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(Seattle Times)   Bus driver makes commuting fun. Declares his love of cheese.   ( divider line
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2002-02-03 08:48:36 PM  
Ok, if I want to ride the bus, I just want to get on, read the paper or whatever, and sit quietly with no one else bugging me. Is this too much to ask?
2002-02-03 08:49:18 PM  
In the morning when I take the bus anyone who talks I feel like slaping them in the side of the head. I dono what I'd do to this guy. But heck that's pretty cool compared to some bus drivers out there.
2002-02-03 08:49:32 PM  
this guy drives the short bus...
2002-02-03 08:49:35 PM  
2002-02-03 08:50:33 PM  
this story is cheesy
2002-02-03 08:52:50 PM  
This guy is awesome
2002-02-03 08:53:37 PM  
Pretty cool.
2002-02-03 08:53:44 PM  
rams are gettin shut down
2002-02-03 08:55:39 PM  
Yey for the Spiritual mission!
2002-02-03 09:01:52 PM  
I hate people on the bus who bury their heads in the paper and get all uppity about their "space" being violated on public transportation. Makes me just want to slap them on the side of the head.
2002-02-03 09:02:34 PM  
Normally I'd make fun of this situation in another instance but -- This guy is an outstanding human. I saw this story while listening to Dave Matthew's Band Everday (only Dave Matthew's Band song I have, naturally) and it just made my (birth)day! ::sniff:: There needs to be more people like this man.
2002-02-03 09:02:59 PM  
2002-02-03 09:03:30 PM  
I'll be driving the short bus one day!
2002-02-03 09:03:48 PM  
Err, replace "Everday" with "Everyday". Yes, yes, that video where the fat guy goes around hugging people randomly in the street =)
2002-02-03 09:03:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-03 09:04:58 PM  
Heck, giving me free cheese and crackers would make me happy too.
2002-02-03 09:07:27 PM  
HEAVEN FORBID you whiny bastards and your "fashionable pessimism" ever have to be subjected to this kind of guy trying to start and end the day with some happiness. This guy is pretty cool and original. If you dont like it go put on your dreary goth clothing, Marilyn Manson album, light a candle and commit suicide already! Give this guy (and the rest of us) a break!
2002-02-03 09:08:28 PM  
DUUUUUUDE!!! I am so going to Seattle to meet this guy. He's definitely doing it right. When I was a young'n I used to have a wacky school bus driver who asked us all this trivia and stuff... he's probably the only reason I know how to multiply.

And I love the Everyday video. I wish I could do that, but it kinda loses something when it's a 5'6" blonde and not a 5'6" ugly dude.
2002-02-03 09:09:31 PM  
There are a lot of jokes in that article. On multiple levels. All too easy.
2002-02-03 09:10:54 PM  
I live on the South-end... I hope he's the new driver on my route. The guy that currently drives my route in the morning doesn't use the carpool/HOV lane sometimes -- frickin' weird and annoying.

Oh, wait. Damn. If I get this cheery guy that sings, etc. it would be a lot harder to play my gameboy advance.
2002-02-03 09:11:04 PM  
let's see how chipper he is when his zoloft prescription runs out.
2002-02-03 09:11:08 PM  
Oh Skwidd: I'm feeling an insult coming your way.

Wait for it...
Wait for it...

2002-02-03 09:14:04 PM  
Kathleenturneroverdrive,(damn thats a long name) why would it lose anyhthing? =) I remember meeting a guy who used to do that, he actually looked rather similar. People in Boston got really freaked out by him. I tells ya, too many people up here in New England are mean and frigid people. They get nicer as you go further south, usually.
2002-02-03 09:14:14 PM  
Now that's farking scary. What kind of idiot person would actually eat candy and cheese that he/she found taped under a bus seat? Might as well go for the chewed gum too.
2002-02-03 09:15:40 PM  
This guy rules. Every time I get on the bus it's some cranky old hag driving the thing. Last time I heard one of those wenches speak was to yell at an elderly man for taking too long to show her his pass.
2002-02-03 09:17:14 PM  
This is the kind of story that puts a tear in the corner of your eye.
2002-02-03 09:19:43 PM  
I think its nice that he is having fuun with his job. Some bus drivers can be such assholes.
2002-02-03 09:30:48 PM  
Da. A lot of people can be such asswhores for no reason. It's nice to read someone who goes out of his way to brighten up people's days.
2002-02-03 09:32:43 PM  
There should be more people like the cheesy bus driver.
2002-02-03 09:32:51 PM  
"HEAVEN FORBID you whiny bastards and your "fashionable pessimism" ever have to be subjected to this kind of guy trying to start and end the day with some happiness. This guy is pretty cool and original. If you dont like it go put on your dreary goth clothing, Marilyn Manson album, light a candle and commit suicide already! Give this guy (and the rest of us) a break!"

Oh, yeah, because keeping to oneself and enjoying the quiet means that you're an evil, nasty pessimist, while spontaneously breaking into song and eating cheese at 6:30 am makes you the happiest person in the world. Life's not a cartoon, not everyone is an annoying ass extrovert, and if I'm in a public place like on the bus I'd just like you to keep yourself and your cheese the hell away from me kkthx.

BTW, who cares if bus drivers are assholes. They can be the biggest assholes in the world for all I care, just as long as they drive the bus and are on time.
2002-02-03 09:44:56 PM  
I used to ride the bus everyday to work, one day the driver stopped in the middle of the block, got out and went to Kentucky fried chicken. We all sat there laughing and told the driver if he didn't share we would call his boss, he said "fark the boss" and we continued on our merry way.
2002-02-03 09:45:33 PM  
"That's right!" said Wilson, 38. "Cheese is wonderful. Cheese is great. And we do not eat cheese all by ourselves. We share our cheese!"

Behold the power of cheese.

Creep Vassalage: Do not knock the Zoloft.
2002-02-03 09:47:08 PM  
OMFG I think I would strangle this man. I don't care how nice you are- please just shut the hell up and drive the farking bus.
2002-02-03 09:55:24 PM  
I don't even know where the 48 goes, but I'm going to ride it just for fun. Buses are normally boring as hell.
2002-02-03 10:07:40 PM  
Obviously, given my name, I am all in favor of this guy. Aces like Valveeta.
2002-02-03 10:14:19 PM  
I've been on his bus, and it is completely refreshing and welcomed. Most of the Metro drivers in Seattle act like they've been asked to do a job that is 37 steps beneath their intelligence. At least Reggie takes his job for what it is and has fun with it.
2002-02-03 10:19:00 PM  
This busride sounds great! How else can you turn a completely boring part of your day into something to remember? maybe i just want to ride his bus because i'm drunk...
2002-02-03 10:26:59 PM  
I'll take more signing bus drivers any day of the week over your typical grumpy bus driver. Here in Louisville we have one bus driver who sings when he announces most of the coach stops. Still kinda cool. In Lexington they had some ad campaigns featuring singing bus drivers. I think they even did a concert.
2002-02-03 10:38:16 PM  
Add me to the list of "shut the hell up." I could tolerate it, but if I rode this bus everyday I would get tired of him saying "I can't hear you in back" as it says he does. Leave me alone and pay attention to the road. I've worked with people like him too. Really farking annoying when you don't feel like acting chipper every god damn minute! And no farking singing, I don't want to have to listen to you butcher songs I hated in the first place.
2002-02-03 10:41:30 PM  
i like pepperjack cheese, it gots jalapenosez in it

but yeah people like that just make me want to farking shoot someone!
2002-02-03 11:03:47 PM  
Rhadamanthus-that's super weird, I thought people in New England were nice, then they got biatchy again like NY through VA, then they mellowed out again. Of course if it were that farking cold all the time I might not be in such a good mood either.
2002-02-03 11:39:25 PM  
Straight up, without a doubt, that dude kicks ass.
2002-02-03 11:46:54 PM  
This guy is fabulous! He was on the 28 route. And when you walk on the bus he just is so happy. He was like "SMILE" when you walk on the bus and it just kinda catches you off guard so you smile cause. .. well .. cause you want to.

He is a happy guy with happy faces decroating his bus. Sad to loose him to the south end. BUt happyt that i got to ride with him a couple times on the 28.

Ps Please forgive the typos "Super bowl drinking game"
2002-02-04 12:11:41 AM  
This guy is great. I actually hunted down the 48 a couple of weeks ago after a friend of mine was going on about him. You can't help but smile and laugh. It's like he's got Jedi powers, or the remote control for the Orbital Mind Control Satellites.

It's enough to piss a person off.
2002-02-04 03:46:05 AM  
"...not everyone is an annoying ass extrovert, and if I'm in a public place like on the bus I'd just like you to keep yourself and your cheese the hell away from me kkthx."

Introversion is not misanthropy. I'm an introvert, but I don't hiss at people who DARE to try to draw me out or who are friendly to me.

If you really are just an introvert, why haven't you mastered tuning out all those 'annoying extraverts?' It's easier than being pissed off because society keeps expecting you to be a part of it.

That bus driver rules.
2002-02-04 04:50:22 AM  
That bus driver kicks ass. The nicest thing a bus driver has ever said to me here in Berkeley was have a 'nice weekend.' And I was totally suprised. I always say thanks to the driver when I get off the bus, and usually they just grunt or something, but it's really refreshing to know that the bus driver cares about his job.

More power to this guy for being out of the ordinary. And for those people who don't like happy bus rides, it's not the bus driver's fault that your mommy didn't kiss you enough or your daddy didn't hold you enough when you were a kid. No one stops you from sticking your head in the paper, if thats what makes you happy, so what gives you the right to want to stop this guy who does what he does to make himself happy?
2002-02-04 05:49:16 AM  
How long until the hearing impaired start a lawsuit demanding a signer be there to interpret for them?
2002-02-04 12:47:09 PM  
This guys is cool! I'm sure there would be days when I'd want him to shut up too, but he makes people happy. Why would you want to keep people from being happy. He's made kids laugh and cancer patients sing, that's very cool!
2002-02-04 03:58:06 PM  
in the morning i'm usually sleepy i don't think i could take this guy. not everyone is a morning person. plus i've watched people urinate all over themselves on the bus and would never eat anything "found" under the seat. disgusting. also, i like to listen to music and would not welcome an invasion of privacy like the driver berating me for not being happy.

it's about as annoying as someone telling your to "SMILE!" when you don't feel like it. just fark off.

HOWEVER, i have seen some very cool things riding the bus. one time these four old black guys were in the back singing old r&b songs in tight harmony. i mean they were GOOD. everyone applauded after each song. another time some jerk pushed his way past a bunch of people to get to an open seat, and smacked a woman square in the face with his backpack. she was hurt, and he didn't even notice! another (very tall) guy saw this and said to the asshole, "you must have been in a real hurry to get a seat, huh? you need to go and apologise to that woman right now before i kick your ass!" the next thing i heard was a very scared and sheepish voice saying "i'm very, VERY sorry i hit you. please forgive me." cool.

another time i saw a guy with a midget woman in his lap. she kept headbutting his face over and over, and he was letting her. disturbing.
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