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36547 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Aug 2004 at 12:13 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-25 09:13:33 PM  
i'm wishing you a-well
mind at peace within your cell
covers up, i cast you off
i'll be watching as you breathe
i lie still, you move
i send you off around the bend
i hold your head deep in my arms
my fingertips they close your eyes
off you dream, my little child
there's a sun around the bend (yes)
there's a sun around the bend
all the evenings close like this
all these moments that i've missed
please forgive me, won't you, dear?
please forgive and let me share...
with you around the bend
you're an angel when you sleep
how i want your soul to keep
on and on around the bend
2004-08-25 09:30:29 PM  
How can a movie with Chris Walken and Michael Caine look so sucky?

Ew. Screw that. They should be battling mutant sharks or something.
2004-08-25 09:31:38 PM  
Now, I'm the one decrying "What has Fark come to?"!?!? I mean, only two posts by TFers in a thread about Walken?!?!?

The Man Is Like A God and yet you don't give him his props? I for one am stoked.

/Hangs head in shame
2004-08-25 10:02:42 PM  
2004-08-25 10:17:26 PM  
Sweet!!!! More Walken dance scenes!
2004-08-25 11:23:16 PM  
I think we all know what this movie needs more of...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-26 12:01:05 AM  
When they were shooting in Abq, the ISP I worked for provided them internet access. I've left the company, but last I heard, their G5 Xserve was still downtown in the server room.

/Read the script. Not the whole thing cause it was pretty boring. But Caine + Walken's a good combo.
2004-08-26 12:01:55 AM  
/Remembers Fark in't New-Mexico centric.

Abq = Albuquerque, New Mexico
2004-08-26 12:06:59 AM  
im scared, this film looks like it might suck.
2004-08-26 12:17:27 AM  
Oscar-winner Michael Caine is in it, too!
2004-08-26 12:17:44 AM  
More Cowbell!!!
2004-08-26 12:17:45 AM  
shiat a shiatty movie with MICHAEL CAINE AND C. WALKEN!
2004-08-26 12:19:10 AM  
OH NO!!! CW in a shiatty movie!!!
2004-08-26 12:21:39 AM  
This movie looks like it is going to blow.
2004-08-26 12:22:24 AM  
This movie needs less Michael Caine and more Michael Keaton!
2004-08-26 12:23:15 AM  
The only movie I wanna see in Oct. is Team America: World Police
2004-08-26 12:23:29 AM  
looks like it'll be fine. more of a female movie it seems but i mean..walken guys. come on.
2004-08-26 12:23:32 AM  
Look at it this way. Even if the movie blows, it'll probably mean that he hosts SNL again. We can all agree that if there's anything that SNL needs, it's more cowbell, and more walken.
2004-08-26 12:24:49 AM  
Youh fassa iss downstaihs. Youh fassah!
2004-08-26 12:24:51 AM  
i couldn't be detered from seeing a walken movie even if it had a horrid script, lousy direction, and/or rob schneider co-starring in it.
i love to watch the man in action.
2004-08-26 12:24:51 AM  
let's see.. a film where a bunch of guys wander around and discover their feelings...

If I had a girlfriend she'd probably be begging me to see it.
2004-08-26 12:25:19 AM  
An awesome movie that tanked was Envy.

It had Stiller, Jack Black, and Walken. I sure did love that movie.
2004-08-26 12:27:20 AM  
"5 years, he held that uncomfortable script...up his ass..."

/in Walken voice
2004-08-26 12:28:34 AM  
Oh for sure...

The thought of Walken on a recumbent bicycle makes me shiver.
2004-08-26 12:29:48 AM  
looks good to me - still won't rival king of new york though.
2004-08-26 12:30:19 AM  
i guess im the only one.... AWESOME!

and he dances
2004-08-26 12:30:31 AM  
2004-08-26 12:31:18 AM  
I guess I'll have to wear my ovary strap-on to see this movie....
2004-08-26 12:33:26 AM  
Opening the day with a Walken link, just the right way to start your day.
2004-08-26 12:36:15 AM  
his he sporting it fresh in this new movie?

/not an option
2004-08-26 12:38:13 AM  
I, too, wish for more cowbell.
2004-08-26 12:39:23 AM  
Caine and Walken.. it's like locksley and bagel, it can't miss!

/end Mel Brooks
2004-08-26 12:40:33 AM  
Looks like crap.
2004-08-26 12:42:35 AM  
There is more to life than what you're living.
So take a chance and face the wind.

An open road and a road thats hidden, brand new life around the bend.

There were times, I lost a dream or two,
found the trail, and at the end was you.

Theres a path you take and a path not taken.
The choice is up to you my friend.

The nights are long but your mind awakened, to a brand new life.
Brand new life, brand new life around the bend.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-26 12:43:17 AM  
praise be to god
2004-08-26 12:45:28 AM  
Actually, this film looks like it might be awesome.

/so tired of crappy horror/action flicks with nothing new and B grade acting.
2004-08-26 12:48:10 AM  
Working title for this was "We're Phoning This In", wasn't it.
2004-08-26 12:50:02 AM  
What *somemoron* said

-get a brain other morans.
2004-08-26 12:50:10 AM  
It's got Walken. How bad could it be?
2004-08-26 12:50:17 AM  
haven't seen Walken dance like that since he did that music video (anybody remember the song/group?)

Christopher Walken and Michael Caine have proven their acting chops. I'll give this movie a chance.

I like the poem, downstairs. Is it yours?
2004-08-26 12:50:27 AM  
he scares me
2004-08-26 12:53:38 AM  
BlushingAsWeSpeak, the video you're thinking of is "Weapon of Choice".
2004-08-26 12:57:56 AM  
BlushingAsWeSpeak: The song was Weapon of Choice
Artist: Fatboy Slim
2004-08-26 12:58:17 AM  
I think this is the first time I've ever said, "I submitted this with a funnier headline."
2004-08-26 01:05:08 AM  
Did anybody watch the frikkin' trailer?! Not fast and furioius enough for you? Get out of the techno-sex-chainsaw-matrix and soak up some plot, McKiddies.

Chis Walken is a seasoned actor. He gets to choose movies these days. He chose this one.
2004-08-26 01:14:21 AM  
C-Nut and evanrude: Thanks very much! I really did like that video.
2004-08-26 01:16:26 AM  
This a prequel to "Turning the Corner" staring the Bush family isn't it?
2004-08-26 01:19:47 AM  
Um, what do you mean, FINALLY? I just saw him in Stepford Wives at the second-run theatre.
2004-08-26 01:22:55 AM  
Damnit, it looks like Oscar-winner Michael Caine dies within the first 20 minutes.
2004-08-26 01:24:21 AM  
pionar: "This movie needs less Michael Caine and more Michael Keaton!"

What is Michael Keaton up to these days, anyway?
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