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(AJC)   Four-time 1972 gold medal winner Olga Korbut caught shoplifting, too embarrassed to be seen paying for the rash cream and Cheetos apparently   ( divider line
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3757 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2002 at 3:15 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-01 03:20:25 PM  
What is this, the new status symbol?!?
2002-02-01 03:21:07 PM  
2002-02-01 03:22:12 PM  
The sad thing is the rash cream was for something he had done previously with the Cheetos..... I think it's best not to discuss that little fetish.
2002-02-01 03:22:38 PM  
First Winona Ryder, now this Olympic hag. Shoplifting in a supermarket is so low. Any shoplifters out there care to explain the thrill in stealing chewing gum, lipstick, etc? I guess its similar to cracking software, not that I've done any of that. Hope the FBI doesn't monitor Fark!
2002-02-01 03:24:50 PM  
Wheee!!! Now that I have the gum, I'll make my great esacpe with the triple-toe and a lutz!
2002-02-01 03:28:08 PM  
She was the prototype for the sweet pixie faced pig tailed somersault flippin hand springin gold winning nymphet.
2002-02-01 03:30:43 PM  
She should have shoplifted some new farking glasses! WTF? Those things look like they could double as telescope lenses..
2002-02-01 03:32:38 PM  
...and she would have got away from the cops, except that at the end of her escape she flipped over the chain linked fence and stuck her landing which gave a perfect 10.0 score for the routine and a 6-10 month jail sentence for the shoplifting.
2002-02-01 03:33:00 PM  
She should have backflipped right into porn.
Just think of what she threw away.
2002-02-01 03:34:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

What happened to her???
2002-02-01 03:36:35 PM  

must be a slow news day.
2002-02-01 03:38:39 PM  

2002-02-01 03:43:02 PM  
Saw a picture of her in a book of nude photography. Very hairy lady. *shudders at the rememberance*
2002-02-01 03:43:35 PM  
mmmmmm- 17 year old pigtailed flyin' nymphet...age couldn't
have been to bad to her......AAAAAAH- EEYAH! what the
FARK is THAT?!! Last time I saw a mouth like that it had
a HOOK in it! Guess age is kinder to some people than it is
to others.....Whew!
2002-02-01 03:44:52 PM  
Olga was cute once. Age is a biatch.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-01 03:45:39 PM  
I want to be a klepto -- everyone else is! Can Winona, Olga, and Noelle be wrong?
2002-02-01 04:06:06 PM  
Embarassed because she got Cheetos and rash cream? shoot I once bought a box of condoms and KY Jelly from a drug in a gay area of town once.
Its amazing what heterosexual males can endour when sex is right around the corner.
2002-02-01 04:11:33 PM  
Hope this works...

...if not, someone can tell how to do it right next time!
2002-02-01 04:13:03 PM  
RocketRod, turn off the html check box and see how others do it.
2002-02-01 04:16:54 PM  
2002-02-01 04:19:08 PM  
Ummm, where exactly is the amusing part?
2002-02-01 04:30:16 PM  
Yes, she was a doll in '72..
"Oh,how the mighty have fallen.."
2002-02-01 05:03:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-01 05:05:36 PM  
2002-02-01 05:07:49 PM  
Wait... I don't... I just forgot to uncheck the HTML at the top...
2002-02-01 06:41:59 PM  
Hope the FBI doesn't monitor Fark!

The secret service apparently does. I guess someone got a visit last year over something they said here on Fark. Of course, I would bet the Secret Service monitors Fark for the same reason everyone else does at work. "What'ya doing Bob?" "Uh...Research! Yeah!"
2002-02-01 06:54:21 PM  
Looks like the bronze in shoplifting goes to Olga Korbut
2002-02-01 08:15:26 PM  
Sounds like some overzealous rent-a-cop to me.
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