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(Some Waco)   If you're 110 years old, from Texas and remember the Victorian-era UFOs that were floating around when you were a kid, this dude wants to have a word with you   ( divider line
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18419 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Aug 2004 at 7:29 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-30 09:16:03 PM  
Sounds like a great trade, SpankerSore. At least we could see a benefit to technology from space aliens, instead of having jobs stolen from actual citizens.
2004-08-30 09:26:52 PM  
I'll remember whatever this guy wants, if he smacks down some currency. Or maybe I'd just do it for beer. And I'd probably be a lot more coherent than an old codger.
/spins quite a yarn when drunk
2004-08-30 09:27:14 PM  
Meh. Believing in UFO's is one thing.

There are actually nutjobs out there who believe they're going to get a Guinness bar towel.
2004-08-30 09:29:25 PM  
About your moms CIA story,

Good going, I can see why you were never picked to continue the family training. Blabbing on fark and all.
2004-08-30 09:30:44 PM  

Somehow I think the government's Top Secret Airship project from the late 1800's would have been declassified by now.

"Declassification" is a ruse used to divert attention from the vast ultra-secret REAL conspiracies out there which remain known to only certain high-ranking members of the Masons, Illuminati, Bilderberger group, and my mom's bingo pals.
2004-08-30 09:41:58 PM  
110, from Texas, Victorian-era UFOs....

shiat. They found me out.
2004-08-30 09:50:08 PM  
Supposedly, it's McCartney singing on Klaatu's 'California Jam'.

You can really tell it's him when he sings right before the crowd cheers.

2004-08-30 09:50:51 PM  
It was called the ship of dreams....
2004-08-30 10:13:43 PM  
New Jersey? Compared to Waco? Lived in Jersey, not too far from Waco now. Waco = not bad. Jersey = shiathole with a plethora of rude asshats who can't drive. Oops, just realized I'm talking about Dallas also!
2004-08-30 10:13:56 PM  
aranot i think me and you might be the only ones that have read that POS.
2004-08-30 10:20:29 PM  
I didn't RTFA, but my grandfather made the paper with a few others about seeing flying objects in a coal mining newspaper in 1917. from the descriptions, they were like fighter jets.

they weren't drunk either, the police chief of the area also reported it and they were miles apart from each other.

/me knows noone cares
2004-08-30 10:21:18 PM  
Anyone who ever watched Wild, Wild West understands that Dr Loveless was behind these airships. Jim and Artie would have taken care of these things a long time ago.
2004-08-30 10:22:39 PM  
It wasn't just Texas.​l
2004-08-30 10:32:51 PM  
Newspapers of 1897 speculated that the mysterious airships were evidence of life from other planets or even beings from the hollow center of the earth.

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-30 10:45:13 PM  
Bravo, Enola Gay, for fitting Hollow Earth theory into this...
2004-08-30 10:52:06 PM  
i read all of the pellucidar series as well.

those were actually well-written stories. great wording.
2004-08-30 10:53:22 PM  
Everybody remembers what Waco stands for, right?


Seriously, though, Roswell was not the advent of the UFO phenomenon. It's just what made it mainstream.
2004-08-30 11:02:45 PM  
Wait a minute rdxdave, you mean we're supposed to admit to reading Streiber, Von Daniken, and "The Tenth Planet"?

The only thing worse than that would be Deepak Chopra!!
2004-08-30 11:04:25 PM  
Then again, where do you think the secret recipe for Dr. Pepper came from...

Better stick with RC.

/obscurity rules
2004-08-30 11:34:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-31 12:08:04 AM  
We Are Your Friends

[image from too old to be available]

2004-08-31 12:19:53 AM  
Strikitich you have my golf clap for invoking the ol' dead-alien-crash-in-Texas-look-out-space-shuttle tale.​o==1244
2004-08-31 12:20:52 AM  

Well, there are things from the cival war that are classified, so its not that much of a stretch. I mean, has anyone actually thought to ask about it? Its not like they're just gonna make a press release.
2004-08-31 12:36:22 AM  

Marklar, indeed.
2004-08-31 02:18:46 AM  
There are literally hundreds of period newpaper articles from 1896-1897 from 1000's of people who saw SOMETHING. What is was is still debated today. Here is a brief overview:

For those more interested in the subject, I recommend "The Great Texas Airship Mystery" by Wallace O. Chariton. A no-nonsense study that tracked down every first hand report and newspaper article it could.

The Aurora Crash is another whole can of worms. I saw a 1970's TV special on this that interviewed a few living first hand witnesses who saw the crash and the later excavation of the "alien burial" site by government/military officials.

Strange cases....
2004-08-31 02:33:36 AM  
poor waco bastards

hell it was probably just a baloon with a sombrerro on that flew away from the margarita and salsa festival.
2004-08-31 04:27:27 AM  
2004-08-30 08:15:15 PM oldmopeder
Waco, Texas makes New Jersey look like a vacation destination.

And Hewitt makes Waco look like freaking New York City.

But, hey, it could be worse... You're only an hour or so away from Austin, which kicks ass. And, at least you aren't in Pittsburgh, PA (or Pittsburg, TX for that matter)!
2004-08-31 11:24:47 AM  
Because, as everyone knows, humans never left the ground until Orville and Wilbur flew at Kitty Hawk, just like nobody know North America even existed until Columbus discovered it.
***newsflash*** the Wright brothers made the first powered, heavier than air flight. People had been flying in balloons for over a century.
2004-08-31 12:02:34 PM  
Enola Gay

Hollow earth theory is the best!

/Mikos of Porthologos would approve
2004-08-31 01:58:09 PM  
As a researcher for the government, it is very seldom that I can say someone has way too much free time and not feel like a hypocrite. However, I think I'll make an exception for the guy in this article.

For more flying Fortean Texas weirdness, check out the Reverend Burrell Cannon and his biblically based "Ezekiel Airship". Several eye-witness went to their graves swearing that Rev. Cannon's biblically inspired heavier than air craft flew several years before the Wright Brothers. Obviously, the bulk of evidence stands against him but it's still an interesting story.

Ultimately, I think office_despot was on to someting in the post about air conditioning. As someone raised near Dallas, I can only imagine that if I tried to make it through a Texas summer with no AC, by about August I'd be seeing UFOs, chupacabras, and God knows what else.
2004-08-31 03:34:11 PM  
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