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(Arizona Dream Girls) Boobies Help a Farker out and vote for me (Kara). You can vote every 12 hours. Looks safe for work   ( divider line
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39890 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2002 at 6:19 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-01 06:21:50 PM  
What's in it for me ;)
2002-02-01 06:22:18 PM  
down with Heather!
2002-02-01 06:22:40 PM  
is Kara more than a pretty face?
2002-02-01 06:23:08 PM  
How 'bout a round o' helmet for the boys?
2002-02-01 06:23:32 PM thanx
2002-02-01 06:24:01 PM  
Kara, please post a link to something a little more "hardcore". It will do wonders for swaying the votes.
2002-02-01 06:24:02 PM  
I voted for who I thought was the hottest.
2002-02-01 06:24:40 PM  
Marketing Tip:

Farkette, you'll do better if you supplement the record, below.
2002-02-01 06:24:51 PM  
Sorry, Kara, but Heather's got you beat. My conscience won't allow me to vote for you.
2002-02-01 06:25:30 PM  
The_marq: How 'bout a round o' helmet for the boys?

D: LOL!!

I voted for Heather. (But I like Arizona anyway.)
2002-02-01 06:25:37 PM  
You'd think that the clod who made the website could possibly spell Arizona properly in between the Title Tags.
2002-02-01 06:25:55 PM  
Heather has the best ass shot. Sorry Kara.
2002-02-01 06:26:29 PM  
Kara, what's a girl ike you doing in a cheap fark joint like this? Women of Fark should unite and make a webpage! hmm... Reminds me that I need to get a Fark Party going in Minneapolis.
2002-02-01 06:26:54 PM  
A new pic every, say, 12 hours or so.
2002-02-01 06:27:10 PM  
I voted for you Kara. I really did think you were the best.
2002-02-01 06:28:58 PM  
I voted for her. Big blondes...bah i'll take kara anyday.
2002-02-01 06:29:29 PM  
Hey, I'm from Arizona. I'll vote for you if you come pay me a visit.
2002-02-01 06:30:48 PM  
It was easy. Kara is the hottest.
(Of course, in as much as I am the living incarnation of Charlie Brown, I have this 'thing' for the cute little red-headed girls:)
2002-02-01 06:30:57 PM  
yeah. kara's got my vote to...not only is she the hottest but she doesn't look like so dumbass baywatch biatch like heather
2002-02-01 06:31:09 PM  
I voted for Heather. I didnt really think any of them were that hot though
2002-02-01 06:31:21 PM  
Only if I get to "stuff the ballot box", if you will.
2002-02-01 06:31:22 PM  
I voted for Kara, although her photographer or boyfriend is probably the farker who submitted this article.
2002-02-01 06:31:29 PM  
Kara you get the hartfrogs vote cuz your so darn cute.
2002-02-01 06:32:30 PM  
Reminds me that I need to get a Fark Party going in Minneapolis.

Great idea. You set it up, and I'll come nad drink the beer for you. Anything to help you out.
2002-02-01 06:32:37 PM  
I voted for you Kara. SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW FARKERS!!!
2002-02-01 06:32:40 PM  
kara got my vote all the way. you can call me crazy but she has incredible eyes
2002-02-01 06:32:40 PM  
heather got my vote. sorry kara
2002-02-01 06:32:40 PM  
Wow!! Would ya look at that gap closing, fast!
2002-02-01 06:33:01 PM  
Don't feel bad Kara. I need a dirty "dump it in my face" kind of girl. And that's Kendra.
2002-02-01 06:33:02 PM  
22 posts and no "BOOBIES"? Mmmm...boobies...
2002-02-01 06:33:19 PM  
Heh. When I added my vote Kara-dear-Kara was @ 32.1, and now she's, uh, winning, it seems. Any dough in this lark?
2002-02-01 06:33:40 PM  
Sorry had to go for Heather on that one.
2002-02-01 06:33:54 PM  
Heather?! Blarg! Kendra? Nasty! Kara is very cute. I voted for her.
2002-02-01 06:34:58 PM  
Wow! a pre-whorejacked thread! You guys think of everything!
2002-02-01 06:35:22 PM  
fark kara or heather...the real deal is if you click the link for "Vote for Miss December ADG". Check out Rene's piece a ass....boy how i'd like to peel that orange!!
2002-02-01 06:35:23 PM  
Go Kara... leading with 43.9% vs. Heather's 40% as of 3:30 pm PST.
2002-02-01 06:35:52 PM  
Post some not-safe-for-work pics in this thread and I guarantee you'll win by a very hefty margin
2002-02-01 06:36:51 PM  
voter for Kara.

I always do what I'm asked. (sometimes)
ah, what the hell she had the gumption to ask us farkers for help.

Kara hat's the prize that you will share with us?
2002-02-01 06:37:24 PM  
I'll do about anything for a redhead.
2002-02-01 06:39:03 PM  
the thong. must vote for thong...
2002-02-01 06:39:26 PM  
Vote for Wil Wheaton and Lowtax
2002-02-01 06:39:42 PM  
yes, but who would you do for a Klondike Bar?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-01 06:39:44 PM  
Arizona? Hmmm. Somebody alert twocents.
2002-02-01 06:39:44 PM  
I voted for Kendra...God put me on earth to vote for women like Kendra...and then I checked the results and see God is a show bettor, apparently.
2002-02-01 06:39:51 PM  
Fark party, Minneapolis? Finally, SOMEONE spoke up!

Not that I have the sort of planning expertise or wherewithall to do it myself, but I'd like to attend. Well, that is if there's any Minneapolis Farkettes...or if CandyPink at least drove the distance down here...yum...

2002-02-01 06:41:09 PM  
I love arizona.
2002-02-01 06:41:37 PM  
ahhh. The power of Fark.
2002-02-01 06:42:23 PM  
Heather's a man, baby!
2002-02-01 06:43:20 PM  
Someone whip up a webpage so we can post it to Fark, and we'll see if we can't get any Farkettes or something.
2002-02-01 06:43:48 PM  
Thatguy: from family guy... "Would you kill a man?"
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