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2002-02-04 02:42:19 PM  
big bird to be pimp
2002-02-04 02:42:57 PM  
"Journey to Ernie", I like the sound of that.
2002-02-04 02:45:13 PM  
Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street
2002-02-04 02:46:23 PM  
This show jumped the shark when Mr. Hooper died and Big Bird cried. They should raze his store and put up a Starbucks.
2002-02-04 02:46:38 PM  
While your at do you get to llama school?
2002-02-04 02:46:43 PM  
This comment is brought to you by the letters 'A' and 'K' and the number '47'.
2002-02-04 02:48:48 PM  
Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letters F and U.
2002-02-04 02:49:31 PM  
I will never forgive them for replacing the original theme song with that new-fangled version. Kids today.

*waves cane* And get off my lawn, you hooligans!
2002-02-04 02:52:51 PM  
Ahhh, the "Electric Company" was a better show anyway....
2002-02-04 02:55:16 PM  
I remember Mr. Hooper dying.
I remember when Mr. Snuffalupagus(sp) was still believed to be imaginary by the other characters.
I remember wanting to chase after Barkley and hide behind trees in that place with blue skys and rolling green hills.
And the original theme song...

2002-02-04 02:55:46 PM  
"In the story, Elmo is scared when there's a fire at Hooper's Store, so firefighters invite him to take a tour of their firehouse. He feels much safer afterward."

That's like being afraid of cancer, visiting a hospital, then feeling better. That's insane.
2002-02-04 02:56:23 PM  
So now they expect kids as young as two years old to ask questions about the sexuality of Bert and Ernie? Is it Bert that take a Journey to Ernie?

On that note, what of the rumour that Bert died?
2002-02-04 02:58:25 PM  
Nothing can touch Square One though.
2002-02-04 02:58:59 PM  
"You don't want it to be, ' "Sesame Street" -- that was a great show,' " he says. "You want it to be that it is."

Good thing we have this guy educating our kids........
2002-02-04 02:59:32 PM  
Bert to become rainbow waiving steel worker, Ernie to "get the AIDS" and teach kids the importance of taking their AZT cocktail 3, 4, 5 times a day.

I'm off to fish for muppets.
2002-02-04 03:00:19 PM  
So, the Journey to Ernie presumably doesn't involve this Ernie, right?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-04 03:01:26 PM  
Anyone remember Slim Good Body on PBS?

That was a Farked up show.
2002-02-04 03:02:27 PM  
Ernie's new rubber duckie:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-04 03:03:48 PM  
Sesame Street just isn't the same anymore. Remember those trippy songs they would do about letters and numbers? Like the one with the letter N from outer space? What happened? Don't kids use hallucinagens anymore???
2002-02-04 03:04:30 PM  
I just hope we finally get to see Maria's boobies. IVe been waiting about 20 years for that!
2002-02-04 03:04:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-04 03:05:12 PM  
"Journey In-to Ernie"

Ewwwww. Unclean. Uncleeeeaaan!
2002-02-04 03:05:15 PM  

Hell, yeah!

[image from too old to be available]

But he has since lost the 'fro and replaced it with a quasi-mullet:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-04 03:05:26 PM  
02-04-02 02:55:16 PM Kidzero7I remember Mr. Hooper dying.
I remember when Mr. Snuffalupagus(sp) was still believed to be imaginary by the other characters.
I remember wanting to chase after Barkley and hide behind trees in that place with blue skys and rolling green hills.
And the original theme song...

I have you beat. I remember when Oscar was orange, when Big Bird was a retard who spoke with a nasal accent, when Gordon was more white than black, and when Cookie Monster only ate Thin Mints(tm).
2002-02-04 03:06:03 PM  
I went on a field trip in second grade to the local science museum, where we got to see that Slimbody freak give a little presentation while he pranced around in that skintight evicerated corpse jumpsuit. *shudder*
2002-02-04 03:08:09 PM  
Thatguy: Those pics!! HA The memories are flooding back. Man, That suit didn't leave much to the imagination.
Seriously funny
2002-02-04 03:08:45 PM  
Whenever there's trouble will be there on the double cuz we're the bloodhound gang. Contact is the reason for the la la da........I cant remember!! LONG LIVE 3 2 1 ! CONTACT
2002-02-04 03:09:18 PM  
I like Slim's new highlights
2002-02-04 03:11:39 PM  
...or "The Secret Adventures of O" starring the Count
2002-02-04 03:12:25 PM  
*sighs thinking about the good ol' days of watching Sesame Street, Electric Company, and 3-2-1 Contact*

*sighs again*
2002-02-04 03:12:54 PM  
All the characters of Sesame street give me the creeps. I mean, come on, talking puppets? puppets aren't supposed to talk.
2002-02-04 03:14:38 PM  
Ouro: you take Pico, to Colorado, to Las Palmas.
Something like that.

I learned a lot of stuff from Sesame Street as a child.
Now it is incredibly dumbed down, as is most television
(insiders admit that today's programming is geared toward
approximately a sixth grade education level--explains
in part why people seem so stupid now, as well as much of
the content of Fark's threads).

Basically, Elmo killed it.
2002-02-04 03:14:41 PM  
So I'm looking for a picture of Morgan Freeman on The Electric Company, and instead I came across this poster my wife designed.

[image from too old to be available]

Remember: studio marketing people ALWAYS pick the floating heads in the sky poster. If you can remember this, you too can have a career in entertainment advertising. It works for my family, and it can for yours!
2002-02-04 03:15:47 PM  
ELMO, ELMO, ELMO- what happend to Grover?
Waiter, theres a FLY in my soup!
2002-02-04 03:16:10 PM  
(incidentally, the directions in "Llama School" are
actually directions to the MTV studios in LA, IIRC.)
2002-02-04 03:17:26 PM  
"Sesame Street," which was loosely modeled after the old variety show "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" ...

I think they're confusing "Sesame Street" with "The Muppet Show" here. "The Muppet Show" was based on "Laugh-In," not "Sesame Street."

2002-02-04 03:19:02 PM  
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me.
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me.
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me.
Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C.


Do you hate it when your grandma kissing you?
You know what, well me too?
And if you love to see a garbage truck roll by
You know what, well so do I...
And if you think a great big pile of fark is pretty
and that wheaton is as yucky as can be
And if you're happiest whenever you're complaining,
then you're a grouch like me!!!!

My favorite part of old Sesame street is when the cook would sing, "Ten Custard Cakes!" and then fall down all the steps, getting the desserts everywhere.
2002-02-04 03:19:07 PM  
I can't believe nobody's posted this yet:

The New Look For Sesame Street:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-04 03:20:48 PM  
I hereby declare a nap time for everyone in Farkistan. After that, we all have milk and cookies. Then, it's out to the playground until we decide to go home.
2002-02-04 03:23:59 PM  
sigh... sesame street used to be the muppet show lite... like... the same humor... but less violence... it used to parody old 60s songs... used to be actually a good show! now... its so.... so simple minded.... it used to be working at one level to teach kids things like numbers... then going off haveing almost MORE things on other levels... and thats why kids would watch it... everyone likes things that have more to them... than what you get... simpsons is famous just because of that... you can tell... there is always more going on than is going on.
2002-02-04 03:24:27 PM  
Sesame street is sacred!!! First saturday Morning cartoons and now this!?!?! PLEASE someone help this country!!!! We Need a hero! One fresh from the fight!!! When is the revolution coming to educate and enlighten our fellow man??!! Next they will be targeting the Simpsons and that just cant happen or the coolest people are going to wither and die! So Please someone HELP!!!!!
2002-02-04 03:26:11 PM  

SLIM GOODBODY -> Yep, he caused me a great deal of displeasure when I was younger.

I was about 5 or 6. My mother was downstaires washing clothes and I was upstairs watching him. Spur of the moment I took permanent markers/pens and drew veins and bones all over myself. I spent the next 2 hours in the bathtub while my mother scrubbed away 4 layers of my skin using Comet. Not fun! :)
2002-02-04 03:27:55 PM  
I remember watching Sesame Street and Kermit was doing one of those newsflash things and he was interviewing the invisible man, who was a hat that danced around...And toward the end, there were several dancing hats, and as the screen went to black, Kermit asked, "You are wearing clothes, right?"
2002-02-04 03:30:04 PM  
Will *Evil Bert* be involved?
2002-02-04 03:34:51 PM  
"Journey to Ernie"... the 5-minute segment in which Ernie helps Bert and young viewers to explore alternate lifestyles and try new and exciting Kama Sutra positions!
2002-02-04 03:35:06 PM  
So when are we gonna finally see a "Facts of Life" type show? Imagine Maria taking a ride on Telly. I'd pay to see that.
2002-02-04 03:36:44 PM  
Poster who is First: glad someone got the reference. Didn't know about the MTV studios thing.
2002-02-04 03:39:58 PM  
Chillinthemost: I too remember SlimGoodbody and had the joy of seeing him in person. I think that explains alot.
VYV [TotalFark]
2002-02-04 03:47:53 PM  
2002-02-04 03:51:02 PM  
I have seen the new format.

They have a lot of those tickers at the bottom of the screen giving the kids extra information.
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