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(ESPN)   Atlanta Braves player Chipper Jones names his new son after the Met's Shea Stadium. Thousands of New Yorkers are expected to gather outside the hospital and boo   ( divider line
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2004-08-31 10:10:36 AM  
It's better than Network Associates Colisseum Jones.
2004-08-31 11:25:43 AM  
i would have named him Shredder.
2004-08-31 11:34:51 AM  
You can see why he didn't name him Junior. "Larry" is about the dumbest name ever.
2004-08-31 12:04:45 PM  
Met's or Mets'?
2004-08-31 12:36:30 PM  
Is this the kid he had with the Hooters waitress or the kid he had with the other woman who was not his wife?
2004-08-31 12:56:39 PM  
Shea Logan Jones to be exact. Chipper was talking about that Monday on NewsTalk 750 here in ATL yesterday morning.

Shea....that's my name, too.
2004-08-31 12:57:25 PM  
Shea is an Irish name meaning both hawk-like and stately.

This knowledge has inspired me to name my first child, boy or girl, Stately Hawk-like Smith.
2004-08-31 12:57:47 PM  
Hmm ... I dunno how I'm gonna explain to my son why his name is "The Foxy Lady in Providence" ...
2004-08-31 12:58:56 PM  
Other choices:

2004-08-31 12:59:31 PM  
So satelyte, Larry named his kid after a baseball stadium and an airport.

I guess it could be worse. He could have chosen Fenway Laguardia Jones or SafeCo Lax Jones.
2004-08-31 12:59:59 PM  
Stadium Jones?

2004-08-31 01:00:05 PM  
I think Green Monster Jones is better...

At least the kid could be a wrestler without having to create a nickname.
2004-08-31 01:00:15 PM  
Since he's a "brave" (woo-woo Indian, not dot), he could have gone with "Two Dogs Farking".
2004-08-31 01:01:03 PM  
Who cares? greenlight my washington post article :-)
2004-08-31 01:01:26 PM  
At least he didn't end up with the name 'Chipper'.

By the way, I was just wondering if someone could tell the last time baseball mattered?
2004-08-31 01:01:46 PM  
I thought Shea/Shay/Shae was a default stripper name, one adopted by girls born 'Linda' or 'Gayle.'
2004-08-31 01:03:10 PM  
Shea Stadium the radium E M D squared
Got kicked out of the Palladium you think that I cared
It's the sound of science
2004-08-31 01:03:21 PM  
Chain :

Careful, I've been banned for less.
2004-08-31 01:03:50 PM  
For the record, the Metropolitan Opera House does not own Shea Stadium.
2004-08-31 01:04:59 PM  
Che Jones?

/doesn't get it
2004-08-31 01:05:06 PM  
I hear Chipper is likes Hooters.
2004-08-31 01:05:15 PM  
He should have named it Hooters. after the place the child was concieved.

He didn't start yesterday's game because his wife was giving birth, but pinch hit later in the game. Jeez dude, you can have the whole day off for your kid's birth.
2004-08-31 01:05:15 PM  
Chipper is just Florida white trash...that could hit the ball during trash time.
Jones has had only ONE good playoff series. One series he actually carried the team out of 15 or 20 playoff series.
2004-08-31 01:05:20 PM  
Uh, we're talking about the Mets... more like 30 to 40 New Yorkers.
2004-08-31 01:05:27 PM  
Shea Stadium the Radium EMD squared
2004-08-31 01:06:01 PM  
I'm a huge baseball fan, but I have to say: Who gives a shiat, really? Seems like this story only got greenlighted because of its semi-clever title.
Why not post a story concerning the majesty and genius of Johan Santana instead?
2004-08-31 01:06:17 PM  
I'm That Guy: Just saw your post after I made mine - awesome.
2004-08-31 01:06:58 PM  
Fulton! Get your butt inside NOW!
2004-08-31 01:07:27 PM  
Green Monster Jones sounds nice...

Guess he'll think green monster when he checks that diaper.


/Go Braves!
2004-08-31 01:07:50 PM  
great for Larry, but who's the mother of this kid? Larrry's wife or that titty bar skank he confessed to tagging a few years back?
2004-08-31 01:08:51 PM  
Mets' > Met's
2004-08-31 01:10:10 PM  
A better headline would have finished "...gather outside the hospital to chant 'LAAAAAAA-RRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! LAAAAAAA-RRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! LAAAAAAA-RRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!!'"
2004-08-31 01:10:15 PM  
Shea and Logan are both WAY up there in popularity lately... nice use of imagination and creativity and individuality on this name!

/I can say it, I have a nastily common name too
2004-08-31 01:10:36 PM  
The worst professional athlete in any given sport is still better than any farker at that given sport.
2004-08-31 01:12:02 PM  
How about Andruw?

2004-08-31 01:14:19 PM  
safeinsane - don't forget these:

Black Belt
Too Tall
Toothpick Sam
2004-08-31 01:14:42 PM  
What a tool. That name is totally Gea.
/got nothing.
2004-08-31 01:16:31 PM  
I named my kid My Underwear because that's where I play the best.
2004-08-31 01:17:11 PM  
He named the kid Pwn3d?
2004-08-31 01:17:44 PM  
Emasedawg, its sounds like you don't know shiat about baseball or your a yankees fan.

Sacrecrowstigmata, why the hell should we talk about johan santana
2004-08-31 01:18:13 PM  
You'd think someone would be happy for the guy having a kid, but then I remember, this is FARK.COM, where we eat our own for the hell of it.
2004-08-31 01:19:37 PM  
I suggest Baseball Jones as there is already a Basketball Jones.
2004-08-31 01:21:54 PM  
You'd think a guy whose parents voluntarily gave him the mane "Larry" would know better.

/I hate the Braves
2004-08-31 01:22:18 PM  
Mets is a nickname for
"The New York Metropolitan Baseball Club"
[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-31 01:22:57 PM  
"You'd think someone would be happy for the guy having a kid..."

Chipper Jones procreating (yet again) is not much of an accomplishment. Just ask any Hooter's waitress.
2004-08-31 01:26:13 PM  
Hehe, I went to High School with good ol' Chipper, tried to tutor him in Algebra. Man, that was a waste of time! Course, he's making babies with Hooters waitresses and millions of dollars, so I guess the joke's on him, he could be sitting in front of a farking computer pulling down like 30k a year studying fish for christ's sake. Dee Brown of the Keltics also went to my high school, he was a couple of years ahead of me, Chipper was a year behind.
/Not that you care.
2004-08-31 01:26:43 PM  
not a yankees fan, and I forget more about baseball then you can remember...Plain and simple, Chipper Jones sucks ass in the clutch.
Also, I think this kid in not the Hooters offspring and not his first wife's either. I met his wife, she was a nice person, not a jackass like Larry.
2004-08-31 01:28:58 PM  

So Chipper likes Hooters girls. And the kid was with his wife. I'm happy for them. End of story.

/I'm out
2004-08-31 01:30:04 PM  
Because he will finish the season leading the AL in ERA and leading the majors in strikeouts (once Randy Johnson's knee implodes mid-September) and will win the AL Cy Young Award. He has immacculate control and can effectively throw any one of his pitches at any time in any count for a strike. He is currently the most dominant pitcher in baseball, period. Shall I post the stats for you?
2004-08-31 01:30:44 PM  
better headline shoulda', woulda', coulda' been:

mets still suck
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