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(NewsMax)   Enrongate getting twice as much media as Whitewater   ( divider line
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1590 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Feb 2002 at 8:17 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-04 08:19:14 PM  
Well, the media has nothing else to focus on. I seem to recall Blowjobgate getting a lot of attention to.
2002-02-04 08:20:16 PM  
enrongate? what genius came up with that?
2002-02-04 08:21:33 PM  
The same people that give us the news everyday.
2002-02-04 08:22:37 PM  
They can be as slanted as they want to... more power to 'em...

...but for coining the term "Enrongate," they should burn in the fiery pits of hell.
2002-02-04 08:23:27 PM  
NewsMax: Damn dirty liberals! They've done horrible stuff! And no one blames THEM! What's a couple hojillion dollars between old golfing buddies, anyways?

Just one more attempt by a political body to try and shunt attention away from the proverbial "hand in the cookie jar". No one wants to think that THEIR precious politician is involved in this little debacle, so why not just blame it on whoever sits opposite you in the Senate hall?
2002-02-04 08:23:45 PM  
of course........this involves the conservative..... They always have a huge target on them.
2002-02-04 08:27:31 PM  
Don't forget, it's all the scandal-oriented liberal's fault. Oh yeah, it's NewsMax, so add Clinton to the list of people whose fault it is.
2002-02-04 08:28:36 PM  
Just wondering....

Did anything illegal happen when Enron went bankrupt?
2002-02-04 08:28:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
A new kitty for photoshops
2002-02-04 08:29:04 PM  
Compared to Enron, Whitewater was peanuts. & yeah, it's NewsMax
2002-02-04 08:31:26 PM  
Nice kitty!
2002-02-04 08:31:38 PM  
You can see it coming from a mile away.
3 months of this crap till someone kills about 3 thousand more people, then it will be "Oh my God... we never saw it coming! We have been awakened from worrying about petty things and blah, blah, blah"
Those who do not learn from the past are condemed to add the word "gate" to it.
2002-02-04 08:32:56 PM  
Drew Curtis's Enron.

[Yep, gonna beat it to death one article at a time....]
2002-02-04 08:35:17 PM  
Ya know.. the internet and Lexis/Nexis was alot smaller in 1993 than in 2001.

But that COULDN'T have been a reason for these findings. :)

2002-02-04 08:36:00 PM  
I have not read the article, but if the title is reflective if its content it is bullshiat. Whitewatter was in the news DAILY for what 8years? I know the Enron stuff is being shoved up Bush's ass more than he probably merits, but that it is getting any more press than Whitewater is total BS.
2002-02-04 08:36:09 PM  
Yeah, because I'm sure this being the largest bankruptcy in history has nothing to do with all of the press coverage at all. How many people knew what whitewater was or really even cared? How many people know what Enron is and the gravity of the situation since they're now broke? I don't think it's bias.
2002-02-04 08:37:07 PM  
Considering it's 10x the scandal, then yeah, I agree with Newsmax's premise, it is under-reported and there's still a whole lot of reporting to do. It's nice of Newsmax to bring this to light, and hopefully the liberally-biased media will finally start doing their job.

(Hey, if you can't have fun with this crap, why bother?)

What's with the Big Print? Why don't they also just format their text onto lined notebook paper in a crayon font?
2002-02-04 08:40:11 PM  
Whitewater was irrelevant and obscure.
Enron resulted in a lot of regular Joe's getting the shaft due to, at best, "creative" accounting. It's getting more play because it's got more teeth than Whitewater did.
2002-02-04 08:40:58 PM  
The important question is when is someone going to get to the bottom of Newsmaxgate??? I smell trouble...
2002-02-04 08:41:09 PM  
Interesting note, Newsmax has 15,421 articles with Clinton and Whitewater in them. They also have 14,785 articles containing Enron and Bush. Given how long the Watergate scandle took and how little time this Enron thing has been going on I'd say that Newsmax is guilty of the same thing they accuse the "Liberal Media" of.
2002-02-04 08:44:50 PM  
Just wondering....
Did anything illegal happen when Enron went bankrupt?

Most likely, the answer is "yes". Which is why suddenly none of the Enron muckety-mucks want to testify under oath...
2002-02-04 08:45:21 PM  
"I admit it: the liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures."
- William Kristol, former chief of staff for VP Dan Quayle
2002-02-04 08:46:42 PM  
lets not forget that this is the largest bankruptcy in the history of the US... damn straight it should get more coverage than whitewatergate that didnt effect nearly as many people, or the economy as this scandal.
2002-02-04 08:48:14 PM  
'A Lexis-Nexis search of available reports from Dec. 2, 2001 - the date Enron declared bankruptcy - and Sunday, Feb. 3, produced 8,858 print and television stories mentioning Enron and President Bush, with nearly 5,000 of those coming in the last two weeks alone.

Beginning on Dec. 20, 1993 - when the Clinton White House admitted that Whitewater files were removed from the office of the late deputy White House counsel Vince Foster on the night he died - through Feb. 21, 1994, the mainstream press devoted less than half as much coverage to Whitewater and Clinton - just 3,297 reports.'

Lexis/Nexis reports on reports from the internet will always be slanted to more recent articles, since more publications are around to publish reports.

END OF STORY, This story is BS. :)

Sorta like how Rush declared 2001, the 15th coolest year ever since 1978, even if it was the SIXTH warmest year.

2002-02-04 08:48:19 PM  
Gore also took campaign contributions from Enron; this would have been a scandal for either Administration.
2002-02-04 08:49:54 PM  
I would like to know what these illegal things are. I haven't heard of them yet. Why isnt the media paying attention to that other bankruptcy of that company... forgot what its called but it was the 4th largest bankruptcy in history. And this company was rooted in deep with the Democrats.
2002-02-04 08:50:03 PM  
At least there was an actual political connection in whitewater.

Poor liberals can't find any connection with enron. Waaaaaaaahhhh
2002-02-04 08:50:30 PM  
Expect the attacks to continue... First it was Big Tobacco, then Big Oil, now it is simply Big Money. Expect the attacks to continue in direct proportion to Bush's astronomical popularity. The leftist scum are getting their hinders kicked and they will fight back, as expected.

I agree with Tetrasutra... Let me know when something illegal happens. Retards who get burnt after blindly enslaving themselves to their employers do not count.
2002-02-04 08:52:59 PM  
And this is important because? This is like writing an article "Smallpox sweeps the Indian Subcontinent and kills off 85% of the population, media still silent and apathetic to my mom coming down with the flu over the weekend."
2002-02-04 08:55:29 PM  
Newbaca, that is the worst analogy I have ever heard in my life.

Nobody died during the Enron collapse, except that suicidal guy. Nobody was murdered.
2002-02-04 08:55:53 PM  
EVERYTHING today gets more media coverage than it would have in the past. WE HAVE A ZILLION NEWS NETWORKS NOW. I think the media as a whole was semi-civilized in 70s, but today its just nothing but a 3 ring circus. Lets forget that every other news story today ALSO gets much more exposure than it would have 30 years ago, because the media has done nothing but become more exploitive and trashy as the years go by. And, it appears, more biased......

Let's compare Enron to a news story more recent, like the infamous white house blow job. That got even MORE media attention and at least there no one got hurt, except maybe pride.

I refuse to read this article. NewsMax is as factural and accurate as the stories of Bat Boy.
2002-02-04 08:56:34 PM  
Guess you forgot about whitewater. It was whitewater this and that and in the end it was about nothing much. This enron is big news cause it screwed almost everyone with a 401k. A lot bigger deal than a couple of crappy river front lots in Arkansas. It is even a bigger deal than Clinton getting a hummer from a fat girl, then again what isn't?

get off Bush's back. That guy at the DNC made 18 million of Global Crossing. We still need to execute Ken Lay and those Arthur anderson crooks.
2002-02-04 08:56:35 PM  

Enron: Biggest bankruptcy in history, thousands of people lose their life savings, crooked executives make out like bandits.

Whitewater: A bit of real estate in ARkansas.

And NewsMax wants these to be covered equally? Seems balanced to me.

2002-02-04 08:57:37 PM  
Big Media sucks giant flaming donkey balls
2002-02-04 08:59:24 PM  
That whole "gate" thing has to stop. Gate does not mean scandal. Fortunately, we have a word for scandal: "scandal."
2002-02-04 08:59:56 PM  
RobbieFal: the guys from Rush are weathermen now? I guess you have to keep your career going somehow..
2002-02-04 09:02:13 PM  
-02 08:50:03 PM Hoosier
At least there was an actual political connection in whitewater.

Poor liberals can't find any connection with enron. Waaaaaaaahhhh

I remember Ken Starr saying there wasn't anything wrong with the Clinton's dealings in Whitewater. It was McDougal's. Not much of a connection. About as bad as bush and lay. Real Thin.
2002-02-04 09:03:16 PM  
Tetrasutra, it's not supposed to be a literal comparison. That's why they're analogies.

I was just mentioning, it's a question of scale. Comparing a relatively obscure thing, which may or may not have had any substance and was of very little importance, to a corporate culture in what used to be the seventh largest company in the US which bilked millions from investors, employees, and taxpayers; and also had a huge stake in all matters of politics for the last four years or so is indeed quite a bit bigger than some real estate deal that went south. Trying to compare the two is completely disingenious. Perhaps Clinton was touched by Whitewater. But the nearly the entire body of government was touched by Enron since they gave out money like it was going out of style to just about anyone with their hands out.
2002-02-04 09:04:39 PM  
Only twice as much? That's not much, considering we have at least twice as much media today as we did then.
2002-02-04 09:06:34 PM  
naw, nothing illegal happened. everybody is going to be taking the fifth just because it's the thing to do nowadays.

Why, I remember when I was a youngster following the Maria Halpin scandal, reading the Gazette and wearing an onion on my belt--which was the style at the time--and thinking boy I think those St. Louis Maroons can really play this year. Now to take the ferry cost a nickel...
2002-02-04 09:11:01 PM  
02-04-02 09:04:39 PM Bonobo62
Only twice as much? That's not much, considering we have at least twice as much media today as we did then.

yeah and I don't remember millions of stockholders get ripped in Whitewateron.

Btw ken lay is still flying around on the enron jet even though they are broke. He says it is more efficient than commerical. Where has he got to be? Another shreading party?
2002-02-04 09:11:04 PM  
Conservatives are stupidheads.

HAHAHA!! Did anyone see that? In a knee-jerk reaction to a FARK story, I made a gross overgeneralization about a class of people that numbers well over a hundred million. Additionally, I used the opportunity to make fun of the entire class's intelligence as though each member were just another in a vast collective. I didn't bother to consider the fact that because I'm a liberal, my viewpoint of conservatives might be slightly skewed. I didn't consider the concept that all my friends think like I do, which is why we have ended up being friends, so it seems to me that everyone else who thinks differently is simply, well, dumb. Why, there's no time for thought - heck, there's no time to read the story! - when it comes to posting. It's not the content of your message, after all... it's how quickly you posted it.

Behold my superior powers of observation and belittlement, for I am a FARK troll.
2002-02-04 09:12:39 PM  
From a Washington Post article on the Enron board's internal report on the scandal (it's release Saturday being the primary reason Ken Lay failed to testify before Congress today):

'Columbia law professor professor John C. Coffee said the report lays the groundwork for "an old-fashioned, plain-vanilla fraud against Kopper and Fastow."

"I think this is ging to significantly enhance the prospect of criminal indictments in their case," Coffee said. If the facts stated in the reports are true, "this is into the zone of active fraud."'

Again, this is a reaction to Enron's internal report, not any external investigation. It's still a little early for actual indictments at this point.

Here's a question, while we're at it: if any Bushies are involved in any bad behavior related to any of this, will a special prosecutor be allowed as much time and money as Ken Starr got to sniff Clinton's underwear?
2002-02-04 09:23:20 PM  
WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Mommy, big mean liberal media not fair to me on playground today!

Dude, did anyone stop to wonder how many MORE news outlets there are today than in 1993? And what's with the complaining about the New York Times? They're the ones who broke the Whitewater story in the first place... and on their front page no less.

Despite my left-leaning attitudes, I've been known to watch Fox News fairly often, and believe me, they've got PLENTY of Enron coverage themselves. Hell, that was the them of tonight's O'Reilly Factor (though of course he figured out a way to roast the Democrats).
2002-02-04 09:23:45 PM  
Is it just me, or whenever someone pleads the 5th nowadays, its the equivalent of saying "I'm very very guilty of something related to what you're asking me about."?

I guess thats why I'm not a judge "Don't want to self incriminate huh? So, you are guilty."
2002-02-04 09:24:26 PM  
2002-02-04 09:31:53 PM  
Newsmax is conveniently forgetting to look at the ratio of Whitewater articles to the rest of the news. That will tell you how much it's being reported. If, for the sake of argument, 50% of all news articles were about Whitewater, and 50% of articles are about Enron, then the Enron figure will be bigger because 50% of 100 is smaller than 50% of 1000. That, and they also give us quantity of articles, but what kind of articles is Lexus-Nexus picking up?

Everyone knew about Whitewater.

Oh, and even if there is more reporting for this case, its because this wasn't about a scandal that took place years before, this happened while the administration was IN OFFICE! Not to mention, there are a whole lot of people who GOT SCREWED! That's why I'm writing in ALL CAPS! That, and I've LOST MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT. I think I will LIE DOWN and TAKE A NAP.

I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
2002-02-04 09:34:14 PM  
Why don't we combine the two names? Enron and Whitewater.

Michael Jackson
2002-02-04 09:37:15 PM  
I think it's time these folks shed their staid, conservative ways and just start calling themselves NewsmaXXX. It'd just be so much sexier.
2002-02-04 09:37:15 PM  
I don't understand something here. Why does Drew post this stuff anyway? NewsMax articles are basically troll-bait. It's not news. It's not even well-reasoned conservative punditry. I mean there is the humour value I suppose. It's just that every NewsMax article is like taking a piece of raw meat and throwing it into a pack of hungry wild dogs.
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