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(Some Guy)   Yes, Britney Really is naked in the video for "Toxic" (SFW)   ( divider line
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89637 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Aug 2004 at 5:15 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-26 04:03:23 PM  
This thread is useless without pics.
2004-08-26 04:19:08 PM  
I made it half way through the story before I got bored...a record for a Britney article
2004-08-26 04:56:30 PM  
That's the most pretensious bullshiat I've ever read in my life.

Some artists know how to get exactly what they want. And some know how to give their fans precisely what they want, but only a few know how to do both at the same time

"My contribution was to make him a fat guy, because you know at some point in her videos she'll make out with hot guys. Picking out the everyguy is a fantasy on one level for her, but you put a chubby guy in there and the common man gets something too."

The 31-year-old director... attributes the understanding of that delicate balance to what he calls the singer's underappreciated, "incredible" sense of humor.

and the winner...
"That's part of her brilliance," Kahn said. "She has this weird awareness of her appeal. She totally understands that she's naughty and nice, that she's the girl next door gone bad who is constantly titillating you. She's not like most artists who flaunt their pure sexuality. She toys with you and leaves you conflicted."
2004-08-26 05:18:46 PM  
2004-08-26 05:19:17 PM  
Dear Jebus: Is it wrong to wish and pray for her immediate death?
2004-08-26 05:19:21 PM  
I'm ith Smookyfufu
2004-08-26 05:19:25 PM  
in related news....boring has been gets another 15 minutes in the spotlight.
2004-08-26 05:19:54 PM  
2004-08-26 05:20:00 PM  
Smmookyfufu said it all. Thread over.
2004-08-26 05:20:02 PM  
if by "toys with you and leaves you conflicted" she means "bores me, sickens me with her music and taste, and strikes me as a prime candidate for Darwination," then that would be accurate.
2004-08-26 05:20:22 PM  
Anyone have a pic?
2004-08-26 05:20:38 PM  
"Dear Jebus: Is it wrong to wish and pray for her immediate death?"

Not before she does Playboy.

2004-08-26 05:20:48 PM  
Agreed with pmegan. When I read that the first thing I thought of was:

You know, ladies and gentlemen
Britney Spears is such a remarkable recording artist
she's not just a singer; she's a writer, she's an arranger
she composes her own music, she produces her own albums
she directs, she choreographs, she's what we in the industry call
"an artiste"; so versatile, so multi-talented, so.. so..
2004-08-26 05:21:05 PM  
"I asked him, 'Would you like to be kissed by Britney Spears?' " Kahn explained. "But it was weird telling him that she was going to kill right after." If you watch closely, just after Brit pours the green poison into Henderson's mouth, but before she closes his eyes, a hint of a smile appears on his face. It was that fleeting look that Kahn said he devised to get the shot past censors.

Kahn's big-screen directorial debut, "Torque"

Man, the guy that directed Torque and two Britney Spears' videos is THAT pretentious?

Somebody please bring Kubrick back from the dead, so he can kill this guy.
2004-08-26 05:21:54 PM  

we just discussed it. jebus is all about such requests. proceed as normal.
2004-08-26 05:22:00 PM  
No pics? whats the point?
2004-08-26 05:22:05 PM  
You're right!
2004-08-26 05:22:12 PM  
Who the fark gives a rat's fat patooti?
2004-08-26 05:22:12 PM  
Part of me just died.
2004-08-26 05:22:47 PM  
Hooray for Richard Cheese!

2004-08-26 05:22:51 PM  
Toxic is actually a pretty good song, and that's no faint praise coming from a forty *mumble* year old musician whose idols are Page, Clapton, and Gilmour.
2004-08-26 05:23:13 PM  
2004-08-26 05:24:08 PM  
Haha, skimming through the video just now I caught a glimpse of fur.
2004-08-26 05:24:26 PM  
"Part of me just died."

I'm guessing...anal sphincter?
2004-08-26 05:24:49 PM  
Any links to the video?
2004-08-26 05:24:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

just do a GIS for Britney Toxic.
2004-08-26 05:26:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Oh come off it...she's still hot, and you would still hit it. And if this is NSFW but safe for MTV, then sue me.
2004-08-26 05:26:07 PM  
2004-08-26 05:26:10 PM  
Hey, teenaged pimply-faced fark-tard fappers, guess what?
Whenever she goes to the bathroom, she pulls down her pants! OMGWTFBBQ!!!@!@1@!@1qaq
2004-08-26 05:26:52 PM  
Like it has been said before ad nauseum:

"You can take the girl out of the trailer-park, but you can't take the trailer-park out of the girl."
2004-08-26 05:27:59 PM  
Image gallery of 'Toxic' for you fappers unsatisfied with above images.

Sickos. :)
2004-08-26 05:28:44 PM  
The ONLY pictures I want to see of Britney, at this point, are autopsy photos.
2004-08-26 05:28:49 PM  
Isn't she wearing a bottom?

That's only half-naked...

I'm not complaining though hehe
2004-08-26 05:29:26 PM  
i betcha he has a 'special' copy of the tape, cause you're damn right that cameras on. 'the red flashing light means its on pause...'
2004-08-26 05:32:03 PM  
It's pretty farking obvious she has a bikini on, at least when she's doing the standing up/shimmy thing. So much for being naked!
2004-08-26 05:32:25 PM  
I mean I would fuk HER like a $2 whore.

2004-08-26 05:32:39 PM  
Somebody let me know when she's doing DADV. Until then, I don't give a shiat.
2004-08-26 05:32:40 PM  
"she's the girl next door gone bad who is constantly titillating you"

i still wish i was titillating her. or at least titillating her titties.

/ too bad about the kittens
2004-08-26 05:32:44 PM  
The ONLY pictures I want to see of Britney, at this point, are autopsy photos.

2004-08-26 05:33:33 PM  
Britney who?
2004-08-26 05:34:33 PM  
talent or not, i'd hit HIT IT
2004-08-26 05:34:38 PM  
Aw, c'mon, Britney haters. Fourteen-year-olds always need some ripe young pop star to become the imaginary recipients of their long-anticipated glee.

The good thing about pop icons is that unless they're genuinely talented or reach some other audience, they can and will be replaced.

/still misses Samantha Fox
2004-08-26 05:34:56 PM  
...and I'm a Chinese jet pilot...
2004-08-26 05:35:00 PM  
why be hatin on britney? say what you will, there's almost no such thing as a bad naked woman. and she definitely ain't bad naked.
2004-08-26 05:36:50 PM  
My friend Mike, worked for Kahn a couple of years ago. Basically driving him around dallas for a rob zombie video. He said he was a dick. I believe it.
2004-08-26 05:37:10 PM  
I hate this girl, but goddamn would I give her water bed a workout.
2004-08-26 05:37:30 PM  
That's a lot of farking "diamonds". So how does one affix diamonds (or cubic zirconium, or whatever they really were) to a person's body? Given how many there are, and given that she moves around quite a bit, you'd think they'd pretty much have to be nailed on. Or else it would take 100 days of shooting before you could finally do a take where one or two didn't drop off. And if you got them on that good, how would you get them off again?

Though Britney was adamant about flaunting it, she made Kahn clear the entire set for the shoot, leaving just the two of them and a camera, a job Kahn joked was "one of the best in the world."

Not quite as good as the job of being the guy (if it was a guy, though it was probably a chick) who got to put the diamonds on her in the first place.
2004-08-26 05:37:36 PM  
The ONLY pictures I want to see of Britney, at this point, are autopsy photos.

how unfortunate there's no treatment for necrophilia.
2004-08-26 05:39:00 PM  
death to the white trash whore.
2004-08-26 05:39:15 PM  
Wow this is a great story for those who have never been at least to a strip club to see a nekkid girl.

I mean really, I would sleep with Britney if she ever, ever offered (?), but I'd rather have Christina Aguilerra. At least Christina is pretty, and damn talented as well. Thank heaven Britney has voice masking machines to help her out.

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