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5570 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Feb 2002 at 3:49 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-02 03:51:49 PM  
Apparently, Orion hates it when a good website offers more options. You bastards!
2002-02-02 03:52:10 PM  
Well, if it was JUST the links, maybe not. Links AND forums, yes.
2002-02-02 03:52:21 PM  
I think it's a great idea.
2002-02-02 03:53:50 PM  
Wow, I guess Orion is remembering back to the good old days when there we only 12,000 accounts.... shut up already.
2002-02-02 03:53:58 PM  
I don't think so
2002-02-02 03:54:06 PM  
I like fark only if its free - just like my porn.
2002-02-02 03:54:31 PM  
Only if it includes forums. And I'd like to see a sample of what gets submitted.
2002-02-02 03:54:42 PM  
yeah - good idea - but the average internet dweller believes everything should be free, thus this will be a hard sell.
2002-02-02 03:54:44 PM  
I assume by ALL THE LINKS you mean "links that don't make it to the page." Um, if I had more time to look through this stuff, maybe. But I don't think so.
2002-02-02 03:55:00 PM  
Sorry guys. The way I see it, you post the good links and what you filter out is mostly crap. Why would I pay $5 to see crap? And, it would be really unfortunate to start holding good stuff back just to get people to pay. I think that would be really detrimental to the site. I know you want to find a way for Fark to pay for itself, but I don't think this is it. Good luck.

I will pay the occasional $10 for advertising, though. :)
2002-02-02 03:55:17 PM  
Who could bare clicking through 1 million links a day? 90% of which are likely to be hardcore Hungarian porn.
2002-02-02 03:55:54 PM  
It sure is starting to suck, especially when pusilanimous pussycats like you are whining like an alley cat in heat.

I'd be for it. I'd say if you decide to do this, you ought to offer either monthly payments at $5 per month($60 yearly) or one lump sum payment of $50(2 months for free).
2002-02-02 03:56:06 PM  
Also, it definately should credit the submitter, so I can whine a little more about how my articles get overlooked.
2002-02-02 03:56:12 PM  
i'd certainly think about it. the first month would be the deciding factor. if i liked what i wouldn't have seen, i would probably continue to pay money for it. so i guess my 'yes' really means 'yes' for the first month, and 'maybe' after that.
2002-02-02 03:56:19 PM  
Why the hell would I want to read links that Drew (or whover the admin is posting links) doesn't think are any good? Fark posts a ton of links as it is. I don't see the need to read 1000 more repeat/bad articles/photoshop pictures.
Its not the paying I'm against, its the service. You can come up with something better than this Drew....
2002-02-02 03:56:22 PM  
I clicked "yes" btw.
2002-02-02 03:56:41 PM  
I may be cheap and lazy, but, um, no I wouldn't subscribe probly.
2002-02-02 03:57:39 PM  
If Fark became subscription based the hardcore nuts would stay here, and the rest of us would fark on over somewhere else... Like or Paying for news is stupid, plain and simple. I dont even pay for my copy of "The Boston Globe" thats delivered every day, I find ways around the subscription price.

2002-02-02 03:58:03 PM  
I say apply this to selling e-mail addys instead
2002-02-02 03:58:09 PM  
Personally I wouldn't subscribe to it either, but we get requests all the time. We wouldn't need everyone to sign up for it, just some folks
2002-02-02 03:58:34 PM  
Ummm, no one I know subscribes to any sites. There is too much free stuff to compete with. Granted Fark is the best site of its kind, although it is not impervious to rivals and upstarts. Remember what happened to Stile (pee-yew!) as soon as he figured on making big bucks...he sucks!!!
2002-02-02 03:59:09 PM  
I have to disagree, Drew says he gets about 800 links submitted a day (or was it a week?). Comment forums for all that would be crazy! Maybe one general forum for the whole thing. BUT NO M2C STYLE CHATTING!
2002-02-02 03:59:12 PM  
No way......This place has really crashed in the last month. I'll just go to next funny thing on the net and leave this dinosaur behind.
2002-02-02 03:59:38 PM  
Bandwith isn't free. Drew pays for all of this out of his own pocket.
2002-02-02 03:59:41 PM  
Orion, if I'm not mistaken, we are NOT going to upgrade to the corporate site...that was just a facade to show companies who Drew wants money from.
2002-02-02 03:59:58 PM  
Hasen't this question already been asked for fark sakes? Drew, just try it and see if it flies... What the Fark! Just as long as it doesn't impede the "regular" farking...
2002-02-02 04:00:10 PM  
First let's start by saying Nadz is an idiot! I would think Fark would enjoy the success their having and leave the income generating to the advertisers. I think many Farkers are much to smart to pay 5$ but then again lets just ask Napster.
2002-02-02 04:01:20 PM  
Economics clue: moderating and culling are value-added. You'd be more likely to get people to pay for the way it is now. But it'd still be 85% "NO", because the net doesn't support pay services that don't show midgets sucking dogs.
2002-02-02 04:01:26 PM  
yeah, i'm afraid i'm with SLAYERSWINE. give us an incentive to book it for a year.

though, what would stop someone from signing up and then copying the links themself to another site and only charging
$2 a month....or $1 a year?
2002-02-02 04:01:42 PM  
No way in hell.
2002-02-02 04:01:50 PM  
judging from the results, this should be under the obvious tagline.........I'd rather have pop unders and crazy banners than pay. With the traffic this place gets, I can't believe it can't be supported with banners, ads, and popunders.
2002-02-02 04:02:32 PM  
What's up with all the sucking up for Drew? I'm sure he's intelligent enough not to need puppets stating obvious points like "he pays out of his own pockets". Puh-leeez, we know that already.
2002-02-02 04:04:07 PM  
This place has really crashed in the last month.

Right , that's when you got here , Moron !
2002-02-02 04:04:13 PM  
You would need to filter out the REALLY bad crap. Like people putting free advertisments. Even though thouse wouldnt be posted I dont want to see it.

Plus MABEY if it were like a $10 dollar one time donation or something.
2002-02-02 04:04:17 PM  
Tresser................I would definatly invest in that buisness model.
2002-02-02 04:04:18 PM  
Even though this is shouldn't affect your vote, we are also offering email addresses.

There are a lot of good things that don't get posted. Plus, its cool never to have to wait for articles. Sometimes I get worked up when Drew is having dinner and he doesn't update Fark. Selfish clown..

Also, I post this argument every time a discussion like this comes up. In three months, Fark will have to pay close to $3000/month for bandwith, another $2-5000 for equipment. 5-8% weekly growth is rather hard to stay ahead of. (5.8 mil (Dec) -> 8.25 (Jan)).

Lastly, ads let us do cool things like have the Farkman comic. We have some other neat things that we are planning.

Fark is like the house party that your buddy throws every friday, most of the time its free and fun and you can get all drunk and stupid and it doesn't cost you a dime. Occasionaly, you should bring a case.
2002-02-02 04:04:19 PM  
Damonjy2k - What makes Nadz an idiot? The fact that he thinks it's a great idea?
2002-02-02 04:04:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-02 04:04:48 PM  

All you folks do is biatch and moan, and since I want to fit in so bad, here's an excerpt from a story about two biatches moaning:

A few minutes later, Ranma and Akane lay motionless on her bed. What had happened between them was...electric, almost divine. The new woman knew, as she felt the uncontrollable spasms of female orgasm overwhelm her, that she had found her soulmate, the one true love of her life. She looked over to her, mystified at the lady's beauty...her close-cropped sable hair, now in disarray, her soft, unblemished face, her taut, functional-yet-stunning body...and started to cry. She was in heaven.

2002-02-02 04:05:08 PM  
In a word, no. Not even if it meant loosing the ads.
2002-02-02 04:05:19 PM  
Kanonball...............How do figure such a thing?

Draw me the Venn diagram for that logic, cause I am not getting it.
2002-02-02 04:05:32 PM  
I am far too poor for such luxuries. :(
2002-02-02 04:06:24 PM  
Talking points:

It would be adding a new service and changing nothing that currently exists

If only 15% of everyone signed up for it that would be more than plenty enough to warrant adding this new service

We're not becoming corporate. We're also not going to be able to convince some people that we're not becoming corporate.

I'm in the 85% of people who wouldn't sign up for it, but if 15% wants it we can certainly add it
2002-02-02 04:07:14 PM  
i am all for a way for fark to pay for itself, i would pay the money
2002-02-02 04:07:19 PM  
drew, I'll do it.
the forums would be nice...
and i'll pay an extra buck to ban Shooter
2002-02-02 04:07:59 PM  
No thanks. I do not want to pay $5/month to sift through 10000 links per day. However, as soon as I get my credit card thingee... I start beer fund donations :)

My idea is... every time Fark accepts my links, I'll donate $5 to the beer fund! Honestly!

And I think just to promote more donations... Drew and party should make a 'Top Donators' page too. I don't mind donating $ infrequently... as long as I can get some credit for it :)
2002-02-02 04:08:07 PM  
Patina stop it, you're giving me a hard-on.
2002-02-02 04:10:01 PM  
Rassleholic has a good idea. A e-mail addy for $5 a month--and 6MB of space for your inbox. Want more space, cough up more dough.

Of course I have more e-mail accounts than I need....
2002-02-02 04:10:08 PM  
I say if it gets to the point where paying for and working on fark stops being fun/cool/affordable, shut the whole thing down and sell the equipment off. If any body actually appreciates what you do here, I'm sure somebody would be willing to take over.
2002-02-02 04:10:15 PM  
Car Talk, All things Considered, This American Life, all support themselves through voluntary donations..............You must have somewhere near the same number of readers.................Have a bi yearly beg-a-thon like Car Talk does.
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