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(Google)   Gmail: This is the thread to give them away and beg for them. Keep the gmail comments out of the other threads, please   ( divider line
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18061 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Sep 2004 at 10:09 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-01 12:04:54 PM  
Sexist Farker DonSlice sez:

Girls email me (do­n­s­l­ice[nospam-﹫-backwards]liamg*co­m). All I want is a sign picture that says "DonSlice gave me gmail." Must include your face. :P
2004-09-01 12:04:54 PM  
Hooray for ThatThereFunnyLookingGuy!! After an hour and a half of non-stop cut and pasting, filling out that form only to be leap frogged, and emailing I finally got one.

When I get some invites I'll give them to farkers.
2004-09-01 12:04:57 PM  
Ach! Mein monkey is in ein Fatherland and I have no means of communicating with him. Please donate a gmail that we may keep our transatlantic forbidden love afloat.

2004-09-01 12:05:04 PM  
heh nevermind, i'm all out :)
2004-09-01 12:05:12 PM  
here's an invite:
2004-09-01 12:05:20 PM  
Thanks territ!!!!
2004-09-01 12:05:45 PM  
I've got three. Ask for them at jodamiller at gmail dot com.
2004-09-01 12:06:11 PM  
wow...okay, I definitely missed something...I didn't know what made g-mail such a crazy topic...meh, I'll stay in the dark.
2004-09-01 12:06:16 PM  
I got one!

Many thanks to halobender. I will be posting invites soon.
2004-09-01 12:06:16 PM
2004-09-01 12:06:18 PM  
I've sent out a ton of emails, tried a ton of links, and still no luck. Will somebody please help a gmail needy farker?


I promise to love you forever.
2004-09-01 12:06:42 PM  
5 invites available, may come from another account. First 5 pic emails that impress to hellfire.ike AT get them.
2004-09-01 12:06:42 PM  
Come on you doodes can do better than that! I said the coolest pic in the world! Still got one left.... adam0010 at gmail dot com
2004-09-01 12:07:30 PM  
If anybody has one to spare, aspoo­l­om­asonli­ne[nospam-﹫-backwards]lia­mt­oh*com

/No penis enlargement, please.
2004-09-01 12:07:34 PM  
Since I got my account from a generous farker by begging on a similar thread months ago, I will now share the love with other farkers.

The first 4 people to send email to the addy in my profile will get an invite.
2004-09-01 12:07:45 PM  
I've got 3 to give out. I prefer natural women who don't need to eat a sammich (but don't break the 150 lb barrier :)

cracKness at gmail dot com
2004-09-01 12:07:50 PM  
Whew! That was fun! Sorry I couldn't help more of you out. I'll post again once I crack the password for my other gmail account that likely has more.
2004-09-01 12:07:57 PM  
Atticus, from WPI? Is your monkey named Ben?

/I dont know....
2004-09-01 12:08:01 PM  
ok, all mine are gone. thanks for playing.
2004-09-01 12:08:01 PM  
someone should take the time to tally up the number of links posted here. id be curious to know how many invites have been given out.

/already have gmail, 0 invites.
2004-09-01 12:08:19 PM  
thanks spooter!
2004-09-01 12:08:19 PM  
thanks everyone--no more marty_bodine---hope others get them all are too farking awesome
2004-09-01 12:08:21 PM  
i have plenty just email me. Befoe I had to beg for one, now I have to beg to give them away. Pretty soon I be offering pics of my man-boobs to whoever will take them.
2004-09-01 12:08:41 PM  
5 to give.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-09-01 12:08:54 PM  

I just sent one.
2004-09-01 12:08:56 PM  
Me needs an account!
Oh puh-leeze!

2004-09-01 12:09:07 PM  
I have six. If you're reading this later than 12:30pm EST, don't bother.
2004-09-01 12:09:13 PM  
Anyone who wants one, e-mail me with your name at c­li­ckma­n­[nospam-﹫-backwards]l­iamg*co­m.
2004-09-01 12:09:20 PM  
If I had a gmail account, I'd use it for world peace. Well... no I wouldn't, but i'd use it :) Please???

elynngault_1 @
2004-09-01 12:09:51 PM  
G-mail invites are selling for around 0.01$ on ebay. There really isn't any need to be begging for them. I mean who can't afford 1 cent?
2004-09-01 12:09:54 PM  
Ok, they're all gone! Thanks for stopping by.
2004-09-01 12:09:59 PM  
gmail[nospam-﹫-backwards]llu­gae­sgn­ima­ercs*c­om wants one, too! But if he had friends, he'd have one already.

Oh well..
2004-09-01 12:10:10 PM  
I've got six invites. Anyone who needs one, e-mail me at:


Check the thread to see if I've posted about running out before you e-mail me, though.
2004-09-01 12:10:11 PM  
I've got a couple to spare. Send me a a boobies shot of a good-looking redheaded female, and ye shall receive.
2004-09-01 12:10:12 PM  
Email me at david(dot)osit(at)gmail(dot)com with THE FUNNIEST JOKE I WILL EVER HEAR, and my one available invite is yours.
2004-09-01 12:10:17 PM  
I'm out of invites - took all of about two page refreshes. If you don't get one from me then better luck with someone else.
2004-09-01 12:10:17 PM  


Thank you kind farker
2004-09-01 12:10:23 PM  
I have four left

at anouther account in exchane for an honest critique of the first three chapters of a first draft novel.

The novel is fiction based on my time spent in Bosnia.

If interested email me at

neanderthal (dot) creations (at) gmail (dot) com
2004-09-01 12:10:24 PM  
Wendell -- you are the man!! Many thanks, kind sir.
2004-09-01 12:10:29 PM  
Sheesh, gmail invites are soooo yesterday :-)
2004-09-01 12:10:36 PM  
I have 6. sab866
2004-09-01 12:10:39 PM  
m­y­dog­hasno­no­s­e[nospam-﹫-backwards]loa*co­m wants an invite
2004-09-01 12:11:02 PM  
I've got a couple to spare. Send me a a boobies shot of a good-looking redheaded female, and ye shall receive.

avrocanuck (atmark)
2004-09-01 12:11:09 PM  
I don't have any invites yet, but I thought I would get on here and brag that you are now looking at teh proud owner of


Thanks crimethink. You're a stud. And looking at my user name, you can take that any way you want to.
2004-09-01 12:11:13 PM  
Now that I have been hooked do I get invites for others?

/GMAIL Virgin
2004-09-01 12:11:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Something this cute must deserve gmail! as­pool­o­maso­nl­i­ne[nospam-﹫-backwards]liam­toh­*c­om please! The hedgehog begs you!
2004-09-01 12:11:39 PM  
can you send one to me for somereason i can't send email but can recieve need to figure out what the hell is up with the company email server

offer of free beer at vodoofest in new orleans if you come to the liquid magazine booth still stands
ron1 at
help a brother out and the good karma will flow in the form of beer
2004-09-01 12:11:40 PM  
Help me get one of those F***ing Ipods and I will give you a gmail. Just email my gmail.

yes I am a loser.
2004-09-01 12:11:41 PM  
Sorry, BelKimi, you snooze, you lose.

waldopopper, check your e-mail.
2004-09-01 12:11:51 PM  
I have 5 gmail accounts. I rule!
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