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(ESPN)   NHL's MVG (Most Valuable Goon) Todd Bertuzzi pleads not guilty to on-ice assault charge   ( ) divider line
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2004-08-27 04:52:01 PM  
Well it sounds to me like we can all agree that Bertuzzi should get the electric chair and that Moore was obviously an innocent victim who'll have to live the rest his life in a a bubble.

At the end of the day I don't honestly care what happens to Bertuzzi. I have an opinion but I won't be dissapointed with whatever the outcome turns out to be.

(someone might want to save that last statement for when he's aquitted)
2004-08-27 05:00:43 PM  
Doesn't matter much what happens to either Moore, Bertuzzi, Naslund, or any other players currently playing or drafted by the NHL. After the World Cup is done, there won't be anything but college hockey to be found until Winter Olympics 2006 (anyone know where they're gonna be?) except maybe AHL.

At least living in RI I'll find ways to get myself to more Baby Bruins.

2004-08-27 05:04:25 PM  
If the NHL is locked-out (which it will be), it stands to reason that the AHL will be, too. As for Olympic hockey, if (when) the players are locked-out, no NHL players will be allowed to participate in the 2006 Olympics. To me that is almost as bad as losing a season.
2004-08-27 05:12:08 PM  
I know minor league (AHL, ECHL) teams are affiliated with NHL clubs, but are the owners the same? I can't see why owners of minor league teams would miss the chance to make $$$ by offering a product to fans whoare loyal to the game. WHA anyone?

There were no NHL players in 1980 either. Besides, if getting locked out by assclown owners doesn't stop them from going overseas to keep playing, why should it prevent them from being selected for the olympics?

2004-08-27 05:17:57 PM  
Smell The Glove,

The best sites for hockey coverage are:

1. This is basically the Sports section of the Toronto Star. So maybe a slight bias towards the Leafs....

2. This is the sports sections for all the Sun newspapers in Canada. Great for all the other teams. Lots of great coverage here.

Being Canadian newspapers, there is AMPLE coverage of all things hockey.


2004-08-27 05:23:08 PM  

I doubt very much the AHL will stop playing. The owners are in dispute with the NHL Players Association. Caress me if I'm wrong, but I don't think AHL players fall under the NHLPA. Since the beef is with the NHLPA, AHL, ECHL, QMJHL etc should not be effected.

Just my two cents. Not sure if players who are drafted by a major team but are playing in the minors are covered under the NHLPA collective bargaining unit.

2004-08-27 05:24:10 PM  
I'm not entirely sure of the structure of the AHL, but I doubt that the players are under a different contract then those in the NHL. I mean, since they're sent back and forth between the two leagues they'd pretty much have to be a part of the NHLPA. As for ownership, I assume it is the same, and in the few cases where it may not be, that they have a partnership that binds them in cases like this. Considering that NHL GMs make decisions for their AHL affiliates, the two leagues are virtually one and the same.

So enjoy the World Cup, eh?
2004-08-27 05:24:59 PM  
I think I'll go drag somebody onto a baseball diamond or a football field, kick the crap out of them and then plead 'not guilty' since I was on an athletic venue.
2004-08-27 05:25:05 PM  
Everybody in the NHL who punches someone from behind should be instantly kicked out of the league and tried for attempted murder.
2004-08-27 05:28:22 PM  
Smell The Glove:
Heh. I sure wouldn't go that far. As I said, the hit was questionable.

I think they should try Crawford instead, but that's just me.

On the other hand, does anyone find it ironic that the NHL players are talking about playing in the WHA (if it gets running) if there's a lockout?

They're going to play in a league with a salary cap because they refuse to play in a league with a salary cap.

2004-08-27 05:31:11 PM  
Amazing what this intraweb can do. Here's the skinny on the AHL. Looks like I was wrong. But it baffles me, since the article states that 98% of AHL players are NHL contracted. Wonder how they distinguish between the two. Oh well.
2004-08-27 05:31:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Did somebody mention goons?
2004-08-27 05:38:16 PM  
It appears the AHL has its own CBA with their players. The things I'm learning! So basically, the AHL will be pretty much the same this year, maybe even better, since players won't be getting called up.

That's depressing.

/go Hershey!
2004-08-27 05:43:01 PM  
I watch hockey and I think Bertuzzi has shown his true colors plenty of times. Gifted hockey player? Yes. Complete wuss? Yep, that too. I've never seen a more gifted player dole out such lame hits and have such poor sportsmanship at the same time. I don't really care what happens to him, but I know that when he's playing my team, I'm not going to take my eyes off him and I hope the enforcers on my team do the same.

/Blues suck, but I think it's kind of like a Cubs fan-type of love...
2004-08-27 05:45:09 PM  
Most players that are playing in the AHL, and whose rights are held by an NHL team, have two way contracts, in which they are paid a certain salary for playing in the AHL, and are paid a different (usually much higher) salary for any games they play in the NHL.

The ownership is not necessarily the same, and NHL teams have affiliate agreements with teams in a wide variety of leagues, not just the NHL. The AHL, and all other minor league hockey, will play on whether the NHL is there or not. The only difference is they won't have to worry about their best players being called up to the NHL during the lockout.
2004-08-27 06:47:27 PM  
Thanks to DemonButtfuzz for the heads up.
2004-08-27 07:10:07 PM  
Smell the Glove...
"the rest his life in a a bubble."

that was funny. I like your moxie, kid.
2004-08-27 07:21:46 PM  
Bertuzzi is a tough sumbiatch, but can actually play. He is the most complete player in the game (sans Forsberg, but he never plays so it doesn't matter). He can hit, he can score, pass, fight, skate, and hes a gigantic beast who plays with an edge. Was his hit on Moore bad? Yes, but not jail worthy. Just the fact that Bertuzzi went after Moore in retaliation speaks a lot about his game. Bertuzzi, one of the best players in the league took it upon himself to stand up for his teammate and captain, Markus Naslund. Thats the kind of job you'd expect a career AHLer to do these days. Bertuzzi brings back some of the best things about hockey. He'll deke the crap out of you, score an unbelievable goal, then run you if you piss him off. Screw putting him behind bars, the NHL needs more Bertuzzis and less soft Euros.
2004-08-27 07:50:06 PM  
Bertuzzi didn't mean to seriously injure Moore, but he didn't think before he acted. Just like when he jumped off the bench to fight Scott Parker (who had just started pounding on Bertuzzi's teammate, Ed Jovanovski. Pattern?). Just like when he fired a slapshot at Scotty Bowman.

BTW here's an interesting quote from Brian Burke, the Canucks GM at the time of the Parker incident:
"The rule is clear and it's a good rule. That being said, I very much support and applaud Todd for his intentions and motivation here."

Bertuzzi should get the same punishment as any player who sucker-punches another player, maybe a little more since he's been in trouble with the league before. Similarily, Marty McSorely should have gotten the appropriate suspension for stick-swinging when he clobbered Brashear. If that's not enough then you need to increase the punishment for EVERYBODY who does it, not just the people who manage to injure someone.
2004-08-27 07:51:30 PM  
Ishkur, schuttz

Thank you for explaining the obvoius to non hockey fans. It's unbelievable how out of perportion this thing has been blown.

I just hope Naslund's better next season after the bonechips he suffered from Moore'shiat.

And lets not forget- with the score what it was,
Why was Moore even on the ice?
He was a freaking lightning rod at that point. But hey, the NHL knows exactly what it's doing, as it the severity of the injury obviously has no effect on the outcome...
2004-08-27 08:26:35 PM  
Excellent point HW. Granato really screwed that one up, but its no big surprise. Granato was suspended for around a dozen games when he played for an incident that was very similar to Bertuzzi's. Only difference is his victim wasn't hurt as bad.
2004-08-27 08:48:03 PM  
He was on the ice because Granato didn't think that anyone would be dumb enough to do something like Bertuzzi did. He knew it was gonna get chippy, but better to let Moore take a few hits than to have the 'nucks get more and more pissed because they can't get at him, and start taking runs at Forsberg/Sakic/Blake, especially that close to playoffs.

Of course, Bertuzzi DID do something that stupid (at the urging of that prick Crawford). It's an easy deicision to Monday morning quarterback. If Bertuzzi hadn't gone off the deep end, it would have been the RIGHT decision.
2004-08-29 12:53:50 AM  
Nothing to add about Bert. NHL2005 is supposed to be out Sept. 15.

/Yeah!!!God what a great game.
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