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(Some Guy)   No jail time for Noelle Bush.   ( divider line
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2748 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Feb 2002 at 2:46 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-02 02:51:40 PM  
Sweet! El Posto Segundo!

Anyway, yeah, this is screwed up. If I could have put an OBVIOUS tag under it as well, I would have. Is it really suprising? Nah.
2002-02-02 02:52:41 PM  
Yet !
Be Patient, I'm confident she'll get some caged heat soon enough.
2002-02-02 02:53:13 PM  
Well... duh... like the relatives of the President will have to go to jail for crimes like normal people do.
2002-02-02 02:53:57 PM  
doo-dah doo-dah
2002-02-02 02:54:45 PM  
Oh, gee. Imagine that. The rich, powerful and connected being overlooked by the blind eyes of 'justice'... Such a shock.
2002-02-02 02:54:53 PM  
I was going to say something about no jail time for little drug offenses, but this girl has quite a rap sheet for a govenor's daughter.

so, lock the little pill-head up.
2002-02-02 02:56:30 PM  
While I realise this is technically a follow-up, shouldn't it have been tagged "obvious"
2002-02-02 03:00:08 PM  
Robin, crap! I didn't realize it was "doo-dah, doo-dah"able! I missed a great opportunity!
2002-02-02 03:00:11 PM  
I wish my daddy was important so's I could be a farkup, or president, or both.
2002-02-02 03:10:04 PM  
The Courts once again teach us a valuable lesson: the families of mediocore presidents are better people than everybody else.
2002-02-02 03:14:52 PM  
TastyJ: not better, just allowed to do anything they please with little or no consequence.
2002-02-02 03:18:11 PM  
As if we needed any further proof after the Kennedys.
2002-02-02 03:19:43 PM  
ok i read the story. SHE DOES NOT HAVE A SPOTLESS RECORD. why are they being linient on the grounds of her record?

2002-02-02 03:22:05 PM  
ok i read the story. SHE DOES NOT HAVE A SPOTLESS RECORD. why are they being linient on the grounds of her record?

...Because Republicans demand Zero Tolerance policies for YOUR kids, but not for THEIR kids.

Their kids can do whatever the fark they want.
2002-02-02 03:24:51 PM  
Ramen Pride
...Because Republicans demand Zero Tolerance policies for YOUR kids, but not for THEIR kids.

Their kids can do whatever the fark they want.

2002-02-02 03:27:00 PM  
2002-02-02 03:27:39 PM  
Republican my ass- anyone in any position of power gets "overlooked"

example: the Kennedys and the CLINTONS

2002-02-02 03:27:53 PM  
Oh... and:

</war on drugs>
2002-02-02 03:28:14 PM  
What exactly does "doo-dah, doo-dah" mean here on Fark. I have figured out some of the other things. Except Fb- 's parentalhood of course.
2002-02-02 03:41:08 PM  
Freddie doesn't know what doo-dah means, doo-dah, doo-dah.
2002-02-02 03:42:24 PM  
She isn't going to jail? Ohhhh reeealllly? Wow. Shocking. I wonder if she knows someone, has some sort of connection.

My solution? Once again...shoot them at the time of arrest. Saves so much trouble.
2002-02-02 03:44:31 PM  
I hope he doesn't rupture a spleen, doo-dah doo-dah
2002-02-02 03:47:01 PM  
Heh, it's kind of ironic that all this anxiety she is probably going through because of the attention was caused by trying to buy anxiety drugs. 'Course, now, she'll probably be able to get a prescription for it...
2002-02-02 03:53:51 PM  
Freddie, there was a thing a long time ago about how all the headlines on the AP could be sung to the tune of Camptown Races (7 syllables.... Camp town ra ces here she comes, doo-dah, doo-dah), so soon after, people started putting doodah at the end of the 7 syllabled fark headlines. Well, people started doing it on headlines WITHOUT 7 syllables, too, and pther were biatching about it. Every now and then someone will do it on purpose, and it's pretty funny.
2002-02-02 03:58:36 PM  
"Did she pull a fraud on us?" he said. "No. Are we going to look into it? No. I think she has enough problems to worry about."

This is why we shouldn't elect Republicans. They have no shame about their corruption.
2002-02-02 04:03:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-02 04:10:25 PM  
She sure does look familiar.
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-02 04:11:49 PM  

Blair: that's why we should move away from a Republic, where the leaders' family and friends are favored above all.

Instead of the maximum five years in prison, Noelle Bush, 24, is facing mandatory attendance at a Leon County drug court for up to 18 months, Meggs said.

I'm for treatment programs, but face reality: she will not learn from her mistakes. She certinally hasn't in the past. Since this is now a zero tolerance society (in most cases), she should be thrown in the a cell. It won't teach her anything -- then again, neither will this treatment program (they only work if people want them to work -- and given her past, she has never wanted to change her ways, much less WORK towards a goal).
2002-02-02 04:14:13 PM  
Blair & 5th: Republicans are only ashamed about other people's corruption. And boy are they ashamed.
2002-02-02 04:18:55 PM  
The only thing she's going to learn from her mistakes is that her family connections have always and will always protect her from them. She'll go to rehab like her uncle served in the Army: AWOL and un-sought-after. Let's hope she doesn't kill anyone next time she gets into a car wreck while on pills. Of course, even if she did, the media would find some way to blame Clinton for it.
2002-02-02 04:52:45 PM  
"Meggs said his office won't investigate whether Noelle Bush violated the terms of her release from jail Tuesday.

"That's something the media is interested in, but we're not," Meggs said."

Followed by:

"Meggs said he doesn't care whether Noelle Bush was asked about her criminal past.

"Did she pull a fraud on us?" he said. "No. Are we going to look into it? No. I think she has enough problems to worry about."

2002-02-02 05:04:32 PM  
Comedic Gold IMO.
2002-02-02 05:23:55 PM  
Nevermind, he has one.

[image from too old to be available]

My first attempt at slapping an image into one of these comment thingies. Please be gentle.
2002-02-02 05:43:25 PM  
I'm suprised Dubya didn't go on to say something like "Locking her in a cell is something I'd expect a terrorist to do. We need to fight terror, and by that I mean we need to let my family and I do whatever we want, whenever we want to. We will smoke out this drug problem, and punish those responsible. We must unite to find the pharmaceutical company that manufactured these pills of evil and fire cruise missiles at it. God bless you, and God bless America!"
2002-02-02 06:10:47 PM  
Get over it; politics is corrupt. Always has been, always will be. You guys act like you're surprised.

nice one Evil Homer!

(I am evil Homer, I am evil Homer, I am evil Homer....)
2002-02-02 06:17:24 PM  
What? Do all these negative comments mean to tell me that not ONE of my fellow Farkers is a recovering alcoholic or addict? WOW! What odds!
2002-02-02 06:40:35 PM  
I live in Florida and know people busted for pretty much the same thing. They don't have perfect records either but got sent to drug court instead of jail. Unless they can prove a prior felony on her, she's getting what anyone else would.

Gotta say, for someone dependent on drugs this Drug Court is no fun at all. She'll be peeing for them twice a week for a year...
2002-02-02 07:32:07 PM  
Thanks Deus.
2002-02-02 08:10:59 PM  
The girl needs help.

She has an obviously sad drug-related problem.

Jail would be of little remedy for her or anyone in her similar situation.

FEEL HER PAIN! ... hippies.

Can't force yourself around to doing so for this girl?

2002-02-02 10:33:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
...not shocked.
2002-02-03 12:45:03 AM  
Guys - be patient. Dubya's got at least 2 more years in office, and he'll probably get re-elected (god help us all...). His severely disfunctional family is likely to do progressively more farked up things than this. You better start getting used to it. At least they'll keep us entertained...
2002-02-03 05:28:50 AM  
Did one reporter think to ask George W. Bush after his State of the Union speech calling on Americans to eschew the "feel good" culture and volunteer for homeland defense what his "feel good" daughters are doing for the cause?

And speaking of feeling good, what about George W.'s niece, Noelle Bush, who was popped at a Tallahassee Walgreens pharmacy after impersonating a physician and charged with felony prescription fraud.

Noelle wasn't feeling well, so she pretended to be a doctor and called in her own script for the feel good pill Xanax.
And Noelle wasn't feeling good enough to attend her first court appearance/arraignment, either.

Despite a rap sheet for traffic violations as long as Osama bin Laden's beard, 12 citations and five accidents since 1993 she also has a shoplifting arrest in Flagstaff Arizona, and she will not receive any jail time?

A cursory look at the record shows Jeb Bush's kids, charter members of the "feel good" culture, have had it pretty easy in Florida.

A month before the 2000 presidential election Jeb's son John, was nailed naked at the Tallahassee mall for making whoopee in his Jeep Cheerokee. The police report said charges weren't filed because nobody saw them but the security guards.

One of the guards, Artie Brown, maintained that John let the cat out of the bag after speaking to his dad. "My dad will fix it," young Bush said.

The other guard, Sergeant Oscar Brannon, noting that "sexual misconduct" was the charge, also noted that soon after he arrived "I became aware of the political ties of the suspect."

Several years earlier, Jeb's oldest son, George, was cited in Miami for climbing through the bedroom window and driving across the lawn of a young woman who'd recently dumped him.

You don't suppose Jeb fixed this one do you? Just like Poppy Bush fixed George W's DUI's and cocaine arrests, or bailed him out of numerous other problems.

It seems this criminal trait runs throughout the entire Bush family - they feel they can do anything they want because they are above the law.

I say to hell with all these double standards - lock her up and throw away the key!

And then IMPEACH the entire Bush Family Evil Empire!
2002-02-03 08:36:02 AM gal96/gallery22.html&link=hardgal&s=60
2002-02-03 12:42:09 PM  
Seems like the only difference between the Bush clan and the Kennedy clan is political affiliation.

Camelot my butt!
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