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(Google)   Gmail: This is the thread to give them away and beg for them. Keep the gmail comments out of the other threads, please   ( divider line
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18061 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Sep 2004 at 10:09 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-09-01 11:27:27 AM  
Sto lat Zdrowie! Ja nie mam Gmail, ala moze nie dlugo!
2004-09-01 11:27:44 AM  
h t t p (colon) (forward slash) (forward slash) g m a i l (dot) g o o g l e (dot) c o m (forward slash) g m a i l (forward slash) a (hyphen) e e a 2 9 6 b b 9 f (hyphen) 9 2 2 e 6 e a f 9 e (hyphen) 4 c 1 f b c a 4 9 9

Who's THIS desperate??
2004-09-01 11:27:49 AM  
I so would Be your slave for one
2004-09-01 11:27:49 AM  
I'll mirror the "if your a farkette and want 5 accounts send me some pics" offer.. first farkette to send to dapharmer1 at gmail dot com gets em.
2004-09-01 11:27:52 AM  
Thanks for the account. Fark Rocks!!!
2004-09-01 11:28:08 AM  
Let's forego the usual 'Email me-Email you' charade and get right to the point:

The very existence of our Universe depends on you inviting me to gmail. I realize this is hard to accept, but you must trust me, or we are doomed.

For the sake of all that you hold dear, the right thing.

sapphirepairs [at]
2004-09-01 11:28:22 AM  
Jesus, ok, I got 6 more with my "secondary" gmail account

Send an email to farkov(at)gmail(.)com with the top 5 reasons why I should give you an account. Top 6 submissions will be granted an account at 10am Mountain Time
2004-09-01 11:28:27 AM  
I also got 6 remaining...cgales at gmail dot com...

As they say in Rome...First served...First Come...(or something like that)
2004-09-01 11:28:29 AM  
Look....ok....$28 in free haunted house passes.....


Can't deal with the race to cut and paste.....

Hey...that rhymes
2004-09-01 11:28:40 AM  
stangbat - thanks! you rock!
2004-09-01 11:28:42 AM  
I have 6 invites left. Shoot an e-mail to aspenwind at gmail for an invite.
2004-09-01 11:29:13 AM  
Posting links here is crazy-go-nuts. They are gone in a matter of seconds. If anyone wants to take the time to drop me an invite, PLEASE email me: astrossuperfan at aol dot com. Thanks!!
2004-09-01 11:29:22 AM  
little miss


Thank you very much. I am forever humbled by your generosity.
2004-09-01 11:29:46 AM  
I have a couple to give.

Please send an e-mail to: mis­termoss[nospam-﹫-backwards]liamg*co­m

Note, hotmail has a reputation for bouncing requests, so don't send from there. Cheers!
2004-09-01 11:29:49 AM  
Much thanks to kevthecatslayer for gmail. I will be back to return the love if I get invites.
2004-09-01 11:29:50 AM  
wow no one has emailed me. I still have six waiting to hand out! just email me at mi­n­e­rv­a8­8[nospam-﹫-backwards]li­amtoh*com and I will send you the link
2004-09-01 11:29:52 AM  

invite sent. You know to check your bulk folder, right?
2004-09-01 11:29:53 AM  
I tried to give my invites away earlier in the thread, and people didn't take them... still a couple left if anyone can be bothered...

My address is earlier in the thread.
Or am I so unpopular I can't even give my stuff away?
2004-09-01 11:30:19 AM  
I'll promise to always wear the t-shirt I'm buying that has the word "Douchebag" over Bush's face if somebody will hook me up with a gmail acct.

2004-09-01 11:30:20 AM  
Howabout a gmail account for a poor bedraggled audioeditor? (pretty please?)

Email address in profile.
2004-09-01 11:30:27 AM  
I have to give back to fark

4 invites


2004-09-01 11:30:30 AM  
I got hooked up by a fellow Farker, so I'll return the favor. I got 2 invites left and they goto the first two people to hook me up with a date, boobie pics, or credit for a greenlit submission. Or you can just email me. address is on profile.

wow, I'm suprised nobody has emailed me yet.

/nelson says Haa ha.
2004-09-01 11:30:34 AM  
Still got 2..........would love Dropkick Murphys' "Tessie" cover or at least some movie pr0n that's good........
2004-09-01 11:30:34 AM  
I have 4 invites to give.

The first 4 to eMail me at: territ (at) gmail (dot) com

with a dirty limerick or knock-knock joke shall receive 'em :)
2004-09-01 11:30:35 AM  
Wow, took like a million tries, and a two million boobies, but I got it. Thanks you ELKHNT and whoever this Trevor guy is.
2004-09-01 11:30:36 AM  

2004-09-01 11:30:41 AM  
Invite goodness
2004-09-01 11:30:43 AM  
I have 6.

Send your name and email addy to pmegan at pmegan dot com
2004-09-01 11:30:53 AM  
i have 4 more. be creative m­l­si­e­g­el­[nospam-﹫-backwards]liamg*com
2004-09-01 11:31:00 AM  
I have 6 invites. please email i­n­ner­lemming­[nospam-﹫-backwards]o­oh­ay­*com if you want one.

my gmail came from Fark, so it's time to share the love. :]
2004-09-01 11:31:06 AM  
If I've just signed up, how can I share the love and invite others?
2004-09-01 11:31:11 AM  
turns out I've got one more to give. first to email me gets it. email is in the profile.
2004-09-01 11:31:17 AM  
Who's got the fastest copy/paste skillz?

(1 per person, once you sign up you'll have 5 invitations to yourself)

Please use the accounts for good and NOT evil purposes.
2004-09-01 11:31:36 AM  
I have two invites in my profile.
2004-09-01 11:31:51 AM  
I got six left -- first six to email me win...
2004-09-01 11:31:56 AM  
props given in my local new orleans magazine and a free beer at vodoo fest from the liquid magazine booth for an account,
um,m er please
ron1 at
2004-09-01 11:32:01 AM  
First five to e-mail me at shaunmadams((at)) get gmail accounts.
2004-09-01 11:32:11 AM  
Thanks gkurts! I hope you enjoyed Barbie's vaction pics!
2004-09-01 11:32:12 AM  
I have one for any farkette, or anyone who sends me some sexy boobies picks


2004-09-01 11:32:13 AM  

this thread is too long, what is the email addy?
2004-09-01 11:32:17 AM  
Still have 6... See my earlier post.
2004-09-01 11:32:19 AM  
Here's one for someone:

Eh, linking doesn't work for me
/no skillz
2004-09-01 11:32:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-09-01 11:32:36 AM

The sign up list is growing--please help by donating.

2004-09-01 11:32:37 AM  
First 3 to email me at matt4684(at) get them
2004-09-01 11:32:38 AM  
What is the red "invalid request" error message? Does that mean Robzilla does not type fast enough?
2004-09-01 11:32:41 AM  
This is from someone who sent one to me on Craigslist:
2004-09-01 11:32:46 AM  
Second offer on top of farkette and pics one.... If you share with me user/pass to a working account on either or you get all 5.. whichever happens first.
2004-09-01 11:32:50 AM  
Provide me an essay of no more then 50 words on why you *NEED* a gmail account will send last 2 links to best entry.

tails2k - gmale . cawm

gmail? or gmale? hmmmmm you decide.
2004-09-01 11:32:54 AM  
You know what people; I don't need a G-mail account. I have a good spam filter and I need relatively few regular messages. Plus, since Ihave good common sense and strong antivirus software, nothing bad has ever happened to my machine...

Now, Maybe G-mail is the new fasionable e-mail address to have. but i think that honestly i could just as well do with hotmail (regular checking and deleting) or yahoo mail.

Honestly, when was the last time you read through 1 gigabite of old e-mail attachments?
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