to smell batter.
2002-02-04 11:53:35 PM  
I prefer to think of it as musk, not stank
2002-02-05 12:14:03 AM  
Nothing will make me smell better--I'm "downright offensive".
2002-02-05 12:22:26 AM  
And why does women's sense of smell improve in the period around ovulation? To sniff out a good place to lay eggs?

I'm curious, really.
2002-02-05 12:27:46 AM  
And for our German friends:

Hitler: "Mein Hund hat keine nase."
Gøring: "Aber wie riecht er?"
Hitler: "Schrecklich!"

My german teacher is spinning in her grave, I'm sure.
2002-02-05 12:35:53 AM  
This must be the reason that my husband can't smell stinky garbage and I can.
2002-02-05 12:46:40 AM  
I think most women smell pretty good... even the stinky parts.
2002-02-05 01:31:31 AM  
I wish someone would teach my dog to smell better.
2002-02-05 06:21:38 AM  
Women will like what I tell them to like.
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